How To Fly First and Business Class in 2021 (Best Deals & Tricks)

what's up inaudible nation good morning

on this

black friday what an exciting day for

those of us who

love spending time buying unnecessary

stuff online but mainly

for those of us who love to travel

because this is a great opportunity

to save some money so today's video is

all about

why we should book travel for 2021

right now today or over this weekend so

the first question a lot of people will

have is obviously is it okay to travel

in 2021 should i be booking travel now

and of course there's no harm in booking

anything i'll get into why in a second

but there's nothing saying you have to

book in january or february you could


next summer you could even book in

september october next year

to make sure it's really far away and

hopefully things have calmed down so of

course there are many reasons to travel

not only so that you have something to

look forward to

and something that brings you joy but


million people have lost their jobs in


in the past what is it nine months due

to covet 19.

that's an insane number of people who

are suffering economically

and by traveling we're also supporting

them but if there is so much uncertainty

why do you want a book now well the

benefit of booking now which we might

not have

as travel starts picking up down the

road is the

insane flexibility that hotels and

airlines are offering right now

all airlines have flexible booking

policies many have flexible cancellation


the same goes for hotels so if you book


for let's say march and you end up not

being able to travel then

for travel restrictions or whatever it

is all airlines will let you change your

dates to later in the year

some might charge a fair difference so

just keep that in mind but there won't

be any change fees

and some airlines won't even charge the

fare difference the same goes for hotels

many will just like you rebook for any

date in the year and even cancel

for free if you decide you don't want to

travel anymore so pretty much it's like

reserving a seat at that price right now

but nothing is actually saying that you

have to

go to that place on the day to book so

really the risks of booking something

right now

are lower than they've ever been before

so let's get into the amazing deals

around right now

first of all there are some amazing

deals on my merch if you want to check

it out i'm not going to talk too much

about it but i'm having

a black friday sale the biggest sale

i've ever had 20

off all t-shirts and hoodies the link

will be in the description

so before you go and book any flights or


i just want to make sure you're using a

cashback site

now i have something embarrassing to

admit i've known about cashback sites

for a very long time they're kind of

like you know the same type of thing as


portals where you go through an award

program where you get miles

but i didn't actually join one until two

months ago and now i'm completely hooked

i joined rakuten which is only for

people in the us

and canada and it's a great site but

what really made me save

so much money on all my purchases was

adding it as a browser extension because

honestly it's kind of a pain to have to

go through the site every time think

about hmm does it have this does it have


every time i'm on a different website

but with the browser extension as soon

as i'm on a website that has cash back

it just says click activate and save 5

or 10

and it's such a no-brainer so every time

i go to a website and i can get cash

back the pop-up just comes up

i click activate and then i'm earning

cashback on purchases and i feel

so so stupid for not doing this before

because literally every website i use

airline websites hotels you know all these sites

have cash back through record10 so i'm


imagine how many thousands tens of

thousands of dollars i've spent there

over the years and i haven't been

earning any cashback it's so frustrating

to feel like that

so now the deal is currently the only

real black friday travel deals on rocket

10 you get 8

cashback on and 10 cashback

on priceline which is insanely good like

let's say you book a trip to the


you spend 2 000 on your hotel two

thousand dollars on your flight through

priceline i mean that's an expensive

trip but that's just an example

four thousand dollars if you're getting

ten percent cash back that's

400 dollars cashback ruxin also has a

signup bonus and just right now you get

40 dollars instead of the usual twenty

for signing up you get forty dollars for


after your first purchase through

rockets so it's really such a no-brainer

i've checked out

some other countries so as i said

rocket10 is only for the us and canada

i checked out the uk you guys have top

cash back

which seems to be a really good option

as well i saw like over 10 cashback on

some travel sites right now

so that's in the uk top cashback and in

sweden there's

both of these also have signed up

bonuses although they're smaller but i

really really recommend checking them

out if you're doing any shopping today

because it will just end up

giving you even more savings all the

links are in the description

if i didn't mention your country which

odds are i didn't just google

cashback india cashback rwanda any

country you're in and i can pretty much


there's some good cashback sites so just

compare them

and find a good one to sign up some of

them also have sign up bonuses so

that's good to look out for so now for

the actual flight and hotel deals

i'm going to break this down by region

to make it easier there's going to be

time stamps on the video so you can see

exactly when your region comes if you're

not interested in several regions

i'm going to start in europe now a word

of caution

i won't be booking any flights to east

or southeast asia

anytime soon it's the place i miss the

most in the world but i also

think it's the place that's going to be

opening up the latest

along with australia and new zealand so

for me i'm looking for flights to

africa south america and between europe

and the us now there are some

insanely good fairs right now one i

shared on my instagram story yesterday

which is still available

as you can see here going from paris to

washington baltimore or new york for

less than

400 euros round trip

in premium economy that's crazy cheap

that's cheaper than economy considering

you can fly in

june next year i'm pretty sure there

will be some type of travel agreement

between europe and the us by then at

least let's just pray and hope

you can leave as late as june 23rd which

is well into the summer break and the

best part is that this is on british

airways and they make it really easy

to upgrade to business class using avios

i think it's about 20 to 25

000 miles one way just in addition to

this so

let's say you want business costs on the

long-haul flights that's 40 000 miles in

total with british airways

and you're paying 400 euros and 40 000


that is just such an amazing deal what

else do we have well if you want to pay

outright for business class

there's some really good deals direct

out of london which is really really


you can fly on most airlines for a

thousand euros round-trip

non-stop from london to new york usually

it might be 5 000 euros and now it's

only 1 000.

