Ultimate Disney Cruise Guide: 190 Disney Cruise Tips, Tricks & Hacks for a Disney Cruise Vacation

hey dreamers we are so excited about

today's video you guys know we love

Disney cruises well today's video is all

about Disney cruise tips tricks and

hacks are you dreaming about a Disney

cruise or do you have one booked already

this video is for you you guys ready




let's first talk about booking your

Disney cruise we wanted to talk a little

bit about some tips and tricks and hacks

before you even booked your Disney

cruise one of our favorite ways to enjoy

Disney cruise vacation if you're flying

into Florida is booking a land and sea

package if you're planning a Disney

World and Disney Cruise combo plan your

Disney World vacation first Disney World

is a lot faster paced and a little bit

crazier that way you can relax and enjoy

your Disney cruise to end your land and

see package let's get into the best

prices we are asked daily when is the

best time to cruise for price the best

time is always September but this is

also a hurricane season if you do want

to save money though this is the time to

cruise you'll find some incredible deals

in September however because it is

hurricane season you probably are going

to want to add trip insurance just for

that added protection onto your Disney

cruise vacation if September is not a

good time another great time to visit is

January it's a little bit colder to swim

but January is also another fantastic

time to take a Disney cruise vacation

now when is the best time to cruise for

crowds now the cruise ships are limited

on the number of guests however there's

larger cruise ships the fantasy and the

dream do still accommodate a lot of

people best time to avoid the crowds is

to cruise when the kids are in school

now of course that may be tough because

you're pulling the kids out of school to

take a Disney cruise but that is the

best way to avoid the crowds on a Disney

cruise let's talk about a few things

that you should do before your Disney

cruise now the great news at Disney

cruise vacation is very relaxing there's

not a lot of things that you do need to

pre booked or you miss out however there

still are a few things you do want a

book before your Disney cruise so let's

jump in with some things that you want

to pre booked the first thing you're

going to want to pre book are your shore

excursions or as Disney Cruise calls

them your port adventure

during a Disney Cruise you will stop at

different ports of call these are

different islands different countries

where you can get off the ship and

experience a country or the island you

can do this by yourself where you can

just kind of wander around or you can

book a shore excursion we love booking

shore excursions it is such a simple

stress-free experience when you book

them with Disney cruise Disney handles

everything you'll actually meet onboard

the ship and you'll all walk together

with a crew member off the ship and

directly to your transportation or to

your port adventure another reservation

that you're gonna want to book before

you get onboard the Disney cruise ship

is Paulo or Remi Paulo is an Italian

themed restaurant in Remi is a French

inspired restaurant both of these do

booked up early if you're unable to book

a reservation with Paulo or Remi online

don't worry once you board the ship you

can go see the dining manager to book

your reservation another reservation

you're gonna want a pre book is the

senses spa and salon if you're thinking

about pampering yourself on your Disney

cruise vacation you will want to make a

reservation for senses spa or salon

both of these do booked up early let's

talk a little bit about online check-in

Disney Cruise offers an opportunity to

check-in online before your cruise now

you still have to check in at the port

once you arrive but you can get a few

things done with the online check-in

before your cruise one of my favorite

things is scheduling your boarding time

when you check-in online it allows you

to select your boarding time I always

prefer to get the earliest boarding time

when you get an earlier board in time

this means you actually get on the ship

before everybody else you can dine at

one of the sit-down restaurants versus

the crowded buffet or this will give you

an opportunity to have lunch and then

maybe hop in the pool before it gets

crowded always try to get as early a

boarding time as possible another thing

you can do with online check-in is

register for children programming this

actually just takes a few minutes to do

online you'll set up a few parameters

including your password to pick up your

kid it only takes a few minutes but it

does save time once you board the

so go ahead and just take a few

minutes and set up your children for

children programming you'll also want to

book select character meet-and-greet

most of the character meet and greets

you just walk up and you see the

characters however there are a few more

popular character meet-and-greets like

anna and elsa and the princess gathering

these do require advanced reservations

you can book them online during your

online check-in or you can wait until

you board the ship to make these

reservations there's a few other things

you want to do before your Disney cruise

vacation one of these things is download

the Disney cruise navigator app this app

is amazing we love it

you actually just add it right to your

smartphone and it's free this app will

allow you to see all of the different

excursions you can see the different

decks all of the activities and you can

use the chat option to chat with other

family members during your cruise it's a

great resource during your Disney cruise

vacation let's talk about packing we

know you are already concerned that

you're gonna forget something on your

Disney Cruise check out the I in the sky

you can actually print a list of

everything we pack for a Disney cruise

vacation before you leave you're gonna

want to call your bank or credit card

company now Disney does not accept cash

or credit cards on board everything is

charged to your key to the world card so

make sure you call your bank or credit

card company to let them know that

you're traveling when booking your

flights for a Disney cruise vacation we

always recommend flying into the port

city no later than 10:00 a.m. in the

morning and flying home after 2 p.m.

