Maine Brook Trout Fishing

this is the Northwoods in the state of Maine it's springtime

and as the long winter loosens its icy grip on Chandler Lake camps the

residents are keen to get things moving looking forward to everything the next

four months of warmer weather will burn it's an exciting time in Maine's North

Woods and it's also an exciting time in Maine's north waters as well the Burke

shirt of the Aroostook Penobscot and allagash watersheds are waking up and

feeding up but will they be looking up

hi I have a question for you do you like chasing Brooks wrote it up for a bit of

an adventure well you're in for it for sure we're in the North Woods here in

Maine at Chandler Lake camps we're on the make for wild native brookey's in

streams and in Stillwater check this big fish adventure out right now on the new

fly fisher

is there the tape Oh an axe

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in a state well known for its maritime culture the Northwoods in Maine are

virtually untouched with respect to fly fishing opportunities and those

opportunities are found everywhere North Woods Maine spans over three million

acres of recreational opportunities were based out of Chandler Lake Camp a drive

to traditional Maine sporting camp founded in 1902 and steeped in history

we're here to experience all that North Woods Maine has to offer namely the wild

brook trout that inhabit the area joining us on this adventure is good

friend Tom Rosenbauer and we are guests of owners Jason and Cheryl and Bouchard

now here's the hook we've heard how great both the spring and summer brook

trout fishing is here so we're going to experience it both seasons spring beurre

keys in the local rivers and summer book show during the hexa janilla may fly ash

both incredible both unique all main we load up and hit the river local fly

patterns hand

so Pete suggested that I switch over or start with a a classic Maine pattern

called a gray ghost and I think this this book charred up in the slack water

and the water is so clear here that you can actually see them hit that's a great

fish to start the day Pete fantastic look at that alright so for early spring

brook trout out of Chandler Lake camps for the first fish of the day you cannot

beat that what a fantastic fantastic fish thanks man hey so let's take a look

at the fly that we use here today it's called a Grey Ghost and Pete tells me

that it's a traditional Maine wet fly I swung it through the seam here on this

pool and it wasn't five casts and this rookie came up and smashed it so it's a

big bold fly and hopefully it'll set the tone for the day there's a fish classic

swing on a classic barn special Maine fly Wow so beautiful

so fishings been tough and when it's tough you got to be adaptable I've been

swinging streamers through this pool classic streamer water and nothing so

what I did is I've got a sinking tip on here short leader and a little streamer

and then a hair's earn if dropped off that not something I normally do but you

know you got to try different things when things aren't working you have to

switch it up and so the hairs here nymph was what caught this cute little brookie

pretty fish beautiful beautiful shape

that was fun

the fishings very good we're Maine natives we haven't traveled the world

for the lower 48 our clients that come I mean we're spoiled we will routinely

catch fish 16 17 18 19 inches wild brook trout for us that's the norm it is a

remote area we are in North Maine woods with just three and a half million acres

we have over 40 canoes on different remote ponds guides are important a lot

of local knowledge and we can fish a different water every day we can fish a

different method every day our guides are very experienced and knowledgeable

they can teach you things you don't know you might even teach them a few things

it's a good experience quality fish we're not big on numbers but you could

have a typical day of 12 to 15 fish per person and banner days when the hatches

are on

well another day here in the North Woods in Maine and though we had a ton of rain

