Fly Fishing Australia EP 2: Sydney Harbour


I've had plenty of anglers say to me

this is unbelievable this is occurring

in the middle of our city I had no idea

there was this kind of fishery available

right here in this and his place


it's a massive country you couldn't

possibly fish all of Australia in a year

you just couldn't yes keep going he's on

yep well done Sydney harbours quite a

vibrant waterway to fish in he might go

back keep the rod lower a little lower

it's not all tropical that's not all

sort of temperate it kind of is right in

the middle of where we get these

currents so the diversity of species is

is amazing oh nice strip strip strip

strip well about one in ten king fish

sits with you and sits up under the boat

and swims at you and he didn't do much

to start with we're waiting for the

fireworks and it didn't happen


the fly-fishing and the music they had

two separate things I do for my income

they kind of weave themselves from day

to day

why fishings at 4:30 a.m. start for me

and often the music sir a 1:30 or 2:00

a.m. in the morning return homes that a

totally different like that I guess they

touch a different part of my interest in

a different part of my soul almost and

it's very fulfilling Molly as one thing

she'll come over for up another on your

face it'd be really funny of like a



yep on the run it around the tap it will

shut down


I thought my plan is gonna be


most people who step on my boat who

Rutan high-flying jobs and have big bank

accounts and so on

generally all the really cool guys I'll

say I wish I had your job I wish I did

what you did in that respect it's very

easy to be selfish as a fly fisherman

that's all about fish it's all about

that I just want to do this and but for

me there's more to life than fly-fishing

but when I'm there almost close to

contend as I could ever be yeah