this gives you plenty of time to arrive

and leave just in case something happens

we actually prefer to arrive the day

before a cruise you never know what

could happen with airlines or weather so

it's nice to actually get to the city a

day before you actually cruise it gives

you a little bit more wiggle room if

you're cruising out of Port Canaveral

why not come a few days earlier to enjoy

Disneyworld before your Disney cruise

vacation you can even add transfers

right to your Disney cruise package and

they'll pick you up at your

resort and take you to your Disney

cruise so why not come a day or two

before your cruise and enjoy some

vacation time at Disney World

before your Disney cruise vacation

Disney will actually mail you a package

that includes your luggage tags you'll

want to put these luggage tags on any of

your checked luggage once you get to the

port you're gonna actually check your

luggage and you won't see them again

until later in that day when you're in

your stateroom make sure that you have

those luggage tags on your luggage now

if you did not get your package

documents do not worry once you drop off

your luggage with the porter you can

actually just give them your stateroom

number and they have luggage tags for

you on a Disney cruise you are leaving

the country with that in mind you do you

need to have proper documentation

we highly recommend passports if

something happens during your cruise and

you have to fly home you need that

passport to re-enter the United States

so just be safe and have those passports

if you don't have time Disney will

accept an original birth certificate for

kids and an original birth certificate

and a government picture ID for adults

let's talk about the first day of your

Disney Cruise this is so exciting but

voyage it's time for your Disney cruise

all right let's first talk about your

luggage when you arrive to the Disney

cruise terminal you will drop off your

luggage with the porter so with that in

mind be sure you bring cash 1 to 3

dollars per piece of luggage to tip the

porter from that point your luggage will

magically show up outside your Disney

Cruise stateroom later at that day after

you drop off your luggage your next step

is to check in at the Disney cruise

terminal you will go through a security

checkpoint very similar to the TSA

security that you'll go through at the

airport after you go through that

security you're gonna check in for your

Disney cruise vacation let's talk about

the process after you check in once

you've checked in they'll start calling

boarding numbers you and your family are

going to go through that big yellow

Mickey ear and then you're gonna use

your key to the world card to get access

onto the ship you'll have a quick little

stop if you want to get some pictures

from the Disney photographers and

and you go to the welcome aboard this is

one of my favorite parts of a Disney

cruise vacation where they're actually

gonna welcome you onboard for the first

day on your Disney cruise we recommend a

day bag there could be several hours

before you actually get your luggage in

your stateroom so be sure you pack your

medicines swimsuits sunblock in any

essentials for the first few hours of

your Disney Cruise let's talk a little

bit more about your stateroom and

luggage on the first day of your Disney

Cruise you actually will not be able to

get into your stateroom until after 1:00

p.m. and then your luggage will

magically show up between 1:00 and it

could be as late as dinner time so it

could be several hours before you get

your luggage the power in your room is

controlled with the key to the world

card when you get into your room you'll

want to put one of the key to the world

cards in the slot by the door this will

turn on your lights and power your room

once you get your luggage go ahead and

unpack the staterooms onboard the Disney

cruise ships are fairly small so go

ahead and free up some of that space in

your room by unpacking you can hang

items in your closet or put them in the

dressers and there's even storage

underneath the bed if you watched Jones

fame of the travels we're always raving

about downy wrinkle release or on our

travels this is especially important on

cruise vacations because you don't have

an iron in your room be sure you bring

an extension cord the staterooms have

very few outlets we always bring an

extension cord with multiple outlets

that way all of our devices have an

outlet to charge don't worry about

packing your hairdryer go ahead and

leave that at home Disney does provide a

hairdryer in all the staterooms and it's

actually a real

good hair dryer we're getting into the

fun of a Disney Cruise but there are a

few things you want to be aware of as

soon as you get on board one of the

first things you want to do is meet with

the dining manager if you are not able

to book Paulo or Remi or you're not

happy with your dining rotation or time

make sure you stop by and talk with the

dining manager the dining manager is

always available on the first day of the

cruise to make any enhancements to your

cruise vacation you're going to want to

go check in with the children

programming you'll spend just a few

minutes to check the kids into the

children programming for the ocean air

lab and Club the kids will actually need

to get Disney cruise magic bands for the

teen and tween Club they just check in

with the counselor super simple

