Fly Fishing for Steelhead in Small Ohio Creek! (Jan 2020)


what's up life outdoors crew we are out

here at X Creek and such-and-such

somewhere I don't know we are out here

chasing steelhead this morning and

what's the what's the count so far we

got one after one for one one for one

one for one and it wasn't me it fer was

it it might have been meat about oven

you stay tuned to find out


so that's the first fish of the day we

got out here early we knew that they

were in here turned up the first steely

couldn't be happier that first fish

those angles Mike we don't want to get

the release on


oh man that was a good bite oh there is




so a little baby stalker steal it

there he is



that's how you clear the line boy

all right we come

Oh No

all right and coming up big


I'm being real nice to him


second fish of the day look at that John

that thing - and jaw is wild it's got

that type

we're gonna get this fish back in now


yeah leader material ain't so


yeah yeah dude I didn't get the jump on

video but they feel


ran right at me



all that's a

talk us through the fish all right so my

first steelhead on the fly another first


hire a jig and when I come out with Jake

I only catch pigs all right here's a

throw of a picture of the last seal that

I caught with Jake right here dang there

is that's about a these might be older

the berry that my aunt did my first one

look at the color on him

that's it he's not give a pretty hand oh


try to get fish


we could jump on it

Jacob give him a pretty hand release

Mike what he made me he made me



just a gorgeous color enough fish look

at that my god


just a gorgeous fish and get it back

oh yeah that was a pretty one





I don't know about this one I hope the

fish and I haven't seen it

don't check the net my way


no we came off


oh dude it was a big one


he might eat lunch

I think this guy might be

might be dinner

it's the smaller one catching a lot

today bring a couple plays home for the






oh she's coming at us

pretty nice yeah it was pretty big well

you don't want them very big if you're

gonna eat them so that's like the

perfect size

we're gonna write the five beautiful

fish right in the corner just couldn't

have asked for a better hook up really

alrighty I'm moving there so I'm just

using that double egg rig and the old

chef blood-red ate the bead so I have a

little fly above a bead all catch mm

which is now completely screwed up and

this fish is actually going to be an

eater this one's coming home we don't do

this very often but today we're gonna do

some smoked steelhead look at that it's

up to you


yeah Oh

look at that


suckers bet


Murph and I were trying to figure out

what spot to go to welcome we can run it

oh no he's in Corinth all is bad


oh look at that run dude he went to the

other side of the bank you might have to

chase this fish down dude

ee nice fish

- - I'm not even holding


careful don't horse them yeah you got to

chase them you got to chase them here

I'll grab the neck oh that's good you

gotta warm up yesterday doodies oh just

a just a just a barely lapse in

concentration it'll pop off do you think

you broke



oh oh oh my god

Jake this that's heartbreaking do that's

a good fish that was a really good fish

that might have been my thirty ten yeah

that was it as a freaking porkchop dude

yeah does the good move running out in


he's fighting for it

no he's keep coming back down he's

coming back down you move

yes you do oh that was painful two nice

ones back-to-back yeah broke it off on

the rocks Jake what is going on I should

probably just take five and fried myself

just take a minute he was in the very

bottom of it

catch your breath