it also goes let's see how far it goes

does it go way into the summer yeah

and the best part is if you want like a

nice premium economy type experience

from london

you can fly icelanders saga class which

is their

they call it business class but it's

pretty much a very nice premium economy


for 533 euros

round trip london to new york all summer

that is so good i haven't seen any

outright amazing fares on lufthansa but

they do have a 100 off coupon which

seems to work on pretty much

any route on lufthansa they have some

good fares from the uk to vacation spots

like mauritius

and the seychelles and of course on

these airlines like british airways you

can still get cash back

through rakuten so you're saving even

more the last amazing deal i want to

show you if you're in europe is from


to south america you can go to many

cities buenos aires santiago and the

main one which is sao paulo

non-stop round trip from frankfurt for

less than a thousand euros

live flat in business class this is also

just a mind-blowing deal in normal times

these would be booked up like that but

now since not as many people are booking

more deals are available for a longer

time this one has been available for

many days

if you're looking at going to south

america i mean brazil has no travel


maybe you want to go you know early in

the spring to escape the european winter

this is such a good option and since

good fares are rare if you're

originating in south america

this might be a great fair to nest

between two other trips and what that

means is

you book a one-way to europe then you

use the outbound on this deal

as your return home and then the return

ticket will be something leaving

much later in the spring or some other

time so basically you're booking

two round-trip tickets but you're mixing

them so that you can get this deal

in between your other round trip but

that's how you're kind of

making use of this deal even if you're

not originating in europe but that's

pretty much it for transatlantic i mean


incredibly easy for people anywhere in

europe to position to london

for very very cheap given all the

low-cost carriers you have those great


in business class and in premium economy

for transatlantic out of london

and paris i always use google flights to

search flights and just check it out

use their map feature put in like a wide

radius of origins around where you are

so if you live in stockholm you might

want to put in oslo copenhagen and


as your origins then just open the map

feature put business class

and explore the world that's always what

i do to find good fairs

so now for the us what deals do you guys

have so first i just want to give a

shout out to these mind-blowingly good

fairs to two countries that have no

travel restrictions whatsoever

to mexico and to colombia you can fly

live flat business on delta or american

from new york to cancun and new york to

bogota for

so so cheap new york to bogota which is

the deal i just booked

683 round trip in la

flat 767 business for a six hour flight

each way

talk about a great price and again it's


485 round trip

from new york to cancun some of the

flights have their a330 with

live flat business class and the deals

extend as far as next summer

and you can get more cash back if you're

booking through rocket 10 and

you go through a travel agency so for

specific airlines in the us different

airlines have different deals

so american airlines has a promotion

right now for flights originating in the

u.s where you get a promotional discount

on future bookings

depending on how much you spend now so

if you spend up to 200

you get a 10 discount on future bookings

if you spend between 200 and 500 dollars

you get a promotional discount of

percent five hundred to one thousand

fifteen percent at over one thousand


on tickets you save twenty percent on a

future booking delta doesn't seem to be

running a similar deal or you get any


discount but they do have their black

friday discount page i'm always kind of

skeptical of these pages because

airlines can just artificially raise the

fares before

and then say oh look we're offering a

discount and then really have a fair

that was normal one month ago

as the black friday sale fare but you

can check out the page to see if there's

any good offers that

spark your interest united as far as i

can tell also isn't offering

a similar discount to american so i'm

just gonna try a search here

los angeles san francisco and san diego

and then just what i do is i put okay

let's say i want to travel in april

one week trip flexible dates how

satisfied am i

very satisfied let's change my currency

and now we have it here we can see the


round-trip deals on our dates so

just look at this one stop to keto and

business class for 500

that is great so just there we're

finding deals

just by scouring this map whoa 505

round trip to peru at the end of april

hopefully they're open by then

that is a good deal as well i mean this

is also

pretty great 540 round trip

la to new york in business class

wow so yeah if you want to explore kind

of what deals there are right now

these might not be specific to today but

just in general during this period there

are some

really great fares for booking quite far

ahead in the future

so i know a lot of you guys are from

australia and new zealand as well

it pains me so much but since travel is

kind of

far on the horizon for you guys at least


unless maybe singapore and a travel

bubble or something

there aren't really that many deals to

be had so i won't be going through

those in this video just the only thing