if you are not able to pre booked any

shore excursions you may want to book

those once you board the ship you'll

have plenty of time to book these

anytime during the first day of your

cruise it doesn't have to be right when

you board but be sure on your first day

you go ahead and get all those port

adventures and shore excursions booked

if you want to book a bippity Boppity

boutique experience or the pirate league

on pirate night you'll want to stop by

or call to book your reservations

finally the spa or salon treatments at

census spa if you're planning on

spending some time in the spires law

during your cruise you can stop by the

open house this is usually held on the

first day of your cruise you can even

take a tour to see if it's a good fit

for your vacation or you can also pick

up the phone from your stateroom and

call to make a reservation let's talk

about getting around the Disney cruise

ships the Disney cruise ships are huge

especially the fantasy and the dream and

it can get very confusing

there are several decks I like to just

wander around on the first day of the

cruise we have a few little tips to help

you navigate around the Disney cruise

ships first off look towards the stars

on the carpet the top or the tip of the

stars will always point forward to the

front of the ship if you look at the

stars on the lights you can look at the

ceiling for directions as well with the


lights look for the lines in the lights

the point of the lights will always

point you to the front of the ship so

now you know how to get to the front of

the ship and to get to the back of the

ship pop out the left and the right

you'll hear the Disney crew talk about

port and starboard these are the left

and the right sides of the ship if you

look at the doors next to every door

onboard the Disney cruise ship you will

see a fish and a seahorse fish is

spelled with four letters F is H that's

how you know you're on the port side

because port has four letters P ort so

keep that in mind if you see the fish

you're on the port side

I hope these little tips will help you

navigate around the Disney cruise ship

let's get on to the fun or shall we say

bon voyage we are leaving to set sail on

our cruise one of the highlights of any

Disney cruise vacation is the sailing

away or the kick-off party it is so much

fun you are going to sing and dance

you'll see those fun Disney characters

there's two different levels to watch

the party you can be on the ground level

where the stage is located but we always

prefer the upper deck you get a much

better view of the characters and all

the action finally you are heading out

to sea we love going to the front of the

ship after the sailing away party to

watch the land disappear into water you

may even get lucky and see some dolphins

be sure you turn your phone off or put

in airplane mode as soon as you leave



which that brings us to secrets to using

electronics on your cruise let's jump

right into cell phones as I just said

turn your phone off or put it in

airplane mode this is super important we

had a youtuber friend that racked up an

insane bill when she went on a cruise

she didn't realize that she needed to

put her phone in airplane mode and she

was getting international roaming

charges the Disney cruise ships do have

Wi-Fi service in your stateroom and

throughout the ship another great

electronic is wave phones this is a free

service onboard the Disney cruise ships

in your stateroom you will have to wave

phones this allows you to communicate

with other family members not only on

the ship but you can do it at castaway

key as well






one of my favorite parts of a Disney

cruise vacation is eating many great

opportunities for food for ice cream for

shows onboard a Disney cruise now let's

talk about the dining experience each

evening Disney has something that they

call rotational dining this is one of my

favorite parts of a Disney cruise

vacation you will rotate the restaurants

on board the Disney cruise so you'll get

a different dining experience and

restaurant the great news is that your

servers will come with you this means

your server will have your drink ready

to go on day three or four and they will

know how you like your steak cooked this

makes the dining experience so amazing

room service is included on the Disney

cruise ships there are a few things on

the menu that may be an extra small fee

but almost everything is included we

love taking advantage of room service on

busier port days when we get back to the

stateroom we can just relax and have

dinner in our stateroom food food and

more food you will have so many dining

opportunities onboard the Disney cruise

ships and almost everything is included

with your cruise the only big exception

is paolo and Remi is are both signature

restaurants that do charge a sitting fee

you can look in the navigator that's

delivered to your stateroom every day

for all of the restaurants be sure you

pack a Yeti or a service cup or a water

bottle for your cruise you have

unlimited beverages at the beverage

station by the pool and on castaway key

this includes coffee tea milk and

coca-cola product they do have small

cups at the beverage station but we like

to bring our own larger cups we fill

them up and then we can take it to the

movies or to the theater or even when

we're hanging out by the pool

don't forget about unlimited ice cream

