18km Torres Del Paine Trek | PATAGONIA


today is our first full day on the

Chilean side of Patagonia we just drove

two hours from puerto natales where

we're staying - tourists el - so it is

now 9:00 a.m. we are about to begin an

18 kilometers high

the bottom of the tourists upon 8 hours

18 kilometers ramp trip not one-way

towers here back here but you can't see

them raining a little bit but we are in

Patagonia which means the weather could

change any second


we just realize we never introduced our

all consumer back we're about a

kilometer into the trek and this is our

guy is just the three of us today I'm

Kari from Chile Tour working here from

North Carolina who we have another

American as our tour guide and her

brother is from our hometown I look I've

never had two poles before but chilly

cheer gives us poles and backpacks and

lunch and water but I'm you good time

you try it out okay was going super fast

with her so I'm hoping this will speed

me up so their secret to it is it like

this leg with this pole and this light

leakage and all clean oh yeah that's a




we just finished the first major uphill

of the hike we've been hiking here and

Patagonian for like seven days and I

will say without a doubt that is the

hardest section of trail that we've done

yet but now it's flattened out and we're

currently walking up a valley apparently

before we get to the base of the towers

we have one more big help you'll hike

even though the total cloudy still

absolutely do


it's stuff raining which is a good thing

and it's a lot chillier when we're not

climbing straight up mountain anymore

the carry told us that this little

corner right here is called the wind

corner winter winds pass and sometimes

the winds are a hundred kilometers an

hour and right now is still and quiet

except for the river so I feel like in



we just drop that over a few PL and it's

called fillet no good bit right it felt

like a tea house on every stretch they

just have like an excess we're taking a

little break now this is really reminded

me of the have restrict refueling with

the Snickers I've needed to see those

Asian Sakhalin so I'm finally getting

one day so today we serve that Hotel US

tour dates we are now about halfway up

to the terrace at El Camino and you're

headed up to the thank you two and a

half hours left we started here at this

little red dot and hike up the careful a

thousand feet in elevation which

explains why I was sweating so much and

then we're going up here and then

straight up again no no no no yeah so

this is the top wait that is the bass

guitars lookout actually hold up

thing you got colder


we are back on the trail the next hour

and a half we'll be through this forest

is all these beautiful green trees

hold on






we have 45 more minutes straight up the

rocks into the cloud about 20 minutes

later this giant rock t.c.r.i bottom is

the one I was doomed in on with the tiny

people so we're not there yet we're

making progress we made it to the top

the towers are right there if there

weren't any clouds you'd be able to see

them but leases are raining now I'm

going to go find spotty at once let's

have a delicious lunch and even though

we can't see the tower we have cookies

and there's awesome like to look at

maybe positive just to the swatch of the

sweat frozen on my body and now we are

heading back government

we made it down the super steep rocks

and now we're going back into the Linga




we're done going uphill for the whole

day all downhill from here

how's the tough one we just got back we

hiked 13 miles today and over 2500 feet

in elevation which means we're having a

well-deserved ice-cream cone

even though we've already had Snickers

and cookies job everybody



mm crazy

oh they were just have a category for in

Pentagon we're back