they shouldn't have been but this

morning was very stressful I'm sorry for

the very long music montage leading up

to us being here right now I've got in

this terribly bad habit of planning

things very last minute I assumed it'd

take us like an hour to get to the

airport because why would it take any

longer than that took over two hours to

get to this Airport so yeah we've been

rushing around we had to catch a metro

and get on a forever long bus ride and

now we're finally here we had like two

seconds in the lounge we got to eat

which is good brownies so now we're

going to knock oh yeah today we are

flying to Marrakesh here in like five

minutes we'll show you a quick preview

of the lounge on the way


and I didn't see much of the lounge but

I was pleasantly surprised the rest of

this airport looks like a warehouse and

the lounge was really nice we final

boarding call yet London really bought

these a very expectation but even though

it was breezy I liked it so much tell me

what happened to Dante put your life

jacket inside the cabin has to do simply

a page or exit



currently waiting a lot to get into the


having done my research on visas or

stamps pretty sure you don't need one

you got our number and we are officially

stamped into the country

all right first things first on a new

country figure out the money situation

what is it called search of the D

assuming some these days on the dough

that's coming out okay



Durham's first impressions of morocco

this building is huge and so

cool-looking and the guy passport

control was super fun

I will say the airplane rod on the way

here was like one of the weirder

airplane rods we've had this entire year

it was by far the loudest everybody was

just like yelling tumbled up in the

aisles hanging out the flight attendants

we're having to like fight past people

family it is just Friday afternoon

everybody was getting rowdy

or maybe it was how the rest of our week

is going to go and rock should be


now the air B&B that we're staying at is

supposed to be sending somebody to come

pick us up and take us because

apparently this is where those places

like Stone Town where it's like

impossible to find the place that you're

staying at so we're hoping that your

duplicate son that's us that's cat home

sweet huh we just got to our room and

our Airbnb host already invited us to

dinner so we're going to walk about 20

minutes to a place that he said is super

delicious super cheap Moroccan food so

sound right up our alley

oh good it's all ready for the net yeah

think that if you need a picture

together tonight was crazy our memory

card filled up on our camera which was

devastating so we couldn't capture it

all so here's a little bit of a rundown

on tonight our Airbnb host Michael

because I'm the coolest doer of

marrakesh ever showed up here and he was

like hey when I go to dinner with

everybody he had an amazing meal

couscous with chicken and it came in

this pot with no steamy first ever - G -

gene - gene it was delicious

it had figs in his little noodles an end

or dessert which Lysa's with scented

caramel stuff - flan flan yeah we

thought our night was over and each I

say you know we're talking to these guys

who live in the desert and I've got the

big head thing for tea and then I'm

looking at all this jewelry but to put

on proper person that lives in the

desert with it thank seriously what

famous square that I don't remember what

I bred at like 11:00 p.m. and that was

our first three and a half hours in

Morocco I think we're gonna like it here

what a crazy night

no rules everybody's just wandering

around the tarmac

bus stop behalf with airport no this is

for waiting is it wet Guinness Book of

World Records largest necklace get them