good morning guys I have come down to

Kingston today to meet help my friend

Jacob gonna grab a coffee and then I'm

heading in for some meetings in London

after that I wasn't going to vlog today

but as I got in the car I realized it's

actually quite a beautiful day and yeah

they haven't taken you guys into London

with me for a while and also this is my

last day in the UK because tonight I'm

flying out to Cape Town so yeah it's

gonna be a good day nice feeling feeling

good ready for coffee though all right

here he is Jacob cheers bro having a

good catch up eating some avocado on

toast and drinking lots of coffee guys

Jacob just pointed out the size of this

dog outside this is the biggest dog I've

seen for years this is you could ride

that dog had a really nice catch up with

Jacob if you haven't checked him out

he's an incredible photographer I'll

link his Instagram below and we were

just chatting about our plans for 2018

and yeah where we'll be traveling and

projects we're doing and hopefully we

can do some stuff together yeah looking

forward to it actually and

another inspiration guy I'm about to go

and see now and his name's Sam he was

one of the guys who founded unis that I

haven't seen him like three years but

I'm gonna go and check out his New

London offices and yeah as you know

whenever I'm back in the UK I try and

catch up with as many people as possible

so that's not doing guys this is Sam

from uni lat

and we've just spent a little time just

chatting and dreaming together and

looking at ways we can work together

this year but and he's just give me a

little office tour show us around so

there's a little bit of a moment because

we kind of renovate in the office but as

you can see we've got a big guy you have

painted sign on the wall sisters ground

floor London HQ we have all these kind

of meeting rooms starting around which

is kind of a sweet salon is the

destinations where they kind of they

kind of move from Caledonia super like

small space probably literally where we

are now probably like that like that and

it's just mad how much it's grown from a

year on here that's like four years ago

yeah it's like 11,000 square-foot like

whole building in London it's insane

Manchester office as well

congratulations dude this is this is

really inspiring guys because it shows

you what you can what kind of empire you

can build off just I guess to start with

just a Facebook page but we've been

chatting the last arrow so about like

how can we use our platforms and

audience to reach kind of or to do

positive things in the world and have

positive impact what we're saying this

stats were like how you're the Facebook

page had the biggest interaction and

then any Facebook page so in last year

2017 we had over 1.1 billion people

likes commented or shared our content

which is the most of any kind of face

book publisher yeah and had a forty

million video views

I had a figurehead

probably like 20 million video views so

these guys are working on a slot

operating a slightly higher level but

we're all kind of yeah it's interesting

being in the influence of space and

imagining the positive impact and I will

obviously not that they need me to but I

will link what these guys doing down

below specially you need ad adventure

which I think there's a lot of crossover

in what we're doing yeah going like

their Facebook page good campaigns sweet

sweets right guys as expected that was

really really cool meeting with Sam I

feel like on a lot of levels even though

we haven't chatted in a few years

properly just a bit online where yeah we

see the world and this in a similar way

we're excited about having a positive

impact in different ways and yeah I'll

keep you guys posted know things we're

doing but yeah lots of lots of exciting

ideas staring also I didn't mention but

he has his own personal Instagram

account I wish I think you should go and

check out and follow and yeah hopefully

your he'll feature in this year and a

few modes and as we're finding ways to

travel together he might come down to

Cape Town and yeah I think he's got a

lot of cool projects that I'd love to

help support one of which he's looking

at doing more kind of documentaries and

creating more longer form content and

also that's something I'm trying to do

as well Beyond Borders hopefully this

year if that goes really well and

successful that could be a big part of

my future so there's a lot of crossover

and yeah I always feel inspired seeing

people killing it in the industry doing

so well having achieved so much but

being grounded and

having a good heart so yeah

don't check Sam out I'm now final thing

of the day before I go in pack and fly

is gonna go and meet my mum for a coffee

she's work she works around here so yeah

that's gonna get a quick coffee we've

got a little coffee you had a cat chart

and this is where my mom works in where

are we living for school around

Liverpool Street and I'm Lily I get back

to work now back it's been great

catching up I'll be back in like a week

love you but I actually feel quite proud

to seeing my mum working and a good job

up here in the city

she's been kind of working as a

contractor freelance for years and years

and years and she last year kind of yeah

managed to bag herself this very very

good job and yeah I've seen her come

alive because it's I think even office

jobs that are not an office person I

think if you're doing stuff you love and

you're passionate about

it brings you life whatever you're doing

so yeah I definitely sense that for my

mum and

yeah that's good right I'm slightly

against the clock now to get back pack

and to the airport in time but it's hope

fake it I have all my things I've just

packed quickly

well not like regular to me about 40

minutes meaning we're running oh how

half an hour late I think yeah only my

dad who's a gonna connect to the airport


rious bag I'm taking down to Cape Town

as well

dad's drop me off see ya yep it's weird

checking in luggage Ryan's got all this

summer clothes in there I think or

something guys I want to pick up

Emirates for being very understanding

about my insanely overweight and luggage

I normally don't go near the counter so

they can't weigh it but because I

checked and Rhys bag they insisted on

weighing it and told me yeah I was

supposed to have seven kilograms with

the limit I had 25 kilograms that I ever

triple the weight limit

I managed to explain its own fragile

electronics and they they have had they

had some sympathy and let me through

which is nice



I arrived in Dubai

I didn't sleep so I had entered the blog

yet but when I get on the next flight to

Cape Town I'm going to try to sleep most

a flight and I did describe some

breakfast hour till I thought


that was a very long bus drive from the

terminal to the aeroplane I think that's

like 20 minutes driving through the

airport I felt like we were driving in

circles but we got here I think I fell

asleep on the bus and I think I might

fall asleep before we even take off so

you're on the sign out here guys

look forward to the beginning of some

exciting times in Cape Town the vlogs

are gonna get fun at summary we could

have been hanging out with Nick and Ange

and Jesse their baby we haven't met

Jesse yet he's awesome and yeah like I

said we're gonna be working on the

documentary getting a team together

hopefully JP's gonna make it out pretty

soon and

yeah exciting times exciting times

alright I'll catch in Capetown peace out

into her life and in the adventure