Travel 14 hrs With Me To Seoul, South Korea πŸ‡°πŸ‡·λ‚˜μ™€ ν•¨κ»˜ μ„œμšΈλ‘œ μ—¬ν–‰ (NYC to ICN ALONE) Asia Vlog #1



patience with the greatest can't wait to

say I made it's us to go so sad help

them get doused the channels that upload

me and they just grab is downstairs

waiting for me and I'm not even ready I

look crazy I know my wig is not really

door anything but my flight leaves at

1:55 is I'm gonna show you guys what I

put in my car yeah I packed two check

bags full size very full size check bags

and then I also have a carry-on and a

personal item which is a book bag no I

live here

I'm just visiting I'm like studying

abroad for school where I'm here that's

why I wasn't there




a lot of people here line down behind it






you guys it's like seven pounds over

with it's supposed to be that half size

we tacked in place them some of this



and they charge me $100 I didn't know

that 35



one of my bags are 27 and it's supposed

to be 25 and ordering for it to be a

free check bag and the other one hit 25

says it is a 20 efforts and I put things

up and the other one so now it almost

mean five but the other one is 27 so I

have seen friends who are travelling me

and I'm just gonna put them on my stuff

in there oh my god what the hell is on

my face the thing I came to airport

early because I left it at airport at

10:30 and my flight doesn't me so 155



oh no sorry one thing we waste to my



now I'm just logging the airport I still

the eyes on me I feel it serious my

bookbag had got stopped because I said

isn't it and apparently you can't have

scissors to cut it can be used as a

weapon it has to go to beat you get

these 29 I think I think it's this way

everywhere I go there's like a trickshot

they even have to check in Hong Kong

which is really cool I'm currently at

Yankees hitting theory so I have a

little bit more walking to go but I

really feel like I can't walk no more

think man I'll get to my gate if they're

not boarding yeah I'm just gonna sit

down and I'm gonna show you guys what I

have in my carry-on bag so it stays me

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I'm just here

in the 19 hour flight it is really hard

to vlog in the airport because it's just

like a lot going on have luggage and

then like the TSA officers they would

decide are you coordinate just sitting

here waiting as you can see that's in

line for my planes but that's like not

even economy yet let me show you guys

what I brought in my carry-on I brought

this and I also have this big duffel bag

and my hard drive and I have some cables

that connect to my here just do some

work I have like my stripper in this

thing with my african black soap in here

because it is an on site in like I'm not

gonna freshen up we're just wash my face

okay I got this whole mess well rockin

like pull my hair before please nothing

down I'd like my charger charger

did not

have a map in case that one likes cab

thank you

therefore bad but

I also have my camera

would you film the camera in here

because just when I get super view if I

want to take like a little vintage photo

I might take everything else it's a

library feedback and I don't want to

miss my flight trono sit there

show you guys everything in there and

then brush your brush and good and then

in this little section attack and that's

my bathroom area let me go get it


so yeah and that was not gonna have my

passport in my wallet and my wallet says

my IQ doesn't care I just have my

husband open the door

and then in my bag I just have more

makeup so I have my foundation I'm gonna

hunt on and they probably don't have my

back and that's so funny because they

may take all my other scissors and PSA

and I'm so glad they didn't trust

because these are my kids discover link

and baby

I was not having your time just

everything that might need to prolong my

weight and then I have to here have like

you tampons of razors Hansen

Vanessa baguette have like little

toothpaste because I will be traveling a

lot when I get there and I just have the


I'm a bird then in this duffel bag I'm

not gonna show you everything you got me

I mainly just have to grab like what

this little water bottle can still trap

my water and then I also have like soot

Roseanne baton and in the beginning this

video I showed you guys we taking these

out of the my deep freezer and they

actually work if you bring problems like

the quiz and to the airport they're

gonna it's gonna pass you TSA I just

brought these colorful little dress I

have my charger cake by the way I can't

have a star

awesome math kids like the air over

there instead

somebody stop which is always essential

when you're handling you don't have it

have some converted for example like

type C just like yours in here I have

like a bunch of different country

they have to put everything in addition

I also bought like you can

vanilla wafers

and I also have flowers

I also bought my dress so if wake up in

my teeth I'm mourning their something or

I just want to freshen up like wash my

face brush my teeth off yeah you guys






five seven two one

I'm gonna come back here for you guys


what a night

now on you