Travel to Mexico City for 6 Weeks - Day 1 Flying Interjet✈

Whats up amigos it is Jon i'm heading for Mexico City.

My flight leaves in about four hours.

And i'm going to be living there for six weeks.

We've got a lot of catching up to do.

It's going to be a long day.

I'm heading for the airport. JFK.

Going to fly on Interjet to Mexico City.

And i'm going to be living there as I said for 6 weeks.

With my girlfriend. Who has been in some of my past vlogs.

I also did a really popular video about Mexico City which I made back in October.

That was kind of the reason that i'm going again.

I loved that trip so much.

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That may have been the quickest lyft ride in history.

I got to the airport in under 30 minutes from downtown Manhattan.

And i'm going to be doing these vlogs a little bit differently

Than i've done in the past.

I think they're going to be a little bit more biographical.

A little bit more day to day.

I'm going to try to bring you guys right into my life in Mexico.

I'm even going to speak more Spanish.

God only knows I need the work.

And now i'm going to go do something which I rarely ever do at airports.

Check my bag.

I'm so early that they have not even opened up the check-in counter yet.

I'm going to go to try to get access to the Air France Lounge.

With my priority pass card.

I'm not sure if i'm guranteed admission.

But it would certainly make my morning a lot better.

So I made it into the Air France lounge.

With my priority pass card.

I did a whole video i'm going to leave a card about it.

About how to get access to airport lounges like this, where i'm not paying a dime for anything.

And I've got access to food, drinks, alcohol.

Although I don't know how you could possibly drink at this hour.

So i am really happy to enjoy a couple of hours just relaxing here.

Some amazing views from this lounge to.

Can even see downtown Manhattan if you zoom enough.

Now I have to go catch my flight with Interjet.

You've probably never heard of them.

Unless you're Mexican. I flew them from Havana to Cancun before.

That's how I got acquainted with this airline.

It is super cheap.

And if you book on the website in Spanish you actually save money with the conversion rate.

So my one way flight to Mexico City is about 150 dollars.

And to top all of that off.They have free corona.

And tecate on the flight.

So I think that was the dealbreaker.

I'm looking forward to having one on board.

For the first time ever I'm going to attempt to edit while on an airplane.

You ever have it where you have a lot of energy early in the day of a trip .

And then by the afternoon you're dead?

That's me right now. About to get to immigration so i'm going to turn my camera off.

I did call an uber. And in the airport in Mexico City

You have to pick what door the Uber is going to pick you up at.

And this ride should be no more than five or six dollars.

Uber is exceptionally cheap in Mexico City.

And that's going to be a recurring theme, during the next six weeks.

It said Puerta number 7.

So you guys might here me speaking some Spanish right now.

One of my goals on this trip is to practice my Spanish a lot more.

And it starts with my first Uber ride.

Alright we made it, on the elevator finally after all this time.

Almost here.

I'm finally relaxing on our couch in our Airbnb.

In La Roma.

Adriana is going to be coming a little bit later.

So you will see her again in the next vlog.

I'm also going to be including a tour of the apartment and the building.

In that if you're curious what kind of rentals you can get in Mexico City.

The uber driver actually spoke English.

A little bit. So people hav asked me if you can get by in Mexico City without any Spanish.

I think you should at least learn a little bit.

It will help you out a lot.

Maybe not the most exciting day in history today.

But i'm happy to be here right now. I'm going to go shower, relax.

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For the next month and a half.

Be a part of where you go. Thanks for watching.