Microsoft Flight Simulator - Stream Highlight #2 - Norwegian Fjords

there you go i'm going to change planes

as well because we're going to be doing

a little more straight line

kind of stuff here i think i might just

go for a sec into my favorite plane so


the diamond aircraft da62 still fairly


but can go a little bit faster light

conditions we are going to go back to

live time and weather and load that in

and refresh my own page confirm that the

stream is up

excellent lovely

pause my own stream as well go away shoo


hitting 100 cpu on loads too i mean

i'm clearly this game is heavily

multi-threaded oh

that's probably what i could do for

streaming so i think this game is

heavily multi-threaded right

because so many games are cpu limited

because they don't thread to a bunch


so one of your cores is sitting at a

hundred percent the other ones are just

sitting there twiddling their thumbs

it's like um it's like when you watch

road works

you know there's one one one person with

a shovel and everyone else just sitting

around having a cigarette and watch

um that's what most games are but here

it is doing it all but what i might do

is limit this game

to only use like all but one or all but

two of my cores and then i'll make sure


is running on the other one that should

probably help the load

so that's one of the reasons the

performance is so good when you're

normally playing the game

because it actually uses all of your

heart oh this is going to be a nice


oh this is going to be pretty very

different from what we just did

but it is going to be stupendously good

so yeah i might do something like that

going forward i'm not going to mess with

it now

unless we run into more issues but we're

going to take a look okay

so theoretically everything should be

running we got some vehicles going on

over here this is not a custom scene

replace i'm going to turn on the peto

heat although it's 24 degrees out there

and we're probably not flying

that high up anyway so we're gonna be

okay we're all set up

i like this plane a lot um yeah and

we're sort of in the uh the mountain

areas is this i don't know if it's a

perspective thing

but i think this this runway may

actually be sloped slightly

i think it may be so what the plan is is

to take off and fly west

oh i forgot to customize the tail number

you're right you can do that when you

choose your plane when you choose your

plane you can type in

your tail number and they'll actually

use it in the atc and everything they'll

use it yeah this feel not only is it

slope but it's also uneven

which is actually a big deal in flight

some things because a lot of runways are

not perfectly flat

uh but in most flight sims it tends to

be represented perfectly flat so a

you've got properly lumpy runways here

also the physics system is set up that

like the traction um

of your tires and also your brake

behavior is the big deal is that it's

going to be correct in all these sloped

highways which is a big deal

dracaron thank you very much for the

bits uh this place once when i flew

from there to bergen i was asked to sit

on the other side of the plane to

balance out the mailbags

yeah i've because where i um live

right we don't have a huge airport so

the planes tend to be

a little on the smaller side um and yeah

there's definitely been a

you know what we need four passengers to

move from the back of the plane to the


to balance out the the uh the weight


oh that fills me with so much confidence

but yeah it's fine

yes um i actually did a video i think

where i did the uh courchevel uh landing

challenge which was one of the

challenges in the game

uh a little bit of right rudder steering

with my feet is so weird

we don't have a lot of runway left i

mean this this doesn't need a lot of

speed to take off but we didn't have a

whole heck of a lot to spare


try to clear these trees

best rate of climb is actually about 95

knots so i'm uh

i'm climbing a little too pitchy

normally i would i would take off oh

this is so good

normally i would take off from inside

the plane because uh especially with

something like this because i'd be

looking my angle and things because it's

a little bit less like

purely acrobatic i want to live there

i want to live right there you guys this

is my house

no one else buy it i gotta go and find

out where it is and buy that house


right next to bring the flaps up

oh that's so nice all

suggestions and requests are a good idea

we've got i got a few things on on the

to-do list

um but we'll see i think we are going to

do cape town after this

because it was really lovely and someone

else brought it up today and i was like

yeah you know what

it's probably worth doing

oh my god

i like the markers for like touristy

like you know show me the points of

interest but then every now and again

i'm like

i need to take a screenshot nothing's in

the way

oh that's good he was joined i thought

you were inverted

oh do you think this the plane looks

like it's inverted it's kind of funny

and oh man all right climbs good that's

not we don't have the barrel oh there's

some chop you can see we are flying in

live weather live time

okay we bring open the uh there's a map

yeah i think what i'm gonna do is i'm

gonna follow this waterway down and then

i'm going to take a right

up the coast

ah god just natural pristine beauty

i mean our flight over san francisco a

second ago i mean that was beautiful


but this is a whole other kind of

something going on

have you tried track iron so i've never

used track ir i've used track

no ir um the other thing i've used uh

although i don't think with flight sims

is um

oh shoot what is that thing called a

little sensor bar that tracks your eyes