last night I was a little bit concerned that it would raise the water levels of

the rivers here but even though the rivers have gone up just a little bit

what's really exciting about it is that the water temperatures had actually gone

up about two degrees earlier we're sitting at 44 now we're sitting at 46

which bodes well for us fishing brook trout it's still cold so we'll still

have to go low and slow but it's a new day here in the North Woods fish well

it's a good start to the day using a gray ghost got ourselves the

first work trout of the morning fly popped out already so I swung through

this pool extensively with a gray ghost and I had a short stripe trout so what I

did was I changed the angle on my presentation I walked down about seven

feet pitched it out there slowed stripped it back in and it did the trick

so there you go north maine woods brook trout fantastic specimen this guy's a

young one but they do get significantly larger see you bud so here's the flowers

using that catch that fantastic brook trout it's a great ghost tide by pete

koch he's a commercial flight tire here at Chandler's and it it's done the trick

most of the fish I've caught this trip I've been on that fly

fish and cold conditions for native Berkshire can be tough as Tom indicated

I switched to a double nymph rig under an indicator to keep the flies in the

strike zone just that little bit longer

I'm an M yeah whoa so the weather's changed a bit since this morning where

we had some high Sun and and the fish played along a little bit clouded over

we're supposed to get some rain this afternoon so the fishing actually slowed

way down so what we did what we've done is we've we've slowed down too and the

way we've done that is with this double nymph rig got a tungsten head point fly

and then a small little bead headed Prince nymph

on the bottom there we go wild Maine brook trout caught on a Princeton

doesn't get any better than that absolutely perfect so when the weather

changes and the fish are telling you the fish slow down they're telling you that

you need to slow down as well that's what we did fantastic 10-inch brook true

there's a fish yeah yeah on this smell

so we're here in Maine and this river has a smelt run on it and we think the

fish might be eating smelt so we figured well smell pattern might be a good idea

and so I was handed a local top secret smelt pattern that I'm not going to tell

you about because it's top secret and it works for this beautiful brook trout

still almost in spotting colors just incredibly beautiful and I can't show

you the top secret I can't show you the top secret fly I gotta remove this

quickly so nobody can see the top secret fly

yeah we should probably should get a good enough

so you wouldn't think in 44 degree water that a fish would come up for something

especially something as big as a streamer but I had thrown a streamer

into that fast water earlier as soon as it hit the water fish came up and rolled

on it didn't take it and then I fished and fish and fish and

didn't catch anything that came up here to this faster water which common sense

tells you that there shouldn't be fish in here when war is this cold they

should be in the deep slow water but sure enough there was this pretty brook

trout up there they ate a good-size streamer brook trout or squirmy and

they'll hold still very well God look at those spots

see you buddy

we have five guest cabins we have five guides a typical week for us as ten

clients so that's a guide to two clients 99% of our clients that come are guided

primarily because of the location maximum space is probably 14 people we

do corporate groups also which we make room for them we have five different

cabins they sleep two three four five or six

the guides eat with the clients they socialize with the clients and certainly

by the end of the week they have a relationship and now with social media

they talk to each other throughout the year just anticipating their next trip

so we like that field it's a big family feeling here generally camps is a

comfortable accessible and welcoming Lodge with all the amenities one would

want in a drive to fishing location individual cabins and separate main

lodge allow for both seclusion and social occasions complete with Wi-Fi and

full satellite communication amongst the vast wilderness of Maine's North Woods

fish this is a big fish oh he's a good one so what we did was

we've been struggling a bit as per usual which is normal for brook trout fishing

but we decided instead of fishing smell which these fish are keying on on that

we would go something that can be generally considered a regular forage

fish here in the river and with fishing sculpin so we've got a big bold sculpt

and on here swinging through these these riffles and boom we come tight with a

good one I'll bring them to you

and he hit hard super hard I got fuck 4x tip it on here so need to

be a little careful scoop them in the hole nice good fish really good fish

okay so let's get this guy on buttons

okay all right he's cool in the net and that is the fly a big pulled sculpin did

the trick what a fantastic brook trout taken on

the swing on a sculpin just amazing fish good one where you think that's 12 16 16

