we are here in the airport we just made

it we're just gonna drop my finally here

finally here we've prepped and Pat look

at my clothes sighs what do you think of

them I'm not actually sure if they're

sunglass I don't have any sense these

are really nice it from Primark I think

they're like to power but I'm not

actually shorts or sunglasses are just

fashion birthdays you're killing it

that's great it's travel day it's travel

day where they're born they're number

one were at the airport we're gonna drop

our bag off now but these yeah I'm sorry

if you can hear the like Universal

Studios soundtrack in the background is

super hard here in the airport but it's

actually not that busy as you can see to

really empty we're gonna drop our bags

off and then yeah we're gonna go get

something to eat I think we're starving

it's about two o'clock last three where

I'm lost track is fine this morning has

been absolutely maddening the light I

feel like so many things has gone wrong

this morning but we've had the rule of

three I think the first one we got woken

up and we didn't get up there and then

laughs we got a lot to have our suitcase

and etc bags tried to research the case

I tried reset the case I locked us out

so this morning is not been good but

this afternoon can only get better

because we're going to dis our Paris

today guys so I'm gonna bring you guys

along I hope you guys enjoy these vlogs

I'm so excited to share with you let's

go drop by and get some food do this do



I need a new toothpaste


no lenita


we are through we are now in departures

it was really easy that hardly anybody

here easily we just been doing it free I

tried to find two business car but

couldn't find one letter I don't use any

other miscarriage guys know I really

love that one so I'll have to get

another one when I come back another

time so I'm just coming I've missed

think of our burrito it means you're out

- you love burritos

so we might go there if not there's

another person we can get a bigger lunch

because if you can see starving but I

think it's 4 o'clock so our flight is in

two and a hum for a bit early but we

like to be keep we're gonna eat and then

just chill so yeah come along with us

see what we do


God or accessorize for bikinis


you know over sparkly bag fight on and

South can you believe I don't it'll go

then we have there in keeping with your


baby yeah they're quite naughty

oh my god like a bear what do I look

like well with them on just the


oh that's gonna ruin the wrong no it

won't I really like those glasses oh

that's like oh let's see if it doesn't

get coin you have good apps almonds in a

bum bag oh no but it was like 3d

probably not way belly I wouldn't be

comfortable thing on the plate just for

necessities I realized I was just for

YouTube um bye guys just to carry my

sunglasses and I'm wearing them anyways

so I put in the bag I know you would

like to look quite on it j-jake a max

the same day maybe we should find where

we're gonna week yeah that's my destiny

is all just personal now

the area yeah that's fabulous



every part is truffle it makes me think

of chocolate truffle it's no chocolate

truffles guys


this is definitely more us chicken

baking time not besides burgers chicken

burger chicken and cheese steak nachos

fish and chips okay so we've just been

to bring our kitchen but we're not

really feeling it I think Joe what's

burrito I liked it but I think you could

secretly tell he wanted to reach out and

to be fair the last time he was in

Liverpool we don't have one in Bristol

so I think it only fair that he has one

so I think the holy huh

where is Barbary yeah he's gone about

Barberie Barberie it's behind us we just

walked past it so I think what I'm gonna

do is Joe Joe wants a little bit of work

you have spread a little bit we got a

couple of hours and then we're going to

get something to eat so I will probably

try to edit yeah he's gonna do some work

so yeah found somebody to sit down Joe

is gonna do some work I really don't

know how he's actually doing work right

now I have no brain as you do any work

we say that so late the past like four

or five nights get ready trip so

we literally Ria's running on home hey


so I'm yeah he's gonna do destroy yes

right now my plan they just clean that

table trees thinking but yeah I'm gonna

let him cry for me some work

yeah I will I'm just reread you know

what the key ma editing good at the same

are you doing editing now are you

telling all of our secrets

quality quality you know whose cuts

right we're done get the wires tangled

up you back your bag is so full right

your bag is so full we said cool pretty

cool people most thing I'm aware that

bring in a 17 inch laptop a maze a hard

drive to be fair I wanted to just bring

my laptop my lots are so much easier and

it's smaller and but my lots of it

America has a bit of a glitch on

Premiere Pro so but that's what we use

the editing and it's going on with your

interface is really weird like when I

click it it clicks like five seconds

ahead so three years hangs whenever Joe

has to jump on my knees like this we're

using his wits are more annoying cause

he hit lock up is really heavy

he's looking at me like

there he has finally finished work and

you could probably hear my stomach

rumbling I am

we're gonna go to Barbara's we've

decided because we never have one and

they are so good we are seven really

excited and I think I'm gonna board and

get you half an hour so that's not

problem for us with such pretty this


uninhibited so loud we have a brunch our

meal was handsome I couldn't finish

but something getting on with laxatives

or a bit they wouldn't be bad so



seat number we mind sorry


can you see the camera shaking

I thought you how would you above


so we have landed we are here I probably

look awful because I fell asleep on the

whole flight I think Josette's as well

the flight was really good I haven't

flown with usage jet in ages probably

the last time we did a site for us a

couple years ago but yeah really nice

flight was only like an hour I think

they said 55 minutes catch your breath

can you please can surprise the hallway

Ritchie would I do that on a plane but I

should try you can't get caught - can

you hug it go ahead comfy so I just

sleep however I can so we're gonna go

through the puzzle control now hope our

bags are quite quite grain bread very

yeah it's really really very miss you

like my coat the glasses are after on my

thing because I fell asleep I don't want

to like to smush them and say I'm gonna

go through passport control I better go

that's good timing we need the silver

one let's offer good we've got our bags

and now it's time to find our Chancellor

fingers crossed I know we need to look

for my name let's pay attention pay

attention bye guys so we literally found

our transfer in like two minutes so it's

