Mega Cheap Fly Glitch Grinder | Build a Boat for Treasure ROBLOX

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hello ladies and gentlemen my name is 8

years old 12 and welcome back to a brand

new video fur coat I don't wanna give a

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video so this video is about a really

super good like super really really

cheap glitch 3 actually is simple to

build what you want to do first is

placed on a chair go press this plus

button here to turn off your anchor mode

going to search and get a glue block the

way you do get a good block is by

completing the the find request right

here sit down get a wooden block place

another wooden block then you want to

grab a hang yes so uh the past video I

made about how to get bridge part 1 it

did really good it got a hundred and one

likes and I asked for 50 but I wonder

works too I guess why not and yeah I'm

just wanted to announce that the second

part is coming out very very soon I just

want to make sure it's edited really

nice so from that you want to grab this

turn it like this and I think that's

about right yes perfect so you can

either do two things you create a pink

candy or you eat a yellow candy it'll

kinda gives you speed up and Kev's you

gives you like jump and speed but I

personally love using I personally love

using pink because it works you know it

it just it's a pretty good thing you can

also place it very just just because

so it's actually really simple to

control and I use it a lot see ground

goda if you've used it online

alright and it might be it might be a

glitch I might use for the this the

three part series or I don't know I

might I might continue the series on and

on and on until I get every single item

like it's crazy I know I know I know

yeah we're just grinding gold look at

this so I want to ask you a question if

you've made it this far into the video

do you all enjoy it a little like the

little things in the beginning of the

video like the night from last video

because I think they're funny I think

they're they're low enjoyable for new

people who come on and they're just like

huh what is this channel it's really

funny huh I kind of enjoyed doing them

they took a look they do take a little

bit longer than just editing this video

with some music and posting it I do

really enjoy doing that because it's

actually funny and I it's fine it's fun

he's got delete that and I do have a

video plan for later on maybe after the

part 2 it's a really amazing glitch I

found which is a you know a glitch

glitch is a glitch a hundred and

thirty-five gold now I might go try

something a little bit different I'm

gonna try to doing it with like can I do

it like how fast is it when I use the

yellow candy and the normal jumpy

Kennedy I want to try I wanna see if it

changed anything glue block yes

glue block placed on the glue get wood

I'm doing this I'm doing this the other

way hinge and then okay yep Oh what are

we here get him get a him just face it

downwards please perfection

actually I think it's supposed to

replace like like like Dennis I think

that's how it's supposed to be is it if

it works better oh that's even better

candy okay cocaine D okay so this is a

purple one this is a yellow one eat both

it this faster huh this might actually

be faster than the other one

okay I'm gonna zoom in and okay zoom in

yeah and it's see if we do take longer

than the past one you can all comment

down below if it did take longer enough

I should put a time step or something I

might like when I'm editing this so yeah

I might I might I might see uh actually

have to so donut because if I go to

class I'm now gonna get out the gold so

I want you I want y'all to comment down

below I want to ask y'all something

I do enjoy buildable and everything it's

fun but I I do want to start and like a

couple of series on my channel since

it's grown to a really decent amount I

do want to start an animation serious

inside Bible or I tell you stories like

I make a story inside but a bow and I've

been planning on making a story about a

man who pretty much who has to find a

way to make it to the end and it's like

it's like a nice little story that I

wanted to try like Hello animation so

you know like little characters I could

record single room I think this one was

faster I don't know you can comment down

below if it was or it wasn't because uh

I don't know I'm not but we get the same

amount of godo hey that's not bad

okay can I try something else mmm now

this is a really interesting story I

actually went try make it to the end of

using pistons but it might break the

game because Pistons are laggy they are

so laggy wait what is this oh did I love

this one

so the glitch that I found like um Oh

like about like 5-10 minutes ago before

I start recording this involves I

involves something like this designed

but you don't need a magnet so it's even

cheaper so I'm really excited to make a

video on that because with that one you

can make it to the end every single time

and you get the golden block so I'm

really excited to show that one video so

yeah um candy you actually give me to a

test like that like again and again to

see if anything changes okay that a

candy what's gonna okay turn on turn off

- not what's going on why is it broken

or what I broke it no why I have broken

my machine was cheap it mm-hm

this one was a prototype didn't work

actually I didn't make a video on this

but it was a little bit glitchy so I'm

sorry if he tried using me and he might

have died or not whoopsies glue block

I'm just testing out a couple of

glitches because like I've always I've

always thought that butter block was

like one of the best things that were

added to the game because they brought

so many glitches with it like so many

grinders come with the butter block and

I just I'm just I'm in love with a

butter block my guards





okay so my recording stopped whoopsies

so uh was I was saying I was thinking

kind of explained by like butter blog so

much or the glue block I don't know what

to call it but uh yeah I guess I'll be

the any of the video I hope you enjoyed

I did try taking a while in the editing

in the beginning I probably well because

I always record I record this video and

the editing comes like after so yeah if

you haven't already please make sure to

drop a like and subscribe really shows

your support and yeah I hope you enjoyed

my name is agent old 12

peace out everybody