uh toby i uh t-o-b-i-i

toby eye tracker i've used it from stuff

i've got a couple of sponsored videos

for it on my channel actually

um and it works really beautifully i

don't know if it does it with flight


um i really enjoyed it with uh farming

simulator though i feel like i want to

go low

i'm going to pull the throttle all the

way back

and then just pitch down sort out to

within the uh

the limits of the airframe here i think

it says the cruising speed on this is

about 175. you can see the uh

the red and white barber pole showing up

on my airspeed indicator

over on the what's on the left side of

the screen i'm mirrored this way

there's a beautiful airfield in

switzerland called cemetery wonder if

it's in the game

well probably i did do um i did do one


one of the viewer request flights uh was

in the swiss alps

started from basel there was a couple of

different spelling variants

of it but i think it's the same uh


the airplane airport itself was like

basel dash something that starts with

that m

there's a little town over here

yeah i chose this plane because it does

go pretty fast although i didn't realize

that other plane we were using

actually is pretty quick

a little farming what would you farm


because i mean it's not like this area

gets a lot of sunlight

um and you know there would be a lot of

winter days

like i would sort of more expect

ranching like i think like you know when

you think of like

like whales or actually scotland and

things right it's like all like sheep

farming also cow far

like car cow ranching not farming um and

i would have sort of expected a similar

thing over here

from people potatoes

fishing and ranching yeah oh there's a

bit of a terrain uh

oopsie doodle over here

oh oh my oh my look at the shadow too


so the mountain is casting a shadow on

the other there's another house over


and those are buildings picked up by

satellite imagery there is something

there in real life

oh this is so pretty i know it's just a

sea of green

but that and with the way the lighting

is right now

let's go over this little mountain

that's a little mulhouse airport yes

meat and dairy farm yeah but the thing

is it looked like crop fields i was


right right there there were definitely

some crop field might maybe it's some

sort of crop used for

for ranching right uh are we gonna be

able to do this

um so it might be growing like corn or

something like that to

like like pig feed like cow feed type

stuff could be hay

come on buddy you can do it it's the

little plane that could

oh we are um we're gonna get out some uh

i think some flap here i know that's

going to kill some of our speed as well


we're flying so low we're at the bot

that the bottom of the green line is the

bottom of your

no flaps fly zone okay

guys we did it we didn't die

yeah we're losing speed because i have

time to go up to match the terrain

oh oh yes

oh my and then another lighting change

oh that's so good

anyone from norway in the chat

west coast of norway actually has a lot

of fruit growing apples plums

no what no what

how what i mean okay i have to remember

that climate is so dependent especially


how close to the water you are and also

the the jet streams and things like this

which has a big impact of things like

for example i know like the uk

is really far north but has much better

than we have but much better weather

than we have here

partially because of how the jet stream

moves and partially because they're

surrounded by water and water is

really good at maintaining stable

temperatures so anywhere coastal tends

to be a little bit more

stable we got some uh we got some snow

up here quite a bit of it actually

i'm not even that high up we're only 5

000 feet

oh look at the snow anyone want to go


you know we got it i need screenshots

you can't get better weather you can

well okay first of all canada's really


spoiler alert canada's very large so

there's no there's no one weather in


um do i have my okay my flaps are up


um but yeah i mean yeah the uk has a lot

of like gray rainy days

that's true but it doesn't get like



skiing there for me would be more like

dying less skiing more dying yeah

oh look at the little the puffs of

clouds that are sitting just on top of

these these peaks

which is very realistic because the way

the wind farm you can see some more of

it over here

right because the air you get air that

comes off of the waterways

and then hits the slope and then is

pushed up and up and up and up and up

and as it goes up it cools so you form

these clouds on top of these peaks

until before the air comes back down so

you get that sometimes you get some

really cool um

what they call like lenticular clouds

and things on uh on tops of mountains

that are very dramatic

and sometimes it leads to like really

weird um

weather on the opposite side is it the

is it the chinook

effect that happens east of the rockies

as you get like the air that comes in

and like within

like within a few hours you get like a

20 degree shift in temperature like

celsius so what would that be like 45

degree shift in in fahrenheit


you get some ridiculous oh my god look

how gorgeous this is up front


chinook is calories warm weather yeah

and i think it's an effect of like

um certain certain winds and things

happening over the rockies and then

coming back down

someone posting lyrics to uh arrogant

worm songs

canada is very big yeah

that where are rocket launchers yeah i

know so every time i do these flight

sims or someone's like

oh well if you want real like try dcs

i'm like

what what part of this makes people

think i want play a combat flight tim i

gotta say dcs is very impressive

