OSRS Fishing Guide How to Catch Trout and Salmon

hey guys this is vanilla peaches here

today I'm going to talk you through how

to catch trout and salmon so at level 20

you'll be able to catch trout and at

level 30 you'll be able to catch salmon

so what you'll need to do this is one

fly-fishing rod

and feathers so you can either purchase

feathers from the grand exchange or you

can get them from chickens so there are

a number of farms around the game where

you can find chickens and you can kill

them to get feathers but I really

recommend that you go to the one that's

just north of Lumbridge

and you can easily get feathers there

that's quite quick but it's very cheap

to buy them from the grand exchange so

it's probably worth just buying them but

I mean if you're dedicated you could you

know I'm the more differ so if you take

a look on the map this is where the

fishing area is for trout and salmon so

it is just to the east of the barbarian

village and to the west of the rock and

it's next to the river so you just click

on lure fishing spot and then you'll

start to catch fish so once you have a

full inventory of fish you have two

options you can drop the fish or you can

cook the fish so I guess it depends on

your end goal if you want to increase

your cooking skills then this is quite a

good way and then you could drop the

fish or Bank them or sell them but you

could also just straight out drop them

so if you did want to drop them you

would just use this button here and then

you can just drop all of your fish like

that if you're looking to level your

fishing you'll find that the experience

you gain from fly-fishing is a lot

better than what you would gain from say

lobster catching or spear fishing for a

tuna or swordfish something that's quite

cool about this particular fishing spot

is that it's available and free to play

so that's you know an easy one but also

that little fireplace up there it never

goes out it's like a infinite fireplace

that the game seems to have that's

always going so if you were even wanting

to leave all your cooking skills you

could just come here and pick up all of

the fish set people dropped and then you

could use them on the fire so that would

be a good way to live all your cooking

skill without actually fishing so you

could do either really if you want to do

look at it yeah so I hope you liked this

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