I would keep on cameras are lifelines it

bills like the middle of the night we

are heading to the airport that is if we

can get all our stuff in our tiny rental

car a challenge


did it

things have escalated quickly off-camera

we're now late and leaving the rental

car in the Avis parking lot and just

going to the airport it's all closed

that's wrong I guess the problem is what

happens if we get to the airport there's

no Avis the bags have been stored the

rental car key has been dropped off for

two for two

our flying ally in there for the first

time I've heard only horror stories

hopefully discussed with you but we're

certainly not on the Ryan airplane yet

but thus far they have not charges

anything extra which I hear is

incredibly rare

so far the only big difference that I

see is no seat back pocket there's also

no way to refine seat not a big deal

just fights like 30 minutes

it says local bus but it does on Caleb

we survived our ryanair flight first

whenever I feel like we're true

travelers now had they weren't before or

not before that the only main

differences is there were people

checking your luggage as you got onto

the plane

make sure wasn't too big there were no

seat back pockets and the seat dem

replies all in all I had a good

experience it wasn't as bad as people

make out it was nice easy and now

this is Julian's dream destination if

you ask me questions

our Airbnb hostess met us at the bus

station because apparently houses here

don't have addresses Wow girls are

excited this could not be more

picturesque I get exactly what you

picture this is our Airbnb that's our

Terrace that's the view but

unfortunately we can't check in till -

five more hours till it's ours nobody's

had breakfast since we all got up at

like 3:30 in the morning we're going to

find a bakery I cannot believe we are

actually staying at that Airbnb we

haven't been inside yet but I still just

can't even get over the way the outside

like not even way

it's gonna be awesome

if you can see that little church way

off in the distance there B&B that we're

in it is like right in there

another TripAdvisor find for the wind

falafel land

cheap delicious fresh lemon palapas

aren't even freak

three hummuses check out their chapters

almost time

this doesn't even look real

living room/kitchen single bedroom

bathroom number one bedroom number good

bathroom number two and Kara and I are

sleeping in the guest room our on living

room last but not least not exactly

romantic but check out the view

jordan loves right and the gate pushing

just favorite everybody you've ever said