yes I did say unlimited ice cream we

have ice cream for breakfast for lunch

for dinner for afternoon snacks you can

have ice cream on board the Disney

cruise ships and again at castaway key

you get unlimited ice

kriem they do have ice cream cones but

you can also pick up a cup from the

beverage station to use instead if you

want a little bit more or if you want to

make an ice cream float you will have so

much fun to having endless ice cream on

your cruise are you celebrating during

your cruise are you celebrating a

birthday an anniversary or even a huge

milestone just let your server know on

the first night of the cruise they will

be happy to celebrate right along with


paolo and Remi are the two signature

restaurants that are adult only

restaurants onboard the Disney cruise

ships we get a lot of questions about

the sitting fee for these two

restaurants the sitting fee is

automatically charged to your stateroom

after your dinner the sitting fee

actually covers your gratuities at the

restaurant you're welcome to pay a

little bit more in gratuity if you feel

like you need to but rest assured that

that sitting fee that you pay actually

is the gratuities for the server's for

your dining experience are you like Tim

and myself and love coffee in the

morning there is not a coffee maker in

your room if you do want coffee in the

morning you'll have to go to the

restaurant or to the beverage station to

get coffee we actually recommend using

the quick room service menu to order

coffee in the morning that way when you

wake up it's delivered to your room and

for no charge let's grab those swimsuits

and hit the pool and the waterslide



there is so much fun on board the Disney

cruise ships for kids of all ages they

have little splash parks for the younger

kids they have a Mickey slide they have

the aqua duck and for thrill seekers the

aqua dunk so much fun on board let's

first talk about the Aqua duck in the

Aqua dump these two super popular water

slides are a lot of fun for the whole


however the lines can get pretty long we

love hitting the pulls in the

afternoon.on castaway Key day most

people spend the entire day on the

island we usually leave castaway key

around 2 p.m. and head right to the pool

once we board the ship the pools usually

empty so we can write the waterslide

over and over and over again without a




on the Bahamas in the Caribbean cruises

Disney hosts an amazing night called

pirate night argh

this night is filled with so many

activities and character meet and greets

and even fireworks at sea on pirate

night the crew and a lot of guests

actually dress up you can easily create

a costume with a white t-shirt black

pants in a red sash it's an inexpensive

way to dress up for pirate night you can

also do the pirate League this activity

is for kids and adults and they'll

actually make you over into a pirate the

younger kids can even get a costume as

well it's a really fun way to kind of

kick off pirate nights are at night they

will have a special dinner during your

normal sit-down meal but if you are

still hungry they'll also have an extra

buff faith at night right after the

fireworks and oh yeah did I mention

fireworks at sea

leave it to Disney to create an epic way

to celebrate pirate night it starts off

with the show on the stage by the pool

with your favourite Disney characters

and a few pirate villains and then ends

with a spectacular display of fireworks

at sea


I am ready to relax on castaway key on

the Bahamas and the Caribbean cruises

Disney stops by their own private island

called a castaway key

we love castaway key and our family this

is our favorite port of call on castaway

key Disney has children programming for

the kids for the teens and for the

tweens this means you can drop off the

kids they can play and have fun with

other kids and the adults well we can


Disney has their own private section of

the island called serenity Bay this area

is only for adults its relaxing and

quiet you can even enjoy lunch at

serenity Bay and a little tip make sure

you wander into the water there are a

lot of beautiful starfish in this

section rhyme Disney does have a run

called the castaway ki 5k as part of the

run Disney lineup this is a fun little

run around the island and you get a

medal at the end if you're a runner this

is a must do during your Disney cruise

on castaway key you'll get the chance to

have one of the best barbeque lunches

the fantastic news it's included with

the price of your cruise so leave your

wallet in your room you can enjoy ribs

hamburgers hot dogs dish corn on the cob

and so much more we always love getting

the huge cookies and making the epic ice

cream sandwich in addition the beverage

stations at cookies and cookies too are

open all day so you can pop in to get a

water or a coat while you're enjoying

your day at castaway key as you know the

Jones family loves Mickey male cast

awake he actually has a post office you

can bring a postcard from home

mail it from the Bahamas this is really

fun for the kids to get home and get

their own postcard from their travels

you can purchase stamps at the Castaway

key post office but be sure you bring

cash let's talk about just fun tips

during a Disney cruise let's start with

pin trading Disney takes pin trading on

the Disney cruise ships to a whole new


they have several nights onboard the

Disney cruises devoted to pin trading

