Fly Fishing at its BEST!! [New Zealand]

okay full memory we should just cook

around to you but lately slight lady but







yo what up welcome back to another video

I fished this river I've got a few

different access points on this river

that I fish but I did fish this one four

or five years ago but I haven't been

back into it so I could only just kinda

remember how to get down it was a wee

bit we were tricky and then getting out

is also gonna be the issue but I think

Alex knows where to get out because he's

got in there before at some point you

know so I can kinda remember it's near a

bridge we should be right but I've got

no idea how long it takes to fish up

here as well but yeah

rainbows Browns and the water like this

generally this river always has a little

bit of color in it but it is it's the

clearest I've ever seen it on any

section of river first women any range

like - probably approaching three weeks

so it's super clear all right let's go


yeah I'm full depth now

fish feels pretty good he's just he's at

least he's racked up with something

something's not quite right with the

whole situation

dude I can't even just I can't even do

anything with them

you could get the need off there for me

and now he's come on raped I think he's

[ __ ] strong I like

why aw

this is like one of the hottest farting

rainbows are hooked in ages

dude come back here

dude that's the biggest fish I've ever

called out of this river I like I'd call

him over for pound eight now

he's an easy eight pound weight so

definitely the biggest fish I've caught

out of this river anywhere on any Beach

I remember there being biggest fish in

this section it's proven itself straight

away with a really tanked rainbow

they'd be going

he's a tank

Go Fish sweet as fish

Oh psycho

so I go a little bit oh I think I just

jumped friggin hi nice bring him over

here yeah I thought sure there's a ramp

oh just based on its jumpy jumps oh wow

it's one of those Lochinvar strange ones

with the redspots

wicked Lock Haven Loch Leven Loch Leven

something like that see that Scottish or

German or something or it's got the red

spot so that's pretty rare in New

Zealand it was the more uncommon genetic

strain of brown trout we have beautiful

fish yeah get out of here you

whoa that was cool it's not doing much


what's he doing

if you want gravy that ninh well he's

just doing nothing

well here he goes okay

but thisis

oh yeah it's a 405 pimp around what's

going on in this river it's crazy

tracking fish beautiful question it's

definitely the best fish a quote from

the Servette and possibly the only brown

trout super stoked

alright see you buddy

right so we can see we've come across

another sighted brown trout we put a

couple of cops over Alex that put

another but it just made their chopper

or a second flight over maybe I think

there's a whole lot of um

what would you call it refraction



what yep boom sick [ __ ] you more than


ha ha that was shaking




now I think that is chasing each other

one was just rotting in my flies


I don't know yeah he's not huge but it

the Remo wants to eat him I love this

river oh I'm totally fall in love with

it this is a fish a big rainbow wants to

eat my brown right out there just he's

eating a leaf Rick Boone was just eating

a leaf

yep hey you're never experienced Oh

would you get rainbow or brown if one of

those rainbows was chewing on a leaf


we got it oh no we got it

it's a good fish tell you good double we

have spoken about this for years to be

fair we should have take it off a lot so

now with this together six years and

talking about a double hookup to Miguel

we should have taken up an opportunity

but we finally kicked off on a beautiful

brown beautiful rainbow do under the bed

in his mouth so then he ate only fancy

nice you

you're letting it









alright last fish

that was so cool

forget it

alright let's call this one the last

fish to my day I'm gonna call that my

last fish today so I super healthy fish

same way there be no day look at these

little flakes

anyway see you man thanks for thanks for

a good ride he didn't even like drift he

just straight across he like not even

thing dudes that was the video I really

hope you liked it if you did remember to

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comment and I will catch all of you in

the next video peace