Christmas Island Special Bonefish Fly Tying Instructions

here we're going to tie the Christmas

Island special this is a bum fish fly

first thing I'm going to do is just

start off with some thread right up by

the eye of the hook and I'm going to

leave a small space in between the IDA

hook and where I'm going to tie in my

eyes and for my eyes I'm using a pair of

nickel with red pupil pseudo eyes a

little bit different than just a plain

set and all I'm doing is just putting

some X wraps around those eyes just to

make sure they're nice and secure once

I've done that a few times take my

thread right behind those eyes now I'm

going to take a clump of Krystal flash

you can use whatever color you like

usually I either use pearl pink or

orange but whatever whatever color you

feel like doing you're going to use this

for the for the body and the tail and

the collar so the first thing we're

going to do is we're going to tie in the

tail section and what I'm going to do is

I'm going to tie in the tail so it's

just a couple lengths of the hook shank

hanging off of the back I'm going to

lash it down

I'm going to lash down this other

section got wrapped around my thread

here I'm going to take this other

section topple it over and I do this

just so it doesn't fall apart on me now

I'm just going to build a smooth body

covering up all those wraps once I've

done that I'm going to jump my thread

two in front of the eyes then I'm going

to take that crystal flash I'm going to

pull it tight I'm going to wrap a body

and as I pull it tight you can see that

crystal flash will lay flat trick is to

pull on it once I get to the eyes I'm

just going to wrap around those eyes a

couple of times that will cover up the

thread I also make the fly a little more

durable I'm going to capture that

crystal flash a couple times there with

my thread and I flip fly over I'm just

going to take this crystal flash and

pull it back and wrap back up over it

this will be part of the collar you can

trim a little bit of it just for now

just to keep it out of your way

now we will do is trim the tail and the

collar together so just pull them both

to the side we want to be about the same

length we wanted to hang about twice the

length of the shank of the hook so one

shank length off of the back of the fly

so I just trim those now the next thing

to do is to tie in the collar now this

fly is meant to be tied fairly sparse

this isn't a fly that's very bulky so

when I cut a piece of pseudo hair off

I'm going to be careful how much I use I

don't want to take a real big chunky

piece off and you can use craft fur for

this too I prefer the pseudo hair it

moves much nicer in the water to finer

material much more dense as well so it

just moves a lot better and I'm going to

take a chunk off that's about the same

length as that collar you can see it's

fairly sparse compared to a lot of the

other bone fish flies that you see I

just trim it to length I'm just going to

tie this in right up here by the eye

build a small head just by covering up

all the pseudo hair and once I've got it

tied in I am ready to finish the fly by

whip finishing then all that's left to

do is to add a bit of glue to the fly

you can glue the body as well if you

like to make it more durable just take a

little bit of brush on Zappa cap cover

the entire head here and I will put some

in between those eyes keep them from

rolling from side to side and lock them

down then you can put a little bit on

the body to that crystal flash does tend

to fall apart if you're not careful

that's all there is to the Christmas

Island special great little simple bone

fish fly imitates a little shrimp and

you can buy all the materials for this

fly yet and the riffle calm thanks for