How to TRAVEL DUBAI on a BUDGET - Enjoy Luxury CHEAP

Today my mission is to show you

that Dubai can actually be traveled affordably.

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What's up guys and

welcome to the Dubai International Airport.

If you've just arrived here,

then you're probably feeling exhausted,

which is exactly why I've come here

and gotten myself a delicious cappuccino.

Now, most of you guys probably think of Dubai

as this luxury travel destination

and for some, that's definitely the case.

But today,

my mission is to show you

that Dubai can actually be traveled relatively affordably.

We have set ourselves

a very fine budget of 10 U.S. dollars,

let's see how long it lasts us.

So cappuccino was 25?

Thee we go, so there's five, 10,


20, thank you.

Thank you very much.

Alright, so...

♪ Put the place up ♪

So naturally, if you've just arrived in Dubai,

you're of course, with your luggage,

so the first thing we're gonna wanna do

is probably head to your hotel

so that you can get rid of all that.

The best options are gonna be to either

take a taxi,

which is actually relatively affordable

compared to North America,

or to take the Metro system.

Very efficient and very cheap,

so let's try that.

The Metro system taking you all the way downtown

to the Burj, to the Central District.

It's eight AED

or about like,

two U.S. dollars, guys.

So, so cheap.

So efficient.

Don't even bother with a taxi.

When traveling, often your greatest expenses

are related to accommodations

so I wanted to give you a bit of an idea

of where you can get the best bang for your buck

here in Dubai.

So there's two areas that I heard

are very cheap and affordable,

one we actually stayed in

there's Mankhool and there's Deira.

Now, Mankhool is only about

a 50 AED taxi ride away from the airport,

the Metro doesn't run there,

but the taxi is so cheap.

And the hotel we got was incredible value.

Now if you wanna be in the most happening places

and you don't mind spending a little bit of extra,

you've got downtown Dubai,

which is next to the Burj Khalifa

and the Dubai Mall,

and right across from it, you have Business Bay Dubai.

The third and last one I wanted to mention

is JBR and that's about a 25 minute drive away.

The awesome thing about it is

that they're all connected by the Metro system

which is dirt cheap to use, incredibly efficient, so

don't be afraid to stay in the JBR area.

So I wanted to give you a

top tip for a very affordable activity here in Dubai.

To keep your costs low,

simply go to your hotel lobby,

grab a seat,


just take it in.

Maybe see if you can snag a few complimentary drinks.

For me, I need somewhere I can do work,

feel comfortable, have high speed internet,

so this place is about 80 U.S. dollars per night.

A quick pan around,


Look at all the work space.

Very, very happy with that,

I have high speed internet,

and this is the benefit of not being in the downtown core

of Dubai.


do you feel that?

It's the feeling of savings.

This temperature right now is about

eh, 38 degrees.

Very humid.

And that's the reason there's very few people

in Dubai right now, which means

you can save on hotels and experiences.

There's gonna be tons of people

trying to sell us stuff as we go through here.

And as far as the eye can see,

it is just jewelry store after jewelry.

This is my friend here,

he sells gold.

Is your smile for sale?

Because it's golden.

(Katia laughs)

Oh my gosh.

So this right here is one of the local areas.

It's outside of downtown Dubai

by about 30 minutes in the cab

and it's called Deira.

Dee-duh, dee-duh, day-duh?

It's called Deira

and Deira

is one of the areas where you can get like,

a very cultural Dubai.

You look like an assassin.

Ooh, it's actually very pretty.

We said yes to a stranger on the side of the road

and here we are.

(electronic music)

Once you've left the Gold Souk,

you basically are spat right out

into the Spice Souk.

And wow, there's so many smells in here.

- It's a date

with coconut and chocolate.

Very good.

- [Christian] What's that one?

- Harissa curry.

- [Katia] I didn't know there were so many curries.

- Green with pineapple apple blend.

- What's the one that we...

- This is like, the most


exotic scent of tea I've ever smelt.

I just know it's gonna be amazing.

We have to get a little bit.

- Yeah.

- What is that?


It kinda felt nice, though.

- It clean.

- It cleared,

it cleaned my nostrils.

- Yeah.

- I can breathe again.

- I wanna get that when I'm sick.

- Oh my gosh.

That like, immediately

cleaned and opened up my sinuses.

So just a small walk away from the Gold Souk

and the Spice Souk

is the littler river area that runs through

the area known as Deira

and on the other side is Bur Dubai,

which are kinda like the old, traditional town.

Definitely a very cultural experience

to come see this.

Hello, sir!

Just chilling with the boys.

We're about to cross in the Abra.

Next stop...

- Venice.