but it ain't what i'm looking for and

this has another

way of oh my god this is a different

degree of complexity and things

different amp says oh my god that is

norway i gotta go to norway

i gots to all right where are we

oh shoot we got a long way to go well

you know what this will be a good time


i'm acceleration let me go

and sort of

level off a little here something like


hit the engage autopilot button so it

should be on just pitch and roll control

r plus plus okay we'll increase the rate

notice even though i'm on a release

version there's still not a ui indicator

about um our time acceleration i don't


how fast we're going i think we're oh oh

that's so pretty

i think i'm going at times four speed um

but i don't know and i have to remember

how many clicks of time acceleration

that i did because if i want to undo it

and go back to normal i have to do the

same number of clicks

it is a little weird to me that there's

not i know that's beautiful

this is a little weird to me that it

doesn't actually have an on-screen

indicator for that

it's like such an easy little thing like

little text box you're now times two

you're not times four

oh yeah i think you can slow down time

as well um if you go negative a few


look at this carpet of clouds below us

exchange the weather because we could

see everything but this is

i mean i was talking about following the

waterways but i'm actually really really


i'm clipping across these mountains here

this game really does reward exploration

there's tons of just things

in the world to find that you wouldn't

necessarily expect

now i'm expecting these clouds will

probably fade away when we're off of the

mountain area

the autopilot level holding still

initial release um i don't think i

experienced any issues with it

um in testing so i'm not 100 sure


right now i'm just in uh pitch and roll

hold mode

um this is the default if you um if you

turn on the autopilot

default over here just roll and pitch

so but i haven't had any problems with

the autopilot so far

i do like the the virtual display here

which is something that exists in real

life but it's like

so easy for them to do in a computer

because it's just literally rendering

the same world

with a different shader and no clouds

but it really helps i especially like uh

using this when landing because you can

see the runway in here when sometimes

you can't see it out the front because

you know the way your nose is pitched or

anything like that


yeah the autopilot as far as i can tell

seems to work beautifully

oh look at this every now and again you

can see seams in some of the satellite

imagery although

that might be something else going on


that's not that's not a seem the same

way no it sort of still is

the strip may be missing from the

satellite imagery files

or um or plain flyovers some of the

really high res stuff

is actually not truly satellite stuff

it's plane flyers there we go it's

clearing up

as we reach the edge of the water

okay so now what i'm going to do is i'm

going to go ctrl minus minus

go back to normal speed drop the


and speaking of dropping i think we're

going to do exactly that

throttle all the way back and pitch all

the way down

oh you're getting that weightlessness in

the pit of your stomach 5 000 feet per


that seems fine just controlling the air


i want to descend as quickly as possible

without actually overspeeding

i mean is that is would you call the

atlantic i mean

oh it's the same body of water but

really all the oceans are just one big

body of water

this would be is it the north sea

what would we call this

north c north sea yes okay excellent

that's a pretty rapid descent i don't

know um

what would be the uh the apparent g

forces for some of these things right

would we actually feel a little

weightless in our seats

i mean to a certain extent no matter


but i don't know how far how quickly we

have to i mean i guess you're doing a

parabola we'd actually have to be


at 9.8 meters per second right

per second um to actually give you the

the weightlessness so at first it might

have been weightlessness and then you

sort of settle back in i guess

because then it all normalizes right

oh that airspeed get a little close to

that barber pole

let's just level out a little bit

i don't have uh i don't have any

spoilers or anything on this plane

spoilers there's no spoilers i think so

i think the only thing i can do to sort

of slow down the airspeed is to

not pitch down as much since i'm

literally at zero throttle over here

oh for those of you who watched my oops

footage of

our flight around iqaluit um turns out

those lakes

are there it's just the elevation data

is a little bit uh wonky with it

in theory the airport is

somewhere out over here the one we're

talking about

through the cloud layer look behind us


so pretty little town over here like

five whole houses

probably a fishing village

all right let's level out

and throttle up

nice enemy fighters on our six

we try playing with controller uh yeah

i mean first of all i've always had a

joystick thing but yeah i am using a

honeycomb controller

and a throttle pod right now i'm mostly

using the keyboard for uh

well for the time the time acceleration


and all the screenshots i actually don't

think i'm using the keyboard for

anything else oh

the one exception is and if i'm in the

cockpit i do use the uh the arrow keys

to move around

the left right by default goes up and

down and if you hold alt

it'll move backwards and forward won't

let you move through anything which is

too bad sometimes i sort of would like

to clip through things

i don't know what it's like to play with

with just a keyboard and mouse but you

can do it

