Fly Fishing the Guadalupe River for Texas Rainbow Trout, 4K

What fly am I going to pick today? I think I'll start with the Rainbow Warrior Rainbow Warrior

pick the prettiest one hopefully the fish like it

That little guy is going to catch me a 20 inch trout just watch

I'll have to debarb the hook too that we can get it out of the mouth easily better for the fish

if I catch any fish first

waters running about 500 cubic feet per second right now a lot faster I usually

fish try to figure it out I need some more weight on these fly to get them down

that's about 50 degrees out it's kind of chilly feels good out i would rather it be 58

than 108

this is completely different than saltwater fishing with the fly

A lot of drift and float there's not much stripping with nymphs

and it's a rock dang it

these flies might be gone

I can't even get to it to get it unhooked too the water is too strong through here I decided to switch

to a little Clouser Minnow since I broke those nymphs rigs off

so now I am out here trying these ripples lets see if I can find anything. I think I seen a

couple surface but I don't know we'll see

never really caught fish on the streamer before Ill try to change it this year we'll


I might be calling this a scouting trip that way if I don't catch anything I can blame

it on the high flows because I never fished high flows before

those dogs came out of nowhere and scared me

I'm trying to get my lure out of the tree

I just had a hit on the top of the water

I finally found some calmer water that I can wade in

that's a good sign right got a duck

actually got a fish oh I lost the fish I thought I rock for the longest time mmm

that hurts

good fish too it had some power

okay so these fish are wild right here keep trying to eat my bobber or my

strike indicator so I don't know what to do about that should I put a grasshopper on as my

indicator the problem is oh there's one i'll have to retie that's the same spot that I got the

other one and I don't want to retie when I am seeing this many fish I think they're

different fish too because some are lighter some are darker more

pink but they're here I just can't catch them

I switched back to a nymph rig my arm got tired of throwing the streamer and I

wasn't doing any good as soon as I put the nymphs back on they started hitting it I

should be using them all day this gopro is too slow

ah I lost another one is the barbs cuz I'm missing barbs got some scales on it liking

the San Juan

no this GoPro to slow there are scales on it with two hooks

that one too

not what I'm going for but it works I might have to get the tape measure out for

this baby too small to grab

there he goes they're right in this eddy right here

I'm trying to mend my line to allow it to sit in there as long as possible

rock or a fish? it's a rock

I get rocks all day but not fish

so I just lost my whole nymph rig with my thing-a-ma-bobber and uh I put a clouser

minnow on and there we go got one on I was stripping too fast and I started messing

around got a guy on


this current makes them so much bigger

I got a low battery too lets net this guy

there we go Guadalupe Rainbow took me long enough

nice fish good guy there you go

right below me

it's a pretty good day fishing today got a bunch of trout lost a couple

even caught a small one guess I can't call it scouting trip anymore guess

I'll call it a fishing trip