Legally Flying Over Norwich Airport

we're gonna play though man


so small

this is party awesome now if

honestly I don't know why

never get jobs like this again in my

life they're trying it

that's great like a silly crazy

well the chances of that man that's so

cool I'm entirely honest I'm pretty

nervous what's about to go down tonight

it's gonna be one of those nights get a

once-in-a-lifetime flight which is what

makes it such a unique flight it's

tonight we're flying over Norwich


now usually we can't fly over Norwich

Airport just classified airspace

however because of the coronavirus that

airspace doesn't exist after 5:00 p.m.

so let's get the rest of this rigged up

I'll explain how this flight has been

made possible once we're up in the air


clear prop

in there and that one in there

these clothes trimmers and said this is

gonna be hard



we're all

so for the guys that are new around here

the contraption I'm flying

it's called the paramotor essentially

it's a two-stroke engine with a

propeller and then you're attached to a

paraglider now what makes these so

special is they're portable and you

don't really need a runway to take off

as you've just seen I've just taken off

from a really small space which is now

allowing me to explore the countryside

from a whole different perspective it's

just ever going the right way shall we

go back on track

another thing that makes these great is

that they're totally accessible to

anyone and what I mean by that is they

cost about the same price as getting a

full-size mer bike so what is today's

flight so rare and how am I able to fly

near Norwich Airport let's star for the

basics first of all we need the right

conditions to fly in and at the moment

the past month it's been pretty amazing

flying weather but because of the

coronavirus we haven't been allowed out

in the middle of last week the CAA gave

the thumbs up the general aviation keep

you out flying again however the flights

from Norwich International Airport are

still very few and far between that

means their airspace is only open

between seven and five o'clock because

we're now coming into the summer months

we can fly up until God sunset will I

ever get chance to do anything quite

like this again maybe not and that's why

the old saying goes you've gotta be in

it to win it exists

speaking of which we're coming up on

Norwich Airport right now and it's just

over there


oh you're someone else down

someone else or the pheromone

- that's awesome

well the chances of that man that's so

cool anyway like I was saying yeah we're

here at Norwich Airport and this is

pretty surreal to think that like seven

four sevens take off from here that's

crazy like that's so crazy

and yet we all out deploy here because

of the corona virus now if that ain't a

silver lining honestly I don't know why


- this is so sick

and I will never get a chance like this

again in my life

all the sun's about a peek through as

well ah this looks beautiful let's get

some cool photos

do you just look at this

this is so awesome oh my god I can't

even believe it right - look at that

plane down there

they look so small


this is bloody awesome

hello is he a museum three sick

got some old planes down it don't ask

you while they are

oh man this is so cool


I can't explain oh cool this is Wow

it's nice and warm up here actually

all right let's get a few more

photographs and

hedaan whom shall we

I'm gonna trying it on

like what chunks together

well that was totally worth it let's

finish off the night with a little bear

loaf line so if you're interested and

learn how to fly one of these things it

takes about four to five days worth of

training you could teach yourself but

it's advisable to go to a bhp a school

in the UK honestly see in the world from

this respective

it's just freeing

I can see the landing zone





like this interested

this bitey

our home and safe you can't put it any

closer to a car than that there we go

another mission success and another

great night flying Parramatta if you're

interested in getting into paramotors

check out some of my other videos on how

i starting to learn and there's gonna be

more adventures like this coming soon so

until then i'll see you up in the ish