Lavezzinifly - Fly Fishing Garda Lake (Chubs on the fly) [pesca a mosca ai cavedani]

Hi, today we are on Garda Lake and we will fishing for chubs on dry fly.

I'm with my friend Martino and let's see if we can do better! Ehehe

Truly majestic big fish of Garda Lake, a wonderful chub.

“Tito? The alarm clock at 4.30 is always hard huh? " "Hard, hard." “Especially for you coming to me

always late to the parking." We had some catches.

"Equipment? Tito" "Line #4, what do you have a line #5 right?" “Yes” Floating line.

Tip: we are never too light because there are some good big fish anyway.

We are fishing as always with the Eddie's Bugger of which you can find the tying

video here on YouTube channel.

Fishing for chub on the lake it's do on sight. And if we see a chub that is

moving parallel to the shore, which is making a single direction,

it is usually almost impossible that it attack the flies. We also casting

close but he continues on his way and usually doesn't eat.

Instead the chubs most likely to catch are those we see doing a

Zig-Zag movement, they are looking,

so we see them move near the shore where the water is a little calmer,

usually it is enough just to cast the fly in front of him and they immediately go to get it.

Guys the fishing went great. Now we can conclude in the best

way with a nice breakfast because we have been fishing for 5 hours, we are up

from 4 and a half and... it's 9 and a half! That's right.

Let's eat!