Best Cruising Tips - Flying In For Your Port Canaveral Cruise

we've got the talk tips you need to know

when flying in for your Port Canaveral

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hi I'm Chris Cardona if you're planning

to fly in for your crew departing from

Port Canaveral there are a few tips that

will make your trip seamless from start

to finish

flying into Orlando International

Airport is by far the most popular and

convenient option however it's still

about 45 miles away from Port Canaveral

so what's the best way to plan for this

long trip from the airport to your ship

in this video we'll include essential

tips on when to fly in where to stay and

how to avoid unexpected cost giving you

more money to spend on board your cruise

any experienced Cruiser will advise you

to arrived a day early flight delays are

extremely common and have caused

countless passengers to miss their

cruise the risk of flying in on

embarkation day is just not worth the

hassle by arriving a day early he'll

give yourself some extra time in case

any unforeseen travel delay should occur

despite what many people think staying

near the port when you're cruising out

of Port Canaveral may not always be your

best option

with the considerable distance between

Orlando International Airport and Port

Canaveral if you're flying in early

you'll have plenty of time to make the

journey and explore all that the Space

Coast has to offer if you're arriving

later in the afternoon or at night

adding another Trek to the coast isn't

really ideal after you've just spent

hours on a flight plus by the time you

get over to the beach there won't be

much to do the best place to stay for

late arrivals is actually right by the

airport you'll be able to hang out by

the pool or relax in your room just

minutes after you land there are also

tons of local restaurants nearby that

are open late

a majority of cruisers don't realize how

far the airport is from Port Canaveral

and aren't aware of the costs involved

with setting up transportation when

flying in you'll need a ride to and from

the airport and your cruise terminal and

if you're arriving a day early

you'll also need to get to your hotel

you may find cruise hotel packages

online that advertise transportation

included however a majority of these

seemingly all-inclusive packages will

only arrange a one-way transfer from

your hotel to your cruise ship leaving

you under owing to figure out how to get

to and from the airport on top of that

the attractive advertised prices are

usually based on double occupancy so

you'll have to pay an additional fee for

any extra passengers when you're looking

at packages that claim to include

transportation make sure everyone in

your party has a round-trip ride between

your ship Hotel and Airport we'll help

you find a package that includes it all

coming up soon rushing to make your

flight home is no way to end your

relaxing vacation remember it's a 45

mile ride back to the airport and on top

of that deportation delays can occur

you'll want to book your return flight

in the afternoon to ensure you have

plenty of time to get off your ship and

back to the airport in time for your

flight to make your exit off the ship

even easier you'll also want to self

disembark this process is quicker than

standard deportation and requires you to

carry your own luggage off the ship to

make this process smoother make sure

that your bags are packed you're on

board account is settled and you've

requested self disembark with guest

services on the last night of your

cruise this expedited early process will

allow you to breeze past any long

checkout and customs lines and hop on

the early shuttle avoiding any post

cruise port traffic keep in mind that

you may encounter hundreds of local

passengers looking to walk off the ship

with you so plan ahead with an early

onboard breakfast time and listen to

announcements for the correct gangway



when searching for a cruise hotel

package you want to keep a close eye on

the fine print many times you'll find

that these advertised deals don't

actually include everything you need

you'll end up paying additional fees or

even be on your own to figure out parts

that aren't offered so how do you find a

cruise hotel package that includes all

the services you need at the best price

with no hidden charges go port canaveral

offers flights news crews packages

designed just for travelers flying in

for their cruise these packages are easy

to book and include everything from a

hotel stay to airport transportation and

cruise ship transfers for everyone in

your party you can choose from over 30

hotels near the Orlando Airport and Port

Canaveral area representing major brands

you know you'll also be able to select

the one that matches your needs best

with inclusions like free breakfasts

on-site restaurants pools and more but

best of all you'll get to the port on

time for your cruise select packages

even offer an early to cruise option

meaning you'll be among some of the

first to get on the ship the four star

rated cruise ship transfer service

features shared shuttles that will drop

you off right if your Carnival Disney

Royal Caribbean or Norwegian cruise ship

terminate when it's time to go home

go Port Canaveral also gives you the

peace of mind that you'll make your

flight with timely shuttle service back

to the airport you can check out the

latest offers at go Port Canaveral calm

thanks for watching this video we hope

you found these tips helpful for flying

into your cruise from Port Canaveral

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