Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu? Cost & Budget

hey guys welcome to the channel if you are new here we are tricking cows Habiba

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tuesday in today's episode we're going to talk about the cost of hosting the

classic inca trail to machu picchu before we go ahead and get started I

just want to say that these prices are based on our own very experience back in

November 2018 and that they might vary based on what you're looking for exactly

what travel agency you're going with and where you are flying from and to make

things easier this is how we're going to break it down we're going to talk about

the tour operator getting to and from Cusco food and lodging in cusco hiring

the porters and tipping the porters and the guides if you are ready grab your

notebook your calculator and let's dive right into it so first of all let's talk

about the price of the tour operator this is going to be one of the biggest

expenses if you want to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and this price is

going to be impacted by what type of tour operator or travel agency you're

going with in our case we paid 695 dollars per person with the travel

agency that we went with now this price is going to be impacted by what type of

tour operator you are going with and the sound rule basically is if the company

is local to Peru then it's going to be cheaper compared to a company that's

based in the USA or Europe now this $695 the company asked us to deposit 300

dollars and then the rest will be paid in cash once we arrive to cusco the

deposit you're going to make is not going to be refundable and it's not

going to be transferable to another person and the reason is the company is

going to use that money in order to get a permit to hike the Inca Trail to Machu

Picchu and if you do want to learn more about getting a permit you can check

this video here all right the second expense here is getting to and from

Cusco and this is going to be based on where you are traveling from so for

example if you are traveling from the United States this price can range from

$800 up to $1400 the cost of your flight is going to be basically one of the

biggest expenses in your trip and if you want to learn about how to find cheap

flies internationally you would want to check the

in the description box the third expense is lodging in Eaton in Cusco now we're

not talking about eating during the four days of the Inca Trail because those are

going to be covered by the tour operator or the travel agency you however need to

account for probably two days prior to your track and maybe two days after your

trek now the two days before your Trek are mandatory just to kind of adjust to

the high altitude and avoid high altitude sickness but then after the

trek it's up to you now for the lodging and food and Cusco we accounted for two

days before the trek and two days after and between lodging and food you're

gonna be looking for probably less than $500 generally speaking Airbnb is and

guest houses are cheaper than hotels and we personally went with the guesthouse

route and I'm going to link some information about the place where we

stayed the fourth expense in the list here is

hiring the porters and this is going to be a little bit tricky because prices

are different from one company to another but I'm going to walk you

through the options that the company we went with offered us so basically you do

have an option to either hire a house porter or a full porter a house porter

is going to carry eight kilograms of your personal items that's about 18

pounds for $95 the foot Porter however is going to carry 16 kilograms about 36

pounds for $190 and it can be shared by two people now the last expense here is

tipping the porters and I don't remember exactly how much money we paid for

tipping because we pretty much just gave whatever we had left in the local

currency as well as in dollars but I'm going to give you a breakdown so

basically there are three buckets the first one is going to be the cook the

assistant cook and the porters the second bucket is going to be the

assistant guide and then the third bucket is going to be for the guide and

as you can see here the SAS travel recommends that each person in the group

contributes between 50 and 60 solids that's about $19 to $23 to the first

bucket that's distributed between the cook the assistant cook to general

assistance and the porters now fifteen to twenty souls that's five

point eight dollars to seven point seven dollars from each person in the group

for the assistant guide and about eighteen to twenty eight so let's that's

seven dollars to ten point eight dollars for the principle guide so to make it

easy and sum it up this is going to be about twenty three dollars for the cook

assistant cook and the Porter's seven dollars for the assistant guide and ten

dollars for the principal guide which is a total of about forty to fifty dollars

to sum it all up we talked about the tour operator price that's six hundred

ninety five dollars we talked about the price of getting to and from Cuzco of

about one thousand dollars the price of food and lodging before the trek and

after the trek about five hundred dollars tipping the porters fifty

dollars in hiring the porters ninety five dollars so we are looking for a

total of two thousand three hundred forty dollars again this is based on our

own very experience they are going to be a lot of variation there but this is a

rough estimate just to kind of understand what you are getting yourself

into if you have any questions let us know in a comment and we will be very

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