going well we found it's just this guy


and he's so cute we just got away from a

few more people and then we're going to

go so fingers crossed it's not a long

journey because I'm pretty tired after

that nap but now actually went really

well cried myself I'm not there yet so

I'm not gonna be too eager but it's

going well just all the matters


and we're in what's called Kaufman's

baby it's a bit dark fun everybody's

okay police using safety belt here yes


so we've made it guys here at the

carryout hotel I don't know if you guys

can see me oh it's really dark I think

it's about half an hour driver was so

lovely I literally cannot say it anymore

he was so nice I feel like there just

needs to be more people like that he was

lovely so we're just gonna check in now

and go to our room and it's not gonna be

a late one for us we're gonna let you

have a shower and go to bed because as I

said in the airport we are super tired

oh it's so windy here but I'm hopeful

you guys can hear me they've got lovely

little twinkly lights everywhere so so

far really nice so I'll let you guys see

the room in a minute



10:42 it will be just outside on your

right yeah it's on the first rope

the other one with the leaf so the Wi-Fi

password will be the room number and the

surname plus the zero it's a cut for the

white light okay and the breakfast it's

served from seven twelve percent it will

be outside and with a bit yeah

and just downstairs you have a bar

button open from 8:00 in the morning to

midnight that sometimes I'm very much of

an accent off to the roommate they do

have a life that was sparkly night

Nexxus find the presence

oh you kinda shame is too dark

oh my god is only the evening so mags

just tried to go to the wrong door so

you went to the wrong room it makes

sense now I think this says 104 - job

I know me he didn't say I have to go up

anything it was me you didn't have to go

Vincent I'm just worried that someone's

asleep in that room we avoid them so

we're now at your right why not come on

so we're now at the right floor and she

is she gonna find it


welcome to my crib coming over that

thank you


really happy with the size really really

good size but double bed bunk bed you

got going on there Meg's got a bunk bed

if me and Jo argue then he can sleep in

that and it's really good got a really

nice telly a desk kettle some storage

space under that which I've already put

my bags thanks Ella I want to say people

if they haven't seen it before

because I forgotten what it was like

when I came really nice big windows with

good curtains

cubby space oh yeah I'm safe that's good

we like to say say we because you got

all that your euros and stuff you can

put that in there for the day so that's

brilliant that's such a good thing to

have so that's the Deaf side tape yeah

okay that's awesome buddy boy

Thank You babes and then bullets mirror

which is amazing rather plugs for the

straighteners and stuff price you can

work that out later I'm sure I'm sure

they have plugs okay I won't cut it

you go I don't know why I said that what

cook you perfect girl and then we've got

aircon here key card or the lights and

in the bathroom it's actually it's small

but it's everything you need it's

actually looks like it's been renovated

because it looks really nice the left

side very good big narrow this is

perfect I see for makeup because you've

got lights besides there's a good

lighting which mic me oMG my makeup has

God under this light isn't even our fly

board we like about a hour and so yeah

high dryer which is good is there and

then come on in I'll show you

is smaller one it's closed the door and

then we've got a bath shower which looks


would you like to really do you know so

I am very happy what do you think


yeah I'm really pleased I haven't stayed

here I have a little informative you are

I haven't stayed here for like ten years

last time I stayed with my dad yeah yeah

I haven't stayed here for like ten years

so I can't really remember but we're

super close to the restaurant as well

for the buffet in the morning which is

good and we have got breakfast which is

great but I think now it's all about

closing the cones having a shower and

going to sleep because what's the plan

tomorrow plan tomorrow okay plan

somewhere up early early get to

breakfast and tomorrow we've decided me

enjoy but she decided that we are gonna

go to studios aren't we yeah that's my

favorite and it's a good compromise yeah

and there's a good right before I go I

really want to say about the guy in case

you didn't hear me outside I think they

all heard you makes makes it makes it so

softly honestly she cannot do he was so

what was his name I've forgotten ready

that was something beginning man so he

ha he Ewan yacht yeah you were I guess

like Elliott in friend friend anyway he

was so lovely he took my bag from me he

the genuine great we were only on with

one other funny they came straight here

so it was things guys is what most

people should be like yeah I wish more

people were like that he was so lovely

so I think of course we get him on

Friday when he takes us home because he

was loved yeah we saved me pushing the

bags yeah he was so nice so that was a

really nice best experience but overall

today has gone really well smooth smooth

sailin so hopefully tomorrow is um it's

not day full of rides excitement food

food food of course yes we're here in

two days tomorrow I know actually

normally we can't motor action tomorrow

yes okay guys that's amazing that's his

favorite and he wishes it still in

Florida it's noisy don't still it's

still a touchy subject lighting is so

yellow don't worry I'll great great yes

we're gonna have to shoot this tomorrow

and there is another reason why we go

into studios tomorrow's and that Joseph

want to share them share that reason

no I don't know of any reasons well I

know bakeries and live for long time and

if we went to Disneyland park then it

would have been the fireworks till like

8:00 because we close at the half seven

the fire which would have been till 8:00

and then go mr. Champions League Bayern

Munich big game big game for us we both

want to watch it so we're gonna do

studios because there's no problem

there's obviously no show in the late

evening so we're gonna get some dinner

don't worry it's gonna be full there's

new content but we're gonna go now

totally Disney look at this little guy

who's this it's probably this is his

first fighting first sighting you assess

with me all these glasses Joe both okay

that's nice good I think I should listen

they did it really cool he's a Primark

guys Primark

but yeah so remember to hit the

subscribe button guys because tomorrow

is Studios and we are so excited we

cannot wait so we will see you tomorrow

or in the next vlog make sure to watch

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good bye bye guys come say bye