My Flight Experience From LAX To Orlando on July 4th 2020 - Traveling Has Changed In Many Ways

welcome everyone Adam - whoo here as of

the recording of this it is the morning

of July 4th 2020 and I have booked a

flight cross-country from LAX one way no

lay overs there is a closer Airport but

that would require stopping in another

city Landing rewarding taking off again

so I'm choosing to go up to Los Angeles

International to Central Florida I'm

inviting you to join me Shelly the

duration of most a day I will have this

on and I brought a couple backup for my

trip the uber ride up and while on the

airport premises and continually through

the entire flight and on top of

everything else going from this to this

it's all part of the experience I have

been checking very thoroughly over the

past few days and this morning just to

make sure that there has nothing has

changed once I land the state has

different policies some do and some


Florida where I am heading has nothing

set as of right now in stone that once

you arrive you have to stay put you are

allowed to go out see things do things

that had a lot to do with the decision

if it was not that way

I would be staying right here and as I

mentioned it is a one-way flight once I

get there there's no telling how I'm a

how long I might stick around for

because possibly I might not be able to

get back or when I get back here there

might be something in order where once I

arrived from Florida back to California

it could be two weeks could be three

weeks it could be a month I'll just

cross that bridge when I get there but

as of right now everything's ago I know

that was a little bit of a law

winded explanation but just wanted to

throw that out there just so no rumors

speculation and untruths start floating

around once I arrive I'll be checking in

to my hotel that I have procured for the

extent of this journey in normal

situations I would stay in my parents

guest room

but not this time times are different

that was without a doubt the quickest I

have ever gotten from Orange County to

LAX very little traffic there is some

here and what they refer to as the

horseshoe but not anywhere near as much

as what I'm used to I have chosen Delta

Airlines and the only reason I did so is

because they had the direct flight no

lay overs as of before the 1st of July

so very recently there were no direct

flights from here to Orlando but some

have started to pop up and Delta was the

one I chose and it just so worked out

because I am hearing strong rumors that

a lot of the other airlines are now not

blocking the middle seats I have a

window seat as far as I can tell there's

no one sitting in the middle row I would

say nine times out of ten it's usually

American Airlines but changing it up to

that just looking up here on the

departure board for which gate I need to

go to I go I am noticing a lot of

sanitizing stations all around

checkpoint doesn't look look too bad

they have the markers here along the

ground telling you to to maintain but in

all honesty there's not really a whole

lot of

people appear to be traveling on this

particular day yeah smooth sailing so

far and as par for the course have take

the shoes off belt off remove all

electronics laptop out of the bag none

of that has changed when I have to get

redressed they did have a new process I

had never had never done before there

instead of showing your boarding pass

and then scanning we're looking at your

driver's license you put it into this

little box hi them and then it spits it

back out and lets you know that you're

that you're available to go through

there is a lot of beeping noise but a

solid noise like a beep that's not

ending we're a whole lot of option so I

went with Evian made in the French Alps

I did the opposite of this from the east

to west coast back in early April and

let me say there are a lot more people

it's not busy but there are a lot more

people than when I did that a couple

months ago it's kind of like round 2

during all this neither that trip or

this one I am too and not in too

incredibly excited about taking this

mode of transportation

however I did contemplate getting a

rental car but there's a little bit of a

time crunch for future nearly immediate

plans and you know doing a three or four

day getting hotels along the way I just

didn't seem I kind of I kind of weighed

out the options but that one and this

one during this time I am I am not real

stoked on doing this gonna be alright I

did confirm that the middle section of

the road

when I was going up to check that that

was the right gate was clarified and

confirmed that they Delta has still as

of right now as the middle roadblock so

I won't be sitting next to anyone which

is better give me a little space I have

more or less come to the conclusion that

I'm doing my part and if things get a

little bit too uncomfortable then I'll

just you know move out of the general

vicinity I had to give an approximate

percentage I would say about 90% of

everyone is adhering which is pretty

good how at least here in LA I don't

know how Florida when I arrive will be

but here it's yes everything is is

working out well from at least from what

I can form what I can see they're making

a lot of announcements

oh yeah that's another thing they just

said I did have to remove it when I was

doing the screening there's only for

five seconds so they could check my face

along with my ID don't know the reason

why some establishments are open and

others are closed they also just stated

that on what I'm going to be boarding

will not be any sort of snacks or food

items so need to go I'm glad I got the

water I'm glad I'm kind of watching what

I eat so I'm not tempted to get any fat

or they will not be coming down the

aisle with anything this might be the

very first one of these that I've seen a

cardboard Purell dispenser


it's a little backed up so I'm just kind


kind of waiting back someone behind me

just dropped something


as you join us in wearing face masks on

today's flight and throughout all phases

of life

welcome aboard have those out and ready

and handed to us while we come through

to collections again we will be coming

really out to like to use hand sanitizer

please have them out and ready for us

good morning where the camphor

heading west a u-turn

and go back to the east

and you'd mentioned earlier how there

was no food service but they are and

incorrect they are handing out some



Bracey bucks and tray tables to their

upright position for landing again aisle

seat backs and tray tables back to their

full upright position we'll be landing

in just a few minutes

and just a reminder ladies and gentlemen

it is very late and it has been a long

flight please check your seat pockets

and the area around your feet for small

personal items that you might have

released there like cell phones iPads

car keys my glasses and so on we don't

want you to accidentally forget anything

and leave it behind thank you and again

welcome to our show


I made it this is officially the longest

I have ever worn one of these in a row

between the flight the uber ride and you

know just waiting it's probably been six

and a half maybe seven hours and with

the exception of just kind of tipping

enough to ship on a little bit of water

pat it on the whole time and has it been

too bad oh grandpa

there goes that I got a catch definitely

got to catch the back so I just missed

it here comes another one oh yeah

little native airplane tires your

residence in Florida or both

providers say

- sure

not be part of the time

at all


to the handrails the shovel is

approaching the main terminal

when the soul stops the accident and all


Retd almost immediately with doctors

like 1 2 3 pours a whole bunch of these

it is a it is definitely not a beehive

of activity in here heading down to get

my rental car I'm pretty used to us

every time I come here I rent a car so I

know where I'm going just have to choose

one that's gonna well if I choose one

that I desire but I'll pretty much just

get whatever they have and now that I'm

done with all that this is coming off

made it to my accommodations give you a

little bit of a tour here little kitchen

area the den ceiling fan which is nice

and out of that room into this hallway

you've got the sink facilities and the

bet that's gonna do it for today if

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