14 Tips For Staying In Miami Before Your Cruise

what's up paradise crew my name is Griff

and I'm Melissa and today we are going

to talk to you guys about the Port of

Miami now we are no strangers when it

comes to sailing out of Port of Miami we

cruise tons of times and any time we

stay in Miami it's always an adventure

and not necessarily a good one so we

figured we would compile a list for you

guys places to stay food to eat things

to see when it comes to Miami so one of

our first recommendations is to actually

stay near the port so we would recommend

either staying on Biscayne Boulevard or

on North Beach which is on the other

side of the bridge

we love to stay near the port because

you can see the ships from your hotel oh

it's such a cool experience seeing it

from that high riser and this ship's

pulling into port it makes me really

excited the next morning when I can look

out my window and see the ship's right

there waiting for you also won't have to

worry about a lot of traffic in Miami

trying to get to the port because you

are so close and that's very important

because the traffic in Miami is nuts it

is every man and woman and child and dog

for themselves and our last reason for

staying near the port is that there are

so many restaurants and walking distance

especially on Biscayne Boulevard itself

so there's the Bayside marketplace which

is this giant outside wall there are

tons of shops tons of restaurants and

like I said it's right next to the first

port so you can see all the cruise ships

so if you want some authentic Cuban

cuisine now's your chance to do it now

let's talk about hotels places to stay

so if you have the high-end dollar and

you feel like you can swing it try

staying at the Intercontinental on this

game ELISA and I stayed here after our

Norwegian escape cruise and let me tell

you the views and this sky riser is

amazing it's stunning it's close to a

lot of the restaurants you can avoid a

lot of traffic and you can basically

catch a quick goober straight to the


in a super convenient can't recommend it

enough but it is going to come in a very

expensive paint and when I say penny I

mean about another hotel that we

recommend is Miami Beach Resort & Spa

located on North Beach which is on the

opposite side of the bridge it is a

little less expensive than the

Intercontinental little and it does have

a beachfront property which is very nice

you can see the beach on one side and

then the bay on the other side however

it does have some nice Miami charm yeah

between imperfect and perfect it's got a

little bit of like blemishes it could

use a little bit of updates it's not the

most priciest option but it's not gonna

be your cheapest either so that's

something you should consider now on the

more affordable side is going to be

Hotel Eve and if you're me and ELISA

corrects me all the time on it I call it

Hotel Yee now when we first stayed at

this hotel they actually upgraded us to

a junior suite

it's 100 bucks a night but from what I

saw it looks like it's under new


lots of positivity there and actually

renovating so maybe if you go at this


you might be able to get some awesome

prices so looking to that as well one

thing to note about Hotel Eve is that

the grooves are actually really small so

when he says we got upgraded to a junior

suite it was like a regular sized hotel

room with the couch in it so if you are

a family that needs a lot of space I

would either recommend booking a higher

hotel room or try staying in a different

room now when it comes to parking your

car at these hotels it's a little bit of

a challenge it's a hassle so you have to

be careful make sure you do your

research some hotels offer valet parking

you do have to pay for it or you can pay

for your own parking around Lots around

the area but it comes to be a little bit

of a nuisance when you have gear

and you're walking across the street and

then there's also other Lots around the

area but like I said it just gets

further and further so if you think

about it and you have to this research

if you look what it costs to do parking

around certain areas and the mandatory

valet you have to do for certain hotels

it actually might cost the amount of the

same so looking to the Intercontinental

and comparing to the other prices

because the Intercontinental actually

includes everything in your state so

parking the room etc so do your research

let us know if you are flying into Miami

and staying near the airport find a nice

hotel that offers a free shuttle to the

Port of Miami that's a very important

detail and also as soon as you check in

find out the complete instructions on

how to book that free shuttle and that

is the most important detail welcome to

Miami if the hotel price seems too good

to be true it probably is

we've stayed at the Regency Hotel near

the airport before our wedding cruise

and it was actually really nice and

super reasonably burst yeah I remember

this one it was in our one of our cruise