- Venice.


(upbeat electronic music)

- So, what I typically do

when I'm in an expensive city

and I'm really trying to cut costs,

I will go to a few choice websites.

One of them is Airbnb.

If you're really price sensitive,

what you wanna do is you wanna click on

the price section here

and we can drag it as far as we can afford to spend.

So let's say we're

really budget,

we only have $27 a night.


I've actually found one right here

for $13 a night.

Now, it is shared,

you don't know who you're sharing with.

I've looked at the location here,

for $13 plus a two dollar service fee,

$15 total,

you're about,

what looks to be about 20 minutes outside

of downtown Dubai.

Not close,

not the best location,

but you get what you pay for.

For $80 a night,

a very beautiful apartment

and it basically looks like a hotel.

Now, I wanted to show you another website

that I like to use.

It's called Agoda.

So if you take a look here on Agoda,

I put in Dubai for one night starting tonight and

if you go here, you can filter by price,

by location,

you can see on this map here that we can go

all the way to The Palm,

or we can go all the way to...

My battery's dying.

And we'll see from our results here

that we've got what looks to be Grandma's little

storage room for $10 a night.

My computer died.


Apologies for that.

I don't know why I always wait til my computer's dead

to plug it in but here we are.

So one last thing I wanted to show you is yes,

you can go to Agoda, book cheap hotels there,

but one last thing,

if you're a solo traveler in particular,

I think hostels are a great place to go.

And for that,

there's a website called Hostelworld.

It's like 40 degrees and humid right now,

but we're gonna go and brave it.

We're gonna show you around Dubai,

the outside, where nobody can charge us to see

because we

are affordable travelers.

Let's go have a look.

(upbeat electronic music)

Sorry, guys.

Just fanning myself with all my savings

I'm making right now because

it is completely free to be here.

But it's also very hot.

One of the really great things that Dubai has to offer

is their shopping

but if you're on a budget,

shopping's not really for you.

Nonetheless, I still recommend

that even if you're on a tight budget,

check out the Mall.

The Mall itself is kind of an attraction.

It's extremely beautiful from the fountains,

the ice skating.

I should also mention, it can be one of the cheaper places

to get food.

One of the ways to actually eat affordably

is actually in the Dubai Mall.

There is a

huge array of restaurants.

You can easily spend a lot,

or you can get some Canadian food,

like Tim Horton's and keep costs low.

So Katia and I have ordered ourselves some wraps.

It was around like, six dollars U.S. per person

so it's very affordable

if you need it to be.

(upbeat hip hop music)

Alright, guys.


once you go--ahh!

I almost took out a little kid.

Once you come into the Dubai Mall,

something that's kinda fun,

especially if you have never tried it before

is ice skating.

So this is kind of affordable.

It's coming around 75 AED,

which isn't exactly that cheap for ice skating, but

for it being in the Dubai Mall, trying to kill time,

if you're not sure what to do, it's pretty fun.

So just inside of the Dubai Mall

is a connection into the Burj Khalifa,

the tallest building in the entire world.

You actually don't know how much it's gonna cost you

until you get through the line.

There's no display of the price,

the people working the front won't tell you,

they're like,

"Well, it depends on the time of the day."

So I actually just went to the At The Top website

where they sell the tickets to go all the way up the Burj

and I found that it's actually

135 to go to

floors 124 and floors 125.

That's where I've been before

and I must recommend it.

It is very, very cool.

With that being said, though,

there is a more budget alternative

that recently opened.

It's called the Dubai Frame.

I believe it's been open for about a year or two

and for about 60 AED,

you should pre-book your tickets.

If you don't pre-book your tickets,

let me show you what happened when we went.

♪ Put the place up ♪

How cool was that?

- Amazing.

Line was incredible.

- We had to book tickets online.

We tried to show up and just buy them at the door.

They're 50 AED per person but again,

if you haven't reserved any then

you're not gonna get in, so.

Round two, baby.

We got this this time, let's go.

We're going to the Frame.

You already know we booked tickets this time.

You already know, though,

we about to hit up that gold.

I want the gold.

All I see is gold.

You already know, though,

she showed up with a player,

we about to see the gold.

We about to go up into the gold


Up we go, the Frame.

Willy Wonka glass elevator style.

(mellow electronic music)

Moral of the story,

pay the 10 AED extra

and pre-book your tickets if you're gonna go

to the Frame.

I should also mention that

at the end of the exhibit,

there is this incredible,

270 degree screen that gives you this like,

future of Dubai tour and it's like,

one of the most engaging videos I've ever watched.

I've never seen anything like it.

