Park City Utah, The BEST mountain town! A travel Guide.


morning everyone welcome to beautiful

Park City Utah we are here for the

sunrise we're gonna spend the next few

days checking out all the things that

Park City has to offer

some stuff includes bobsledding we're

also gonna go fly-fishing and right now

we are gonna get into something so cool

we are gonna go hike to a ten thousand

year old crater and inside the crater

we're gonna do stand-up paddle board

yoga paddle board yoga inside a crater

I've never done it let's go check it out


alright so we just finished a nice

little morning hike to get the blood

flowing and now we're going to one of

its probably one of the secret things at

Park City I think I mean it used to be

the Fountain of Youth yeah everyone

knows Park City for its amazing skiing

in the winter look what you can do in

the other seasons you can stand up

paddle board yoga in a crater but so we

are entering right here let's take a

look lead the way ok alright so we just

got here inside the crater and as you

can see by the fog clear this up it's

hot and steamy inside this look at this

the Fountain of Youth and we're gonna do

some yoga which is also the Fountain of




I've ever done stand-up paddleboarding

yoga because we are in a 10,000 year

crater right now and it's heated

geothermally correct so if the

temperature here is between 90 degrees

and 94 degrees year-round so you can do

this stand-up paddleboard yoga all year

even in the winter here in Park City all

right guys we just finished up our

paddleboard yoga at one of the world's

oldest yoga studios so if you want to do

this it's roughly 100 bucks depending on

how big your group is to do it you can

do a hike beforehand as well this area

is open to the public at certain times

but if you want to have the privacy I'm

just you and a few friends then you got

to come here and do it with the yoga so

we did our hike and our stand-up

paddleboard with Park City yoga

adventures so we had this crater all to

ourselves I don't know if we mentioned

the water is nice so nice we're relaxing

the end of our session in a natural hot

tub no chill out here before don't fly

fishing got to catch our lunch let's go


alright guys we've made it to our

fishing spot we're at the Weber River

with Park City fishing guides right here

this is both of our first times

fly-fishing so we are super excited

we've never done it before and it's

always fun to learn something together

so the cool thing about this is we are

at a private spot basically at a guy's

house so that means it's only going to

be us and hopefully plenty of fish so

we're making it to the river finally

check it out there it is

got our waders on there's sweet new hat

but I don't see any fish yet fly-fishing

generals reading water ok so come to the

river and look at what's going on


it turns out Colette I just started and

already as a fish looks like a big one

yes it is it's a brown trout it's

awesome two hands most people would not

have landed that fish on their first try


so it's a success ii brown trout of the

day now we're gonna be nice and let this

guy go

we now a river fishermen we both caught

one good job got one each and I had a

world record-setting one on the line

before I lost it so they say but so far

all the activities done in Park City

have been fantastic Sinnott paddle board

yoga SATA paddle board yoga hiking fly

fishing and that's day one right see

what let's go check out some more what

do you do when you have one of the

coolest dogs ever all right guys I take

a quick second to introduce our good

friends kicker dog and Andrew Muse now

these guys are absolutely amazing they

live the best life check out all the

cool stuff they do


like mugatu's so kicker dog is such a

cool - I lost the sunglasses but that is

why kicker dog man should you good boy I

good morning guys this is day two and

we're starting out our morning at River

horse provisions to get a little brunch

before we head to bobsledding I always

wanted to go bobsledding at Utah Olympic

Park where they held the Winter Olympics

let's go so the cool thing about Park

City is it's used to be on the ghost

town registry and now it looks like one

of the most beautiful little old mining

towns cute little stores shops all over

the place

lots of art galleries here and then you

have your Lululemon's your heli Hansen's

anything to get you ready for a day on

the mountain you'll find it here in Park


so Park City is known for their great

public transit we're trying out one of

their electric buses and a lot of stuff

is free so we're heading up to Olympic

Park the electric bus to Olympic Park

you first have to go to Campbell

Junction and then from there you take a

tram to Utah Olympic Park so we see it

in the distance we see one of the ski

jumps right over there we're getting

pumped this time it's the moment we've

all been waiting for it's time to go

bobsledding at Utah Olympic Park and

this is where they had the 2002 Olympic

Games right here in Park City and we're

about to go down the most epic

bobsledding track in the world plus it's

78 degrees right now where else in the

world can you go bobsledding when it's

nearly 80 degrees out


all right so we're on our way up to the

bobsled track and we got to do a little

special stop look at that

that's the ski jump that's what

Olympians just crazy

Olympians set up right there and leap

hundreds I think it's like you're gonna

do arts no 100 yards if not more this is

insane I can't believe people do oh my

gosh I did not know it was this high

you ski jumpers you are out of your mind

and if you come here you can actually

participate a little bit just down there

on the shorter one you can ride it too

so that's the crazy thing is there's so

many activities they have here at the

Olympic Park I can't believe it I really

thought when you look up from afar from

the road the place just kind of looks

like nothing's going on but once you get

up here there's hundreds of people up

here you could spend the entire day

doing all these activities get the day

pass if you can't tell we're super

excited to try this bobsled only a few

more minutes

what's up from the top of the

bobsledding track at Utah Olympic Park

we're about to fly 70 miles an hour down

the Olympic track we've been waiting for

this moment this whole trip this is

going to be the pinnacle of the entire

thing as you tell safety first kids 70

miles an hour four G's four people one

driver the two of us and a

once-in-a-lifetime experience



oh my god that was insane

geez it was crazy

whoa my heart is pumping that was the

most amazing adrenaline rush of my life

that was so much fun I thought the Gees

and the turns oh my gosh we hit that we

came into the first chair was a wall

sick how are we gonna go around this and

we were just sideways on the track do

you go yeah you go 90 degrees definitely

a must if you're in Park City come ride

the bobsled track it's not for people to

faint hearts though Park City has to

offer hands down we love you Utah

Olympic Park we're gonna end it the best

way possible at a staple of Park City

and that is the high Wes distillery

gonna try out some of the local whiskeys

and some local cocktails cuz let's be


rain or shine summer or winter whiskey

is the best way to enjoy your day let's



those you don't know hi West axillary is

exactly as it sounds a distillery but it

is a place you got to come visit if

you're in Park City have a nice cocktail

try the Hollywood would you would I had

the whiskey sour which i think is the

best drink I've ever had as you tell

we're a little giggly after one of those

drinks and unfortunately Brett the

airport not the most scenic spot now

Siam to catch our flight back to LA but

Park City thank you

you're a beaut as always but you truly

made us fall get it in love with you in

the autumn season ciao