logs for their Norwegian escape so if

you want to check those out and go see

exactly what looked like we had a good

time we also stayed at the Red Roof Inn

plus near the airport and it wasn't so


it's dramatic effect

it was terrible both of these hotels

actually have a park and cruise option

as well so if you are driving and you

want to stay a little bit further you

can park your car at these hotels and

then take the shuttle but once again

please make sure you get the exact

directions on how to book that shuttle

to the Port of Miami as soon as

now we totally understand the reason to

save money budget ends but they

obviously come at a very very

interesting trade-off and that's going

to be time money and just comfort so

there's one place if you have a family

you just want simplicity now we avoid at

all costs that's going to be South Beach

I'm talking about 24/7 a party loud and

at the end of that you still have to pay

$40 a night for your parking so it is

still insane it's crazy and then I'm

talking about a massive trade-off when

you're looking for some peace and quiet

going on to your next cruise so if you

have a family you want your kids to stay

sleep and go up and just do your thing

we can't see it if you've done it please

let us know in the comment section below

because that is impressive impressive


South Beach so if you are driving to

Miami for your cruise you need to know

about the cruise parking options

I believe the Port of Miami is $20.00

per day for your car that's a lot of

money I don't think I would ever spend

$20.00 per day now obviously it is super

convenient you park your car right there

you get off your your at the cruise port

I'm not about that like as we mentioned

earlier you can find a hotel that has a

stay and cruise rate

it will include your parking for the

whole time that you're on the cruise

most likely from the hotel so they will

provide you a shuttle from the hotel to

the cruise port and most of the time

back make sure you look at that because

sometimes you have to pay for a trip


just keep that like Miami is guys if

anyone from Miami please let us know how

to do Miami properly because we have

tried numerous times and we just feel

like the only way to like win Miami is

if you have the money to push it further

and get the things you need from Miami

let us know what should we do now what

we usually do when we cruise out of

Miami is we use safe cruise parking it

is located about five to ten minutes

from the port so it's not a very long

shoulder ride but it is in a secured

parking lot and I've not had any bad

experiences yeah I'm a big fan of safe

cruise parking system and it's book show

up they give you the ticket you park

your car everything is done pretty

simplistically you get on the ship

you've come back and get your vehicle

you go home there you go it's about nine

to nine to ten dollars per day I think

one thing to note though if you are

going to use that parking lot is that if

you are typing it in to your GPS or your


please use their physical address and

not safe who's parking because it's not

gonna take you where you need to go

we're just driving around Miami had no

idea where we're supposed to be so just

type in the physical address it will

take you now on to everyone's favorite

part food what do you do what do you eat

where do you go if you're looking for a

healthier option like we love to enjoy

I'm trying checking out pura vida nice

fresh local ingredients wraps acai bowls

juice and stuff like that really

fulfilling items there and if you're

looking for Cuban cuisine there's a

place on Bayside Marketplace called

Latin American Cuban cuisine it's super

nice it's a local spot with a ton of

people but you can eat outside you can

eat inside there's tons of other

restaurants cool spots to drink have fun

it's an incredible experience and you

get to see the Bayside so it's a plus

plus there or if you want something a

little more quiet a little more reserved

there's also a very famous place in

Miami called the Cuban bread I have ever

had it is so delicious

it's so good in this place it just keeps

extending and extending it's much larger

than you would anticipate but it is

surely a treat I'm almost sure almost

every Miami person that lives there

would probably recommend it for you and

the last place we're gonna recommend is

actually Monty's this place has a pool

but it's super cool they have a lot of

choices we went there and had mojitos

chicken strips and french fries have

ween exam burgers they actually have

like Cuban food as well they have

Chinese I'm not kidding they have a full

menu full of good food tons of choices

so if you have a big family who everyone

like something different this might be

the place to go but try not to go too

late because they too know how to party

late at night have you had any

interesting experiences in Miami and

where do you like to say before you


guys thank you for watching this video

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