with the officers

do you love Pepe from the Muppets while

on the Fantasy in the dream they have an

activity called the midship detective

agency this is a must do for the Jones

family our kids love this activity one

of the hunts during the midship

detective agency is to a stateroom for

Pepe from the Muppets on Pepe's door

there's a phone number do you know what

happens when you actually call the phone

number let me say it's a lot of fun you

can actually call from your stateroom on

the wave phone and call Pepe this is

definitely one of those little hidden

activities that your kids are gonna love

one of our favorite activities onboard

the Disney cruise ships is the till we

meet again party and it actually goes by

a couple different names but really it's

the last character gathering onboard the

Disney cruise ship it's held on the last

day of the cruise and usually in the

evening hours after dinner it's a little

show and then you have a few minutes

where the characters come out in the

audience for pictures and autographs I

love the show it's such a great way to

end your Disney cruise vacation the kids

really don't go they hang out in

children programming but I still go

as an adult just to go see the show and

then meet the characters for the last










Disney hosts some amazing Broadway style

shows onboard the Disney cruise ships

they have an early and a late show that

corresponds with your dining time that

means if you have a main dining time

you'll see the second Broadway show if

you have a second dining time you'll see

the main Broadway show however sometimes

it's still tough to make a show you can

still watch them from your stateroom TV

but these are definitely a must-see

during your Disney cruise vacation some

of the best spots for watching sunsets

are on the lower decks like deck four

and Deck five

this is usually where the running track

is located this is a nice quiet area

where you can go out and sit and enjoy

the sunset so take an evening and just

relax and enjoy the view if you're a fan

of Hidden Mickeys look for them on all

of the Disney cruise ships they are

everywhere did you know that your

stateroom door is made of metal this

means you can add magnet right to your

door as you walk around the cruise ship

you'll see that a lot of guests actually

do decorate their door and you can just

use magnets to do that well it is the

last night onboard the Disney Cruise I

know that this is the sad part of any

Disney cruise vacation I'm tired of

talking here

there's a couple things for you to be

aware of on the last day of your cruise

first off you need to return the

children programming banned the Disney

cruise magic pants are fun but they're

only for a Disney cruise you're not able

to use them at Disney World so unless

you want to keep them as a souvenir and

pay for them you're gonna need to return

them to children programming on the last

night your photos the Disney

photographers will be taking amazing

photos of your family all cruise log on

that last night of your Disney Cruise if

you haven't purchased your photos make

sure you stop by shudders to order any

photos that you want from your Disney

cruise vacation on the last side of your

cruise Disney will ask you to leave your

suitcases outside the stateroom door the

stateroom host will pick up your luggage

and you will not see it again until you

pick it up at customs the following day

the stateroom host will leave luggage

tags in your room make sure you bring a

pen and fill out the luggage tags to put

on your suitcases and don't forget the

character on your luggage tag our

luggage is Tinkerbell so when we go into

customs we're going to look for the

Tinkerbell section to find our luggage

on the last day everything is closed so

be sure you pop into the merchandise

shops the day before you get off the

cruise ships for any last-minute amazing

Disney Cruise merchandise like photo

albums and stuffed animals and those

Dooney and Bourke purses let's talk

about the last day of your cruise you

will have a set breakfast time on the

last day of your cruise and be warned it

will be early if you have main dining

it's very early

so what restaurant will you be dining at

for the last day of your cruise if you

are at Tiana's for dinner the night

before that means you're gonna be at

Tiana's for your CEO real soon

breakfast it's the same location as your

dinner the night before when you leave

your room for breakfast you're actually

not coming back this means you're gonna

want to grab your stateroom account be

sure you take the time and review your

stateroom account if you have any

questions you're gonna want to swing by

guest relations before you get off the

ship make sure you also have your key to

the world card you will need the

to the world card to actually get off

the ship if you had an amazing Disney

crew or had a special guest experience

during your cruise make sure you include

them in the evaluation and you can

actually drop off your evaluation right

outside the restaurant once you get off

the ship you will go through customs

this means you'll pick up your checked

luggage and go through customs

if you need help with your luggage they

will have Porter's ready to help you so

make sure you have cash handy ready to

go what did you guys think did you enjoy

our Disney cruise tips tricks and hacks

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