Tips for Traveling When Flying Home for Thanksgiving

getting home for Thanksgiving could be a

real challenge this year the storm in

the West is threatening to bring travel

misery to many it's a mess so wherever

you are pack your patience today it's

actually a great day to travel even

better is Thursday if you can wait that


yep Thanksgiving Day is a good time to

fly but the busiest day is Wednesday

when it's gonna be nuts around here but

there are ways to make your journey

smoother check your bag or travel by


I say carry-on but if you have to check

your bag these guys right here are your

secret weapon give them a small tip and

they will help you get your bags on the

plane quickly and easily another great

tip is to put a fragile sticker on your

bag because then the airline will keep

an eye out for it it might even get out

earlier so I don't want to check a bag

but I'm worried I won't get everything

in my carry-on any ideas

oh you can in fact you've done a

terrible job of bagging here what you'd

the first thing you need to be doing is

rolling if you roll all of your clothes

you can fit so much more in this bag

when you say rule you literally mean

that's exactly what you want to do and

then just tuck it in the corner there

you go that's gonna save you so much

space now I brought some food items that

I want to bring home for the holidays

what goes what needs to be checked well

if it's a liquid you cannot take it in

your carry-on with you for instance this

wine not going in the carry-on you can

check it if you're checking your bag but

things like stuffing that's not a

problem that can go in your carry-on

hey I'm cranberry sauce not coming in

clear words

carry on gravy also not coming on you

want to put your turkey in there no


49 million people are expected to drive

the most since 2005 so you might want to

follow this advice do not leave the day

before the holiday our projections show

travel times will be doubled or tripled

instead get up early Thanksgiving

morning and travel that day before you

head out make sure your car is in good

working order over the holiday weekend

we are expecting 368,000 breakdowns of

triple-a members flat tires dead

batteries and people locking themselves

out of their vehicle are the top three

items we get calls for and you have to

remember being stuck by the side of the

road is more than an inconvenience it's

also very dangerous useful tips to make

your holiday travel easier and safer