How to fly the San Francisco Bay Tour

the San Francisco Bay tour is a great

flight for sightseeing and having lunch

at Half Moon Bay and just seeing that

area in general it's really not as

intimidating as one might think if you

request the bade tour from NorCal

approach they're more than willing to

more than happy to accommodate and more

than happy to put you on flight

following as well it helps them not

greately simply put the bade tour is

coming in either from the north or south

traversing underneath the Class B

airspace and then leaving the opposite

direction so I have a light here I'm

coming in from the north

and I'm going to go south to north on

this flight with a stop at Half Moon Bay

for lunch the great restaurant here it's

on the field you can walk to impart

right in front of it

it's well worth it so let's do a little

review on our airspace requirements as

you remember from your Private Pilot

ground school days this area

30 nautical miles around San Francisco

is called the mode sea veil you have to

have a transponder with mode C

capabilities in order to come in 30

miles of the airport

that is true for all altitudes and that

if you don't have that transponder with

mode C can't come in this area however

the airspace is much simpler

member airspace rolls these two rings

here are part of the Class B airspace


between these two rings we have to be

under 8,000 feet or over 10,000 feet if

we're between 8 and 10,000 feet were in

Class B airspace in order to be there we

have to have explicit permission from


so stay below 8,000 feet you have no

problem at all

my next checkpoint down here is San Jose

International Airport

this is Class C airspace or to come into

class C

oh I'm sorry Class C is from the surface

to 4,000 feet so as long as I'm above

4,000 feet below 8,000 I don't have to

talk to anybody at all once I hit San

Jose Airport I'm gonna make a lazy

right-hand turn

just to keep me away from all this other

traffic here and you'd come out as far

as you want but I have another ring that

I've just gone through this ring is over

here 6,000 feet so drop down to below

6,000 feet no worries whatsoever you can

see this Class C right here kind of

still have to be above 4,000 feet

be there so between four and six

thousand feet right here 4k

once I you know just about even with

moffett field's here is the next ring

and the final one this one is four

thousand feet so as soon as I get to

this ring or before I need to be below

4,000 feet drop down below that

all the way to Oakland alright so we're

at Half Moon Bay we're going to leave

let's take a look at departure

again really easy

you'll see Halfmoon Bay's right here

what I want to point out is this little

strip of airspace right

I know my route line blurs it but

here's your Class B

is the ring

1,500 feet 10,500 feet only applies to

this little section not out here out

here 2,100 feet you stay below 2,100 no

problem at all

best way to do that and make sure that

your outside of this area here is

in here

punch in Sutra su TR o that is a GPS

Waypoint it will keep you outside of the

airspace here another good way is once

you leave Half Moon Bay keep this

highway on your right-hand side I want

to tell you one stuff here but we keep

that highway on your right-hand side

that director Sutro and you don't have

anything to worry about

stay below 2100 and you're not in Class

B airspace okay finally

we get to Sutro

here you're gonna be able to see the

Golden Gate Bridge where you're not

so just point your aircraft towards

Golden Gate Bridge and head straight

there your altitude or Class B airspace

is only going to climb from here on out

so stay below 3000 feet

here have any work and then as you

proceed north eastbound

it's only getting taller so 4,000 feet

6,000 feet next thing you know you're

completely out from the 30 nautical


what are you going to see obviously the

goal in the gate bridge you're passing

right at the top of that that's pretty


here's Alcatraz that's pretty neat

you've got Angel Island here you can go

right between the two

Stadium here right along the stadium

of--they these are all the piers all the

peers of course you're gonna see San

Francisco you'll see Oakland

International town of Oakland and all

that so hopefully this helps if you have

any questions leave a comment or a

question below and I'll be glad to help

you out