inches I like to go behind me in the back Eddie and he's gone absolutely

wonderful swaying flies it's a productive aggressive way to target

brook trout but when they're on they hit like a ton of bricks fish great brook


oh my god she's working every bit of this five weighed out yes

yes fantastic fish what a fantastic animal let's get this guy back in let

him go unbelievable how do you like that brother

that's a fish that is a fantastic addition all right so let's take a quick

look at what what happened here as you can see where we're standing is a really

really like it's thigh-deep piece of just flat gravel and then in

the darker water you can see it drops off but what's unique about this is that

we've got a bubble line coming down from the upstream term turbulence and then

we've got a creek coming in that's actually feeding and fat gave you that

goes upstream I've placed that sculpt and right in the foam line where the two

currents meet and boom eighteen to twenty inch Brook trip on a sculpting

how cool is that as the weather turns for the worse we

decide to call it a trip with full plans on returning for part two of our North

Woods Maine adventure in the summer summer still water during the hex mayfly

hatch in this area it's as accessible as it is epic

the hexa Genea mayfly hatch in the summer months up in North Woods in Maine

is truly an experience fly anglers should have on their bucket list

arriving and getting settled before the hatch goes off is imperative to enjoy

the entire experience

so I first heard about this opportunity at Chandler like camp to fish big brook

trout on the ax hatch in the spring well fast forward to the summer time it's

middle of July and we've hit the hatch perfectly we're going to jump in the

canoes and try to catch some of these fantastically big brook trip

all right we just switched over to the dry fly rod and I think it's important

that before we actually start fishing for these rookies we understand the life

cycle of a hexa gene you may fly after spending most of its life in the water

as a nymph that may fly swims to the surface to hatch this is called the

emergere stage the emergere edges into a done which while on the surface of the

water is a primary food source for Brooke shrimp the done then flies off

the water to nearby foliage where it undergoes another transformation to

become a spinner when it becomes a spinner it will then join others and be

seen swarming over the surface in mating flights some spinners will drop their

fertilized eggs others will touch down on the surface to deposit them finally

the act of renewing the species is complete the spinners then fall to the

surface of the water and ultimately die you're hungry I can tell there's a fish

just slammed it no mistaking that yep so what I did was I'm casting out this 150

grains sinking line and I'm letting it sink right to the bottom that I'm

bringing it back slowly about two mayfly nymphs on here and sweet so before the

mayfly hatch habits we come into this lake and trying to see what these brook

trout are gonna do oh and the flies have already come out there's no mistaking a

wallop from tonight's first pre hex hatch Brook trail now Peter these fish

cruising or are they in sort of stay in one spot and waiting for bugs to come up

from the mud no they're cruising they are cruising all right and you'll see

you'll see a like you'll get one or two fish that will they'll kind of as the

bugs start to come up and if Jason fishes fish down here before if they

come up in here or along this like I just saw another one pop up over there

you'll see the fish start to move from left to right and then all I do is get

with you it won't be a piece of cake just get close to them cast in front of

them one twitch and Bank for showing like that like that just came right out

of the water for that that's a nice fish all right for the first fish of the

night on a hex Drive fly that is a wonderful Maine Berkshire pluck this

fish we were just talking about the difference between a a mayfly take and a

cat estate and the way it's been explained to me is that mayflies will

pop off the water and take off so troit will hit them hard for fear that they're

gonna take off off the water we're caddis are a little bit more gentle and

tend to stick around so you'll find troupe that will actually sip catus

versus o versus smashing mayflies and I'll tell you what this trope smash that

like so strong man now brook trout generally most people

think that brokers don't have teeth but after seeing this guy eat and knowing

that they do actually have teeth I'm gonna make sure to check that leader

this is a good Berkey that is a great male perk trip

equipment for this episode of the new fly Fisher in North Woods Maine at

Chandler Lake Camp is as follows both spring and summer sauce throwing nine

foot five weight fly rods with a matching weight forward floating line

for May flies in the summer and indicator fishing this past spring we

utilized an intermediate sinking line in the spring for swinging streamers and

main rivers leader material was 9 foot 3 X with 4x tippet for drives tonight

we're fishing with Jason Bouchard owner of chant-like camp another evening hex

hatch on a backcountry Maine cattle Lake perfect fish nice feels like a good one

man so we started out tonight with a full sinking line and a longer leader

with a twin nymph rig we got the first fish of the night we're waiting for the

hexes to go off we moved out to a little bit of deeper water here and we got

ourselves a brook trout she burped up a hex he burped up a freshly eaten bug now

we've got loons in the area so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to simply hold

this fish in the water for a bit and let it revive as much as possible we're in

no rush here I'm not gonna handle the fish you're gonna pull my phone out take

a couple pictures of the fish in the net let him revise that he's got a fighting

chance to swim away from these loons because if I let him go now he's surely

gonna be dinner

awesome stuff so I've got to keep in mind the state of Maine takes great

pride in their brook trout populations they are a heritage fishery means that

they're all wild and a lot of fly fishing lakes the reason why the fishing

is so good is because people look after their fish here in the state of Maine

Levin would go keeping them safe especially away from predators like

loons helps every bit

wow what a great fish I want to thank you for this opportunity to present the

North Woods Maine to you here on the new fly Fisher and I also want to thank

Jason and Cheri Bouchard for their unbelievable hospitality at Chandler

like camps Adventure is out there all you need to do is go and find it a

better way than to do it with a fly rod in your hand from everybody here at the

new fly fisher my name is Mark Melnick and hopefully we'll see you in the great

state of Maine the new fly fisher is supported by main office of tourism

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