Tinkerbell Magically Flew Us To Disneyland! Pt 1 Kids Fun TV Family Vacation!

Text: "Kids Fun TV"

Hey Kaden, what are you doing?


I caught Tinkerbell in my room last night,

and I made a deal with her that if she

takes me to Disneyland, then I'll let her go.

What, Tinkerbell?

Are you serious?

Where is she, where is she?

Let me out! [Chiming]

Right there!


That's so cool!

Look at her little wings.

I wanna be a fairy.

Don't worry Tink, I'm almost done with the box.

Then, I'll let you out.

What is the box for?

I'm mailing myself to Disneyland!

Whoa, can we come, too?


How's such a big box gonna get

in the gates of Disneyland?

I already thought of that.

Tink is going to shrink the box and deliver us outside of the castle.


K, it's time. Everyone hop in the box.


What about food, and water, and activities for out trip?

Oh don't worry, I already packed that in mybackpack.

Okay, Tink; you're free.

Just keep your promise.

And, you know what to do.

[Chiming sounds]

Heads up!

Anchors away!

Okay, Tink; we're ready.

Shrink the box now!

Fly us to Disneyland!






I can't wait until we're in Disneyland!



Tink, what are you doing?!

[Baby laugh]


Oh no!

I bet Kyler is trying to get the box!

[Baby noises]


What a cute little monster.


No, no!

No, no!

Kyler, go downstairs to Mom.

Bye, bye!

Off to Disneyland!

Hey everybody, I'm home!

The heck?



Hi, Dad!

Why are you so small?!

We're mailing ourselves to Disneyland!

Yeah, I caught Tinkerbell and she's flying us to Disneyland right now!


Close the box so we can fly to Disneyland.

Bye, Dad! Love you!


[Travel music, chiming, and thudding]

Wow, we're off to Disneyland. Kaden, what did you pack?



Where's Micky Mouse? Where's my owner, Mickey Mouse?

[Travel music and thudding]

[More snoring]

That's such a good boy.

It's Tinkerbell!


It looks like she's giving Pluto some pixie dust.

Here Pluto!


Aw, it's such real puppy!

He's so cute!

[Even more snoring]

[Baby sounds]

It's a real Pluto!

Can I hold him? Can I hold him?





Can I hold him, can I hold him?

Good dog, good boy!

Such a good boy!


[Baby laughter]

Here, Pluto. Here, Pluto, here Pluto!

Good boy, good boooooy!

Wake up!

I wonder if we can teach this silly dog some tricks.

K, Pluto, Pluto.



Can you sit for me?

Okay, you don't want to sit?

Okay, ready?


Pluto, sit!

[Fun Music]

[Cheering and clapping] Go Pluto!

I wonder if he will speak for us?

[Ruff, woof, woof, woof!]

Wake up! [Snoring]

[Woof, woof, woof!]

Come on, come here, come here, come here boy!

Good boy!

I wonder if there are any treats for him.

[Smack] [Still Snoring]

[Gasps] Pluto, want a treat!

Speak, speak!

Say, "Ruff!"

[Ruff, ruff, arf!]





Come here, you want a treat?

Pluto, are you going to come with us to Disneyland?

[Fun Music]

I wonder if he'll like the Matterhorn.

I don't think they allow dogs on the Matterhorn...

I don't think they allow animals at all.

Kyler, come get in the car!

Look, Tinkerbell is back.

She's putting more pixie dust on Pluto!


He turned back into a stuffed animal.

It's a good thing, they don't let dogs in Disneyland.

But this Pluto can go into Disneyland.

[Slowly waking]

Let's see what else is in this bag.

Mickey Mouse!

Awwww, so cute!

Ruff, ruff! Ruff, ruff!

I love watching Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Especially with Mickey Mouse and Pluto together.

[Phone ringing]

What a strange dream I just had...

I wonder if we'll see Mickey Mouse at Disneyland.

I hope so, I love Mickey Mouse.

No you don't. You love Minnie.

That's right. I love Minnie more.

Was that real?

[Phone ringing]

There's Tinkerbell again!


Minnie, what the heck are you doing here?!

[Phone rings] Hi, honey.

Hey babe, I can't find the kids. Are they with you?

You're squishing my leg.

Um, no. I don't see 'em around.

I think I just woke up...

Woke up? In the middle of the day?

[Fun Music]

Minney there's not enough room for you in here!

She doesn't care. She loves me.

Yeah, I just got back from my run, and I might have passed out?

Well, are you feeling okay?

Give Mickey a kiss!

No, no, no!

Yeah, I feel just fine.

But you'd never believe this.

I don't know if this is a dream or what,

but I think the kids are on their way to Disneyland

in a small box with Tinkerbell.

Oh, Tinkerbell came back.

I bet she's going to make Minny disappear!


Oh my gosh, where'd she go!?

Bye, Minnie.


Honey, you're such a joker...

I'm not joking, I'm serious!

My turn to pick something out.

Hmmmm, what's in here...?

Ohhhh, it's this thingy.

What is it?

It's Kaden.

It's a periscope!

Ha ha ha!

Okaaaaay, the kids are in a small box on their way to Disneyland...

That's not how it works.

Those things are on submarines!

Let's poke a hole through the box to see where we are.

No listen, this is what happened. I came home from my jog...

Okay, okay, okay.

I'll call around the neighborhood. I'll find the kids.

No, listen.

I love you!


You're so funny!


As I was walking up the steps, this small box was floating right by me, I caught it;

I picked it up, and the kids are shrunk down and are inside this little box.

Whoa, you're strong!


What do you see, what do you see?

We must be traveling through the desert.

All I can see are rocks, and sand, and weeds.

Like a desert.

[More laughter]

Very funny!

I'm not joking! I think I saw them.

They talked to me, and they floated off, and I think I fainted down the steps;

because I just woke up right here.

I wanna see, I wanna see.

I see cacti.

I wanna see, I wanna see!

Whoa, that's cool!

I can see the sky from up here.

Well, before I call Disneyland,

looking for the kids, I'll try the neighborhood. Okay?

I'll see you later!


[Laughter] Very funny, honey.


I see... a camel!

I see a bald eagle!

We can check where we're at later...

Put it back in the back pack.

I'm not joking, I really I think it might have happened!

I love you, buh bye!


It's my turn to pick something out of the bag.

There's one problem.


There's a hole in the box...

Let's see!

All you guys can see is the sky...

Let's have a dance party!

[Fun music] [Laughter]

[Tinkerbell dancing]

Let's do the floss!



[Tinkerbell dancing]

[More laughter]

So much for Fortnite dancing...

Did I imagine that?

What else is in this bag?


[Fun music]


I wonder what we're gonna build.

Thank you.

I dunno. That's weird...

[Cheerful music]

Let's race. Does everyone have a marble?

Yeah, bro.





I won.

I won!


[High fives]

[Mysterious sound]

Let's break these down, and let's do something else.

I won!

You guys clean up while I check where we are.

Look, there's Tinkerbell!

Hi, Tinkerbell!

Only baby believe in fairies...


You take that back!


Why would you ever say that! You even saw her!

In my imagination.

Don't say that AGAIN.


Stop it, you're going to hurt Tinkerbell's feelings!

[Tinkerbell falling asleep]

I think she's falling asleep!

That means the magic will wear off!


Ahhhhh! [Wind]

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Yeah! Come on!

[Dropping noise]

I think we're still falling...


Text: "To be continued."

Text: "Watch our next video to see what happens!"

[Fun music]