i can say is keep your eyes out

for a cash back portal because that can

end up saving you some extra money today

on future bookings for hotels and stuff

like that domestically

there are also some decent fares from

south america which is rare we have

santiago to madrid

round trip and business class for 1200

us dollars

really good deal live flat seats all the


so let's see if qatar airways is


any black friday deals see here activate

one percent cash back if we want

so yeah what i'd really do here again is

i'd use the google flights

map feature find the best fares from

around where i live on qatar airways

and then just go to catrio's website

activate my rocket101

cashback or whatever cashback site you

end up using

and then enter the code black friday and

see how much more i could save so i'm

just trying to show you how my thinking


what kind of tools i use so i give you

the toolbox and you can apply it to your

individual saving situation

now for me personally i'm not huge on

actually spending money on flights

weird i far prefer redeeming miles at a

thousand dollars round trip

i might consider it which is why i'm

mentioning these deals but mainly i'm

looking for the best possible deals on

redeeming miles for my flights and right

now a lot of airlines are also offering


on purchased miles we have southwest

offering a bonus

for those who want to fly domestically

united is selling miles with a 100 bonus

but the best deal and miles that i

actually purchased because i find the

price so good

is through life miles avianca's award

program are offering a 200

bonus on purchased miles which means

you're paying 1.1

cent per mile so just looking here on

one mile at a time a blog i really

recommend if you want to learn more

about this stuff and here you can see

some sample fares so us to europe

is 63 000 miles assuming you pay 1.1

cents each

that's less than 700 one way or 1400

round trip it's obviously not as good as

some of the deals i mentioned

but the great thing about miles is that

you can really pair any cities together

let's do istanbul as an example here so

the cheapest fare i'm finding is two

thousand four hundred dollars round trip

so being able to save a thousand dollars

on that just by reading miles instead

and you could even fly non-stop on

turkish if you want for the convenience

which is almost three thousand dollars

if you pay

and awards based on turkish tends to be

great so there's so many options for

avianca the one thing i will say

is that first of all their service is

pretty bad so don't book this

thinking that you'll be changing the

ticket later on because

that will just be a huge headache and

avianca isn't the most financially

stable airline so there is a little bit

of a risk

to these savings but if you're willing

to take the risk you can save a lot of


and lastly let's look at credit cards

for people who live

in the u.s i'll also link some credit

cards in sweden as well

but as i mentioned in my last video

we're seeing some incredible temporary

signup bonuses

on several credit cards in the us for

example the amex gold

you can get a 60 000 point signup bonus

right now which is

so great usually as you can see here

it's 40 or 35 000

so you're getting a big bonus on top of

that as i mentioned in the last video as

well we have a great deal on the amex

green card

45 000 points instead of 30 000 points

as a sign of bonus

also a great value you can get both

because american express cards are very

easy to get approved for

the spend isn't really that bad at all

you have to spend a total of six

thousand dollars

in six months on your card so that's

just a thousand dollars a month and

american express has my favorite

points currency because they're

transferable to so many different

airlines i'm going to give you a few

more resources so you can find deals

throughout the day a great website for

flight deals is

they have mostly economy class deals but

as you can see

they sometimes share error fares they

also have some premium fares

if you're only interested in premium

flight deals i recommend checking out

here you can see he shares a bunch of

great deals from

yeah pretty much all over the world to


but let's get into some hotel deals

because that's where it gets interesting

if you're loyal to a hotel pretty much

every hotel chain right now

is offering quite a good discount on

purchased points so that's where the

sweet spot is for hotels in the us

you can buy points whether it's ihg

marriott or

radisson whatever you want and just find

the best redemptions for those points

but for example we have radisson

offering a hundred percent bonus on

their points and you can redeem them at

some really good properties

like the maldives and get excellent

value i know this video was long thanks

for sticking with me

through the whole thing once again you

can also check out a discount on my


if you're interested i know a lot of you

guys loved this design and flying off

the shelves

and now it's 20 off if you want to get

an extra one for someone in the family

or if you've never had one but you want

to get one you can also check those out

i hope you guys can book some nice trips

let me know in the comments below if you

find any other deals let's share with

each other

so that we can help each other make the

most out of this black friday

and let me know if you book anything

that i mentioned in this video

especially those deals from europe to

the us in premium economy

are just so so good as always thank you

so much for watching guys and until i

see you all in the next video

fly safe and stay safe