A First Hand Look At The Process to Fly Into Belize


so if you're traveling to belize be

prepared to have

maybe a hiccup when you're checking in

at your first destination

we flew out of denver and it took over

an hour for the agents

to get us permission to fly on down

through houston on the belize the issue


belize international airport was

changing their requirements

one day after another so they were

looking at old information

even to the point where at one point

they said we still needed needed to have

a covet test before getting on the plane

fortunately they were able to find the

right information and we were cleared

to fly out of denver now we're in

houston we're waiting to get on the

flight to belize

the biggest hiccup here was security

those people that have tsa3 you could go

right through but those that don't have

tsa free and have to go through the

normal security

prepare be prepared to take some time

and and potentially having a pretty good


so we anxiously wait to board having

been stuck out of the country for over

six months

united airlines has opted to change

their boarding process instead of

boarding by group

they first board the first class

passengers then everyone else by row

starting with the back of the plane the

united airlines flight from houston was

more crowded than we expected

i think there were about 10 empty seats

the airline is being careful about

offering snacks and beverages they only

offer a snack

bag and non-alcoholic beverages at least

for those

not in first class

all passengers had to wear their masks

the entire flight except for when taking

a drink

or a bite of their snack

finally we're back on the ground in

belize but for the first time

in this coveted environment once on the

ground airport staff made sure

social distancing was followed there

were multiple checkpoints and health


the country of belize requires that all

passengers download and install the

belize travel health app

one hiccup for me was that i could not

log back into the app after i once

completed it

so follow this tip once you initially

get your qr code

do a screen capture so that you have a

copy of it in your photos

on your phone to help

identify the difference between the

lesions and visitors

tourists are given a yellow wristband to

help the process of identifying those

who must follow different protocols

while in the country

if you do have a cova test within 72

hours of your trip

that can fast track the process once you


since we did not have a covid test prior

to our trip we were required

to get one at the airport it was the

nasal swap type

and although uncomfortable not

unbearable all right

now we're going to get the test results


and do the waiting we were then escorted

to a waiting room to get our results

which took about 35 minutes thank


our tests were negative so we were able

to proceed to baggage claim then customs

it was fascinating to see the belize

international airport partitioned off

and social

distancing protocols in place

we then caught another flight to san

pedro and after over six months we're

back home

happy to quarantine 10 days before


back out into the community we can't

wait to get back into our country

and our world back to normal for the

most current information to enter belize


belize tourism board dot org

and together we'll get through this for

the san pedro sun i'm ron

sniffen reporting