um i think pure keyboard mouse gameplay

would be a lot easier

with um maybe some of the airliner stuff

because it's mostly

when you're doing airline and stuff

you're mostly just mousing in the

cockpit and like you know

clicking through like a hundred

different controls

the harder part would be you know some

of the maneuvering like this i've done

it before

some of the things have mouse yolks so

you sort of like in the middle of the


and then as you move to the left or the

right it'll roll or bank in in various


you run i think the runway is uh east

west it actually here's the interesting

thing which i don't think i remember

seeing in other games before but maybe

i'm just a little clueless

um if we can actually see it yeah there

we go

uh sometimes even the little indicators

on the maps will actually

show you the uh the runway situation

here are we actually gonna try landing

emphasis on the try let's do it

let's um let's swing around this way

have you done egypt pyramids yet yes so

i posted a ton of pictures of it on

twitter or twitch sorry no twitter i

haven't done it in a video

um the pyramids are absolutely gorgeous

and a lot of fun to just

buzz uh watch out for the barber pool

let's bring the speed down a little bit

and it's easy the question is whether or

not you can land more than once

yes i mean landing is as easy as aiming

for the ground and not missing

and yeah gamepad works fine but the

thing is what i've used hang on

for most of my flying before this was

this logitech 3d extreme

about 50 bucks or something like that i

mean i mean it's not you know it's not

free admittedly um but

really really good value to that i this

honeycomb yoke is insanely good

but if you know you're not sure if

you're going to commit to doing a lot of


that thing excellent no complaints

i'm gonna bring bleed off a little bit

more speed here because i want to just

put in one level of flaps in a second

lots of little islands out here makes me

think of northern ontario

so what's our heading right now we got

that so

three four oh

ah shall probably just do the full loopy


i could uh i could open the atc actually

get some information about the actual

runway heading

we'll just eyeball it right how hard

could it be

listen i have bad i'm not great at

landing in airports where i've been

and just sort of eyeballing a random

airport i've never visited

i like how it's got the uh the leading


i like airports that have that it's

really nice we're too close

we're way too close but i'm not i'm

gonna go for it anyway

go around

go rounds are for losers

we'll do it from outside which is not

actually easier than inside the plane


i think we're a little low maybe from

where we want to be does not have the uh

the four lights

you're down

we're going too fast

and where are they where are four lights

hmm i'm sort of having to base the uh

the approach whether i'm too high too

low sort of kind of just

okay well i'm losing too much speed here

so that's no good

just based sort of on the the shape of

the uh

the runway here okay where's my where's

my feet at

okay down

a little fast

well this is not a very long runway

either so that could be very punishing

not centered

well actually that was pretty gentle not

centered and we were a little floaty for

a while

but kind of bother butter smooth yeah

can i make this corner

oh all my passengers in the back have

just been shoved into their seat belts

as i slam on the brakes i should have

just gone for the next

taxiway but you know this is fine too

um laps up take your hands off the yoke

you're gonna keep trying to steer with

the damn yoke

instead of with your feet there we go

not bad j owens gives us a 6.9 out of


eight with rice try not to run over

these little vehicles

okay parking brake on and if i turn the

uh the engine off i think ooh i'm not


no i'm not actually parked where i need

to be because what would happen if i was

parked where i need to be if i just

called in for like

hey give me taxi instructions for

whatever it would actually like

properly end this flight and things but

that's not bad

8.5 vodka 40 with vodka okay

next up let's go to cape town

fly to nuremberg land on straightaway

and complete a lap

that's cool oh was there whiskey and


oh yes that i totally missed was that

like 20 minutes ago

23 minutes ago oh actually i missed dark

reprimand earlier too i'm sorry

um oh surgeon frontline healthcare


oh man well dark reckyum i hope you're

going to be okay i missed that message

earlier and homing pigeon as well

um as amazing and perfect content thank

you just an idea no obligation

uh yosemite national park in california

may be a wonderful flight fly around

half dome many people call the most

beautiful place on earth

i'm trying to remember under the

activities and the bush trips

yeah so this ends this bush trip

ends somewhere in or around yosemite

so we may have to take another look at

that uh going forward oh yeah

and uh courchevel landing challenge

event you can get scored in how well you

can land there

i mean there's a bunch of these landing

challenges too in here if you want to be

busy strong wind landing

with different planes or gibraltar uk

yeah let's not go into that start some

fights in the chat

um but yeah that's really cool

speaking of this flight was excellent oh

i'm so happy we've done that but yeah


uh flip all the way down here did my

filters reset themselves again



okay we're gonna take off from cape town

actually uh

do i have a cough from the ground yeah

sure why not let me

so we're not gonna go real time because

yeah live weather but i'm going to

rewind the time a little bit

because it was going to be a little bit


um what