Trouts Fly Fishing: Five Flies for December


the real Santa's here for five flies Wow

we are live welcome back guys I'm

obviously not Tanner Smith this is Santa

Claus here for five flies get you to the

month of December my name is Yvonne

Norwich also known as the trout the

santa been training for this role for my

whole life but eating lots of cookies

lots of milk I'm here to tell you these

five flies will get you through December

is finally here we hope you had a good

Thanksgiving hope you're enjoying the

holidays as we get into that season it

is December so we are expecting a bit of

a cool-down coming up and with that

we'll be fishing a lot of tail waters so

the bug for December will reflect that a

little bit smaller but they'll still

catch fish it is December of course so

here it is five flies for December hi

chick yes


alright fine number one I know I said

all the flies are gonna be small but

we're going with the size 14

- bit hooker in dark olive I like using

as a lead fly it takes places some split

shot still represents us smaller

signifies will be present during the

winter time and like using as a leap fly

on the satellite sufficient my nephew is

gonna be my sis

I like the epoxy my sis quite a bit fish

it on all those classic tale waters the

Taylor the blue a frying pan I'm gonna

be fishing this quite a bit this time of

year and the epoxy lysis does quite well

so fish it probably will definitely



why over 3 Sall cups flour but I like to

be clear quite a bit I fish it on the

South Platte a lot you know a lot of

times you know you'll fish like black

fish Reds you often overlook those tans

or clear images and this could be quite

productive this time of year quite

productive that you hear me quite

productive this time of year

clear tans fish them quite good quite

flies number four and five we're gonna

be a little bit more on the tractor side

that the clear moods that we used for

number three you know represent sort of

a more natural representation of as you

can see on the South Platte I'm going

with the mirror image in green for a

flat number four I like fishing this

when the action is it's really going on

with it's not sunny there's a little bit

overcast and you want to give a little

extra pop maybe grab your attention

something like that that's why I like to

flash your fine

so your green is it love it accept

it be one with a plus green


Leyden for five pure image in fire red

again it's red green red green it's the


time to fish the holiday flies but for

real red red midges are super productive

throughout the month of December into

January even into February this mich

should be in your box especially on the

blue I love the pure image on Santa's

favorite thanks again for tuning in to

this month's edition of 5 flies but we

have a great December enjoy the holidays

dear friends and family I will be here

written in the holidays with all the

cheer that we can muster around trout's

if you guys want to come down and talk

about fishing we're here to talk about

it let's talk about flies in it let's do

it Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah happy

Kwanzaa marriage Festivus thanks

greeting guests

as always you can find us on Facebook

you find us on YouTube on Instagram and

always our website transplantation calm

happy holidays y'all fly number one is

going to be the two-bit hooker dumped do

you like what look bad

not good very bad just watching the

bloopers I'm expelling quite good

you're quite the weather is gonna cool

quite it's quite a lot look good this

flow I love these flows that quite cream

the mother December is finally here and

with it the holiday season has arrived

we're expecting colder air