Flying to Hawaii during Covid - 19 // Step by Step Requirements // Hawaii Travel Restrictions

we have just received our negative covid

test results

so i guess we're going to hawaii

good morning happy travelers we're back

at the airport today

because we're going to hawaii hawaii

that's my hula sorry we are about to go


see if we can get on this plane and

we're going to phoenix first and then

to kona traveling to hawaii right now

it's pretty complicated

with copa test results quarantines and

all sorts of stuff but we'll get into

that a little later in the video yes by

the time we get there we'll have been

tested three times in four days

let's go get on that plane


got our boarding passes so we're headed

to phoenix at least



okay we've made it to phoenix we're

about to head over to our gate for kona

and we've already been checked out for a

seat so that's good

so we have a few minutes sitting here

waiting for our flight before we head to

kona and we thought we'd explain a

little bit about the travel requirements

going to hawaii right now over the


in hawaii if you went there you had to

quarantine for two weeks and they were

super super strict about it but

starting in october i believe they

developed a program where if you got a

negative covid test within 72 hours of


you could be exempt from that quarantine

you have to get it from an approved

lab it's a list of certain labs that you

can get it from it can't be

from any lab we learned that the hard

way yeah we ended up

getting one from the wrong lab and we

had to hustle

to get one in time so we've had two

tests in the last three days

both negative and it's a little bit

different for each island but we're

going to the big island

and it's the same with the 72 hours but

they are also

rapid testing on arrival so once we get

there we will get rapid tested for free

at the airport

once we get that negative result we are

free to explore



we made it now we have to go through and

present our qr code

from the forms and things that we filled

out before we got on our flight

it's where we uploaded our negative

covid test


we made it through the first section and

then they gave us these little placards

here to get our second test

which we're gonna go get right now

it's like 5 million degrees and i'm here

for it

my turn

thank you

that wasn't so bad that was

gentler than some of the other people

that have done it guy just came out to

us gave us a

email address and said that we are free

to go get our rental car

and get our checked bags but we need to


in the area for the next 30 minutes or

so in case

they need to call us back he said that

the only reason that they would

call us is that we're positive or they

need to re-swab us so if we don't hear

from them in about 30 minutes

we're good to go we have got our checked

bags and now we're just waiting on the

rental car shuttle


we just picked up our rental car we were

literally the only two people on

the shuttle and the only two people at

the counter

so it went super fast faster than any

rental car i've ever

gotten before i think it did have a lot

of new regulations regarding kovid

part of that safe hawaii travels you

have to upload all of your negative

test results too they needed to see that

as well there

so they're being very very serious about

your coveted tests

and making sure you follow all the rules

all the way through a few

tips that we have learned so far is have

your id ready

for ever don't ever put it away until

you're literally in your hotel room

because you'll need it like 50 times

have your logins for your test results

and your safe hawaii thing all set up

and ready to go have your qr code

we didn't print ours out but we had

screenshots and we had it downloaded and

we had it ready to go

they wanted to see the qr code and they

wanted to see the actual test results

which i wasn't

anticipating them wanting to see both of

them and then here at the

rental car agency they actually wanted

us to log in

and they wanted to look at it themselves

have all your logins ready to go and if

you're not

real fast with electronics just print

out the qr code and the test results

it'll be easier for you

instead of trying to fool around with

trying to log into all this stuff so

it's been very very thorough so far but

actually i really appreciate that


we've been tested so many times that we

definitely do not have kovid and we feel

perfectly fine about exploring this

beautiful beautiful place they told us

that we should wait about 30 or 40


and if we didn't hear anything from them

then we were good to go

so it's been about 40 minutes so far and

we're gonna head to our hotel

my ties here we come


this little resort is so big it needs a

tram to get around

so we're just about ready to check into

our room and it's

all the way down here at the end and

it's got

double doors double doors

what what does that mean i've never had

a room that had double doors before

let's go i gotta break the seal the

hilton clean stay


did we get look at upgraded place

did you know about this no

this was not expected she goes it has a

balcony i was like oh cool

i think it's got more than one balcony

what is going on here third balcony

dude this is nice

okay so they met five balconies they're


there's five you didn't know about this

i did not know about this

i swear so we're gonna have to do a full

room tour of this place

we did reach out to the marketing

department and said that we

you know have a youtube channel they

agreed to do a limited

collaboration but we didn't think that

it was going to be like an

upgrade i had no i booked the

the cheapest room possible which yeah i

normally do

a few moments later so i really don't

know how we just spent like three hours

in this room we

didn't do anything just walking back and

forth like this place is so long

i'm working off all the food that i'm

going to eat

we have changed we're going to go check

out the sunset and then get some dinner

i know you guys are probably curious

about this room but we are going to do

a full tour in tomorrow's video so

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good explanation i know so let's go

uh explore this huge ash resort

okay so we finally made it out of the

room we're exploring the resort and man

hawaii has hands down some of the best

sunsets i've ever seen it's

already starting to be just insane

this is a freaking huge resort we're

hoofing it to the other side i swear

it's like a mile

came by and lit all the tiki torches and

that makes me happy

but as you can see the sun went down and

it was beautiful

and now i'm freaking starving so there's

actually only one restaurant

on the resort that's open and it's

italian and kevin

said no to italian so there's tons of

places to eat in this area it's called

waikoloa village yeah you can't have

italian when you're in hawaii especially

not in the first night

what are you thinking i'm thinking

pulled pork

and mai tai


so we found a restaurant called a bay's

island grill

it's right across the street from the

marriott resort and i got some

fish and chips in a mai tai kevin got

fish tacos which is

pretty typical for him look at this baby

okay that's gonna be it for us tonight

we're getting a little loopy because

we're both so tired hopefully you guys

got a little bit of info from this

don't be afraid to come here there's

nobody here

yeah it's definitely dead i know that

they need people to come and

kind of get the tourism economy back up

so as long as you follow the

necessary steps it's really not that bad

they're strict but

it's still hawaii so i think it's worth

it thanks so much for watching everyone

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and we'll see you tomorrow with a full

room tour

this is the awkward tourists peace out


maintaining space between you and other

customers as you wait for today's flight

our onboard service has temporarily


oh my god it's hot it's hot it's humid


so hot and humid so we just got our

rental car

yeah i don't even know i ever talk i

should just let you say everything