Now even though this video is about affordable travel,

traveling is exceptionally expensive

and I'm so grateful that today's video

is actually sponsored by

a company that not only made this video possible,

but also by a company that made this video better.

Now, you may have noticed a few unique shots

here in this video,

namely, the Metro system timelapse

and the one in the Spice Souk.

Now, these were actually not shot by me.

They were shot by shooters who I will probably

never meet

but the incredible thing was

their footage was made accessible to me

by Videoblocks.

And what Videoblocks is is it's a giant database

of incredibly beautiful footage

from all around the world

of all sorts of different subjects.

You just type into the search bar what you're looking for.

From there, you can download your royalty-free footage

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and the best thing of it all

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That right there is mind blowing to me

as a videographer, as a YouTuber,

it's such a game changer and I couldn't be more stoked.

They are making my life so much better

so a huge thank you to Videoblocks.

Hopefully, they'll sponsor another video.

As you can probably tell,

I've actually left Dubai

but there's a website I wanna share with you

because I really think it could actually save you

potentially hundreds of dollars if you're spending

a little while in Dubai.

If you wanna shop the website,

it's called

and they literally have everything from restaurants,

activities, and hotels.

I wanted to show you a few activities

that I found while going through the website

for 10 minutes.

One of my favorite activities that I've done in Dubai

is the one right here.

(upbeat indie music)

Now that activity was done with a company

by the name of Platinum Heritage

and they're definitely not on the lower end of the budget.

In fact, they're on the higher end,

but I've really loved my time.

The great thing is, though,

if you're on a tight budget,

I've literally found one here for the equivalent of

20 U.S. dollars

that they will take you out to the desert,

they'll feed you,

they'll take you through the dunes in a buggy.

They'll give you the full camel experience.

Belly dancers,

and the cool thing is the ratings are

basically four out of five stars.

A lot of people here saying,

"Good value for money, but

"we were very packed in the small minivan."

So I guess again,

whatever you pay for, that's typically what you get back

in value.

Carrying on, you can rent a super car,

a whew,





And that right there is

152 U.S. dollars for an hour.

That's really not that bad when you consider

it's a Lamborghini.

If you wanna enjoy the waterfront

that Dubai has to offer, then right here we've got

some jet skis

and they've got pretty good reviews

by the looks of it.

$51 U.S.

You can get a spa treatment here for


It includes access to the facilities.

I found here a four star hotel

that's very close to the airport,

not really that close to downtown.

About a 20 minute drive away.

49 U.S. dollars.

Two people

get breakfast at a four star hotel.

Now this is what I like to call

balling on a budget.

For 899 AED, or in other words,

240 U.S. dollars,

you can have 16 of your bros chilling on a freaking yacht.

And this isn't just any yacht,

like, this thing looks beautiful.

You can rent an ATV, $46 in the middle of the desert

for an hour.

Pretty lit.

Okay, there's one last thing I wanna show you.

There's actually an Abu Dhabi tour.

I did go to Abu Dhabi

during my last trip to Dubai

and it's a bit of a hassle to get out there.

It's about an hour and a half drive and

there's a company here that will do it for

125 AED.

Now, the best

has been saved for last.

I wanted to share with you

for the real explorers, the people that wanna get lost,


is Butt Tourism.

I have no idea

what it's doing on the website.

Now, they only have a two and a half star,

I guess it's not for everyone, but

you've got the option.

Not sponsored.

I wish it was.

So I went to my local buddy

who actually lives in U.A.E.

And I said, "Nabil,

"tell me one affordable activity

"that you would highly recommend

"to somebody who's coming here."

One of the places that he highly recommended

you go and check out

is the Etihad Museum.

For just 25 AED, you get access

to one of the world's most state of the art museums.

It's this beautiful, beautiful building

and they share with you the history of U.A.E.

and Dubai in particular.

And if you don't already know,

Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities

in the entire world.

In 20 years,

it absolutely shot out of nowhere.

If you don't believe me, Google it,

you'll be blown away.

And if ever I had to learn

the history on a country and a city,

this would probably be the one

I'd wanna learn about, so.

Well that wraps it up, guys.

I hope you found some great tips

to make your trip to Dubai

an affordable one.

And next week,

I'm posting the polar opposite video.

The most luxurious of Dubai.

This is not gonna be a budget-friendly itinerary

but I'll show you

how point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero

one percent of the world lives.

The billionaire population.

I had the incredible experience

of trying it out for a week

and I wanna share with you what it was like.

Whether it actually

was enjoyable, whether it made us happy.

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Sometimes they don't like to send it out

so in case they don't,

I will see you back here on Saturday

and guys, as always,

let's get lost again in the next one.