hey guys in this video I'm going to give

you some perspective of our few days

that we spent in gilja Island this is

actually a travel vlog but at the end of

this video I'm going to give you a few

of my opinions about the gili islands so

stay tuned right to the end and enjoy

this vlog that's that's random good

morning guys and welcome to gili air in

indonesia we traveled to gili air


we're expecting a kind of beautiful

tropical paradise and what we found is

actually just millions and millions of

tourists so it's not really the kind of

thing that we were looking for it might

be because we just spoiled from Nusa


and mosul mboga and no so genican the

last few days but we just don't feel

that we're gonna find what we want to

find here on this island so today we're

taking a fast boat to gili t checking

out the situation there if it's the same

thing which I believe it is we're just

gonna keep our bags packed go back to

Bali it's gonna be it's going to be an

interesting vlog

how are you digging it so far it's okay

I don't think we are that kind of

like to lay on the beach and schnitzel

and pasta well it's not bad but it's

just that I think though the waters

turquoise and pretty the whole situation

here on the island

there's nothing local the enemy is just

getting guests here and catering to them

and there's no tradition is no but if

you're looking for a vacation where you

just want to lay on the beach and have

the simplicity of having hundreds of

restaurants along the beach and hundreds

of bars along the beach where you can

just walk two meters from the beach get

something to drink something to eat lay

back down at the beach and this place is

it this place is amazing for that but

you guys know us and we're not that kind

of traveler we are adventurers we're

discoverers have forces where we're

taking a horse right now okay

and guessing the problem is also that

you didn't ask for how much it costs we

usually we asked worth about how much

accustomed and he's like


one definite recommendation I can get

get ESS coffee shop I just coffee in

time phenomenal coffee they have a great

coffee machine they have really good

baristas I love this place we spend most

our time on this island yeah we spend

most of our time on this island drinking

coffee yeah I came to just for a little

bit of perspective of what I mean with a

lot of tourists you arrive on the island

right here and it's like us


it's like this on whole island that's

that fortified you better turn

you better be that when I shake

watch me rock and if I can't stop if I

should fall trust


so we just arrived on gili t and again

traveling the past few days and said the

last five days again I realized that

even this year is too much luggage I

don't even need the s' like I'm wearing

the second set of clothes that I had

with so all I need is three tank tops

and my Abercrombie & Fitch cargo shorts

and the camera gear so I could travel

just solely with this small backpack

that's all I need

we realize we've been taking a lot of

pictures with the Sony we might even be

able to cut out the Canon 6d camera

because those cameras taking good enough

pictures for sure

well I will admit that the sunset is

nice yeah very mixed feelings about this

place I mean the one side the sunset is

really nice but just like the general

energy here on the gili islands is just

not it's just something off about it and

something else to me is like the beaches

here and just covers tons and tons and

tons of just dead coral the sea around

there the water lot is just dying

I get the feeling and everything's like

there's so much trash there's so much

being built dusty it's touristy I don't

know if it's just us you know being in

Musa Pineda before I start this mess

like trash and everywhere I once

heard you got like a cute goat and then

you got just you just got like laying

around everywhere like who froze there

yeah I just don't understand there's a

trash can here but people just that's

that's random that is very random it's

the next day

so yesterday I still had to bribe

somebody for us to get on an overcooked

boats back to Bali at the negotiate our

way out of cancellation in the hotel I

was very resourceful and I managed to

get us off this island two days we've

got 20 minutes left before the boarding

starts and we get onto a boat back


we will be heading up to Cooper again so

glad to get away from here


this video is called the day we almost

sank the ship

so I know but it seems a little bit

tough at the end of this travel vlog and

our opinions about gili islands but just

to give you a little bit of perspective

we arrived in gili islands and really

had the feeling that the local people

were just trying to make as much money

as possible from the tourists coming to

get the island quality and the

restaurants bars and so I was very very

low we didn't really have any good food

while we were they we are foolish so we

do appreciate good we see we do

appreciate the local cuisine that's

something we strive for but we didn't

get any of that in gili islands and it

was very expensive in comparison to any

of the islands around on your body

itself in my opinion as of right now

skip gili islands and go to

Nusa Penida Nusa Lembongan and Lucia

Chenega view one experience an island

around Bali I can't say anything about

love because I haven't been there yet I

believe la vaca so it's very nice very

futuristic and still wore the local

lifestyle of Indonesia but again giving

islands I can't recommend that not worth

wasting your money travelling be not

with the effort getting there if you

have had different experiences as I said

before it comes down below if you have

any recommendations for those islands if

any people are stuck on that island

right now living on the comment section

down below

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