Flying From Orlando to Where??? Travel Vlog

so when you have an idea and you decided

it you think it's a great idea until

it's been like 5:00 in the morning and

you're at the airport we're gonna get on

yourself with less flight yep we're back

at the airport and we are traveling on

Southwest to a destination you guys will

see once we get there take about three

hours for us to get there but not far as

California we're not going to California

not traveling overseas

we're staying within the ice date zone

but see how dark it is out there it is

dark our flight doesn't start boarding

for another like 15 minutes but we take

off it's 6:15







great houston it cold

this isn't degrees house it's so cold

we're also this isn't on our final stop

either this is our own just our first

stop of the day about two and a half

hour flight from Orlando Houston and

I've got one more flight to catch on the

next flight will leave at 9:00 so gotta

go find it so we're in the Houston

Airport the Hobby as they call it and

are any more impressed with this one

then ours was Buffalo Wild Wings there's

a Dunkin Donuts and a baskin-robbins

over to gate 49 for our next flight

which is that we would go that way and

then around so yeah we don't flight

number two we're like five minutes of

spare crevice one

Mutulu fine with chocolates

really like in Alonso

Nikolaev our journey shall take about an

hour we should be on our gas station


and we're here - I say we landed in

Dallas Love Field and gets written

Dallas we're here at Dallas is our last

stop for the day so we are gonna be

heading out of the terminal because

we're actually not actually staying in


knowing tell y'all now just cuz I can

we're actually heading to Fort Worth

which is the neighboring city yep

exactly they said I said we're going

back to my hometown of Fort Worth

actually gonna be there for a few days

we're gonna actually seeing my sister

perform with her high school band as a

colorguard so to be awesome so we're

gonna go out gonna fly my mom because

she's one picking us up right now