Port of Galveston - What to expect when cruising out of Galveston, Texas


family adventures and today I'm going to

tell you about what you might want to

know if you are taking a cruise out of

Galveston Texas

so Galveston is one of the popular

cruise ports in the United States and we

have now cruised out of that port twice

and so just a few things to know if

you're driving or flying into Galveston

to help ease your way onto your ship to

have a good time on your vacation ok

first thing to know is if you are

driving so a lot of people from the

south especially kind of the Houston

area Greater Houston area but all along

the Gulf Coast they like to cruise out

of Galveston because it's so easy there

are tons of parking areas where you can

pay it's not very expensive you pay for

each day and then there's shuttles that

take you from the parking area to the

ship itself to the port and so you don't

even have to worry about getting a hotel

you can drive in that day get your

parking spot and then go on your cruise

so for those of us who don't live in the

Gulf area it's really easy to fly into

Houston and Houston actually has a few

airports to choose from both times we've

come in and out of Houston we've flown

into Houston Hobby and from there your

options to get to Galveston Galveston

depending on traffic is about a 50 to an

hour drive so you can reserve a shuttle

um they have these big buses that you

can reserve and reserve your spot

however depending on which bus you

choose it tends to be about $35 a person

so we decided for our second trip which

we just got home from a couple days ago

we decided to just try our luck with

uber and see what happens so we didn't


and we just got out of the airport and

there's a special sort of drive share

pickup area in the airport like most

airports are kind of transitioning to

where there's a special spot for uber

and lyft drivers and we reserved our

uber and it was about $46 for the drive

for our family of four so significantly

less expensive than if we had reserved

four seats on a shuttle bus to get down

to Galveston again it took us somewhere

between fifty minutes in an hour to get

down and we decided to stay the night so

we flew in the day before to Galveston

because typically you get on your ships

sometime in the middle of the day 12:30

1:00 o'clock ish so since we were

traveling in the winter and we live in

Colorado you know in case there's any

flight delays or anything like that um

you know we didn't want to try our luck

with our timing we didn't want to miss

the ship so we flew in the day before

and we stayed at this great hotel called

the Tremont house and it's a historic

hotel and it's two blocks from the

cruise port and they offer a shuttle you

know if you you don't want to slip your

bags over to the port but you can also

just walk them yourself if you're you

know physically able to and it's a

really great place to stay and what's

fun about Galveston and I do recommend

if you have the time and space do kama

day or too early because there's a lot

to do they have this really cute little

kind of historic downtown walkable area

lots of restaurants tons of great

seafood and again being from Colorado

we're always dying for fresh seafood so

that's really fun and on the other side

of Galveston there's a long stretch of

beach there's a boardwalk area with

rides there's a movie theater there's

all kinds of stuff to do so if you get

there early you can definitely take

advantage of the area before you get on

your ship and also another nice thing


the Galveston cruise port is that it's

not crazy huge like some of the other

ones you know like Miami for example

where there's just so many ships that it

might feel incredibly overwhelming for

us we wrote we were booked on the

Carnival Vista and so we walked out of

our hotel and down half a block to turn

left to go towards the port and you can

see the ship

it's humongous and it was right there so

there's no confusing you know where are

you supposed to go what ship should you

get on and you know that kind of stuff

it's all right there easy peasy and it's

really nice to fly into Houston because

for a lot of people kind of in middle

America or on the west coast it's a lot

shorter of a flight compared to if you

were flying to Florida so it tends to be

less expensive for us coming from the

Denver Airport it's only two and a half

hours so you get there and enjoy your

time spend a day or two in Galveston and

then get on your ship and head down to

the Caribbean to have an amazing

vacation so if you have any questions or

comments about Galveston sailing out of

there staying in the area please don't

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comment below and let me know what you

think and I will see you later