yes just like yeah me doesn't look a

company or a memo you turn - away Asif

you doing up a track you guys are not

gonna know it said I come back but I

literally just bought a break

cause I'm crazy

I just bought a crazy and I can

put them on with this school yeah I

removed a book on the right now packing

can you tell how anxious I am like my

place I said well I'm leaving now I was

ordered me a cab and my crazy ass I'm

really even like looking at them you're

taking smarter than anything and I just

have a little carry on my book bag and

that's what my mom said so guys I'm

leaving to the arm I'm in the cab right


no Paris oncoming boat I don't care

anymore I cannot wait for you guys to

see this video because you guys are

gonna be really gonna die

all right so I'm at the airport I'm

walking to my thing because I don't got

a checking because I mean I'm not

bringing my letters but I return a lot

of insane yakumo's away far along

all right I don't know where the to

go if I'm not checking in the luggage

all right so now I'm gonna walk into the

TSA our welcoming our party s a the hook

I'm gonna look at all right I'm here

these big-ass lines man

so now that's way in this long as line

or a Tonka parada in a Selenia that

would be senior and my slits in our me

well it's an hour and like a departures

in an hour so hopefully I make it on


okay so they stopped me because I had a

big ass perfume I'm so mad

that's the leaving my perfume but yeah

now I'm on my way to my date my plates

the party in 30 minutes and


my gate is beats one so

there I don't think anybody understands

how much I hate talking to the game like

oh my god

didn't working on this table a lot sound

okay - audio coming out I mean let me

have your foot there bro it's time to

come you come here I'm in my gate

there's that I am a gay if I say that

so I'm here I'm walking to the plane and

finally the attract new in so now it's

just time to go to the air they act in

metric they are on we already come in on

the I love you oh my God look guys I

made a friend my enemy

all my feet that it doesn't arm now

we're just gonna wait for that thing to

leave I remember about letting a


whoa so the pilot the copilot in 20 25

minutes ladies

like what unprofessional as copilot so I

hope you know though esta tarde


okay out on cannibal okay and we're

gonna be 25 minute late because that

copilot what I tell the police

say you know talking on your God only me

thinking he was about to say like five

minutes Emily know this said 25

million they were several events to come

okay but I'm sick of my new totality me

look at know this ego coming new

post nah bro they dead is made of get

out of plane no it's a mousseline

del aviรณn farewell I don't know

gonna say barking oh my god


for example lying comedian separate

parameter to lope de Vega

they're going to switch me to first

class now I'm gonna implement a class

that shows that for me

I don't mind is the laser they switch me

over in jail and I became conscious of

lights and then they send me got from

Madison then and she told me is they go

whenever you want to fly like let's fly

together could she be getting this now

they hope I'm about to get our heart

about we heard wound okay so now the

cancer looks like us in our own world

and they're moving into 10:30 your anima

wait for the email yeah but I'm just

gonna edit videos here just something

what is that we go out of the same again

baby phenom Belize's


finally leaving that we're back at it on

your hand going back in the plane so I'm

was out of a new ever in love you got

all this hassle





thousand ago

and they have my favorite show which is

American housewives in the airplane

just texted me he was like oh I'm doing

already and I was like so they don't

make it okay that is a girl you ready ha


then I got a man yo I don't know run

this that has been in the

Airport since six p.m. and now

is that I'm going to be are to in the

morning why this many people

he'll logo

almost there I finally is

getting her luggage after

in 48 hours bro it's in my

luggage ain't nobody got time just stand

and wait for the luggage now I

want to see my man

I'm there as the most patient person you

ever mean the wind up set up its

undermined by student o'clock on the

same this fly proves it because I was

not impatient to see every cousin by

pump today let's see I thought I'm

saying okay so I booked a telethon como

con I say that move

it'll be increasing you know comprehend

well Oh scrappy heating would turn to in

Fernando Armenta moving a lot of program

a maleta unfortunate Aramis oh my god

they brought mache no way I'm a little

degree me later bro whatever I'm

here anymore look I'm going in the

mid-face now so let me shine a cue or


good enough for the big been waiting a


the weekend

gonna be what I mean

I mean I get impossible


ah look who it is ignore this beauty's

growing it out ignore this also you look

like a sandal look so cute my brother a

lot of friends basically so see our guys

again gareth.alanna then sir me wanna go

visit my dad do I have a stand of our

carrier up our americano see they even

almost coming




how the meter now this viola just crying

that if is Christopher brother family

Christopher we're gonna watch

and the movies at 9:30 find a Palooza

method I'm no Beast

is it every can be a little crazy right



but they kinda nervous kind of nervous

Oh Joker guys are not really doing

nothing much this time around cuz I'm

only staying for like five days you're

not in the muchachos ice powers from

your son distracted for single yeah so

I'm just not putting on a blog the rest

is just gonna be the end of the vlog

it's the Messiah financed a blog porque

get all this retired with me the most a

exactly and I'm not doing nothing really

special I literally just came here

because I was bored

you don't go seen another person it's

not anything to be a part of the

government of Qatar would be a periodic

are people who not only nothing special

correction cuz my little my little baby

that's only same beginning you know says

like oh so we're not gonna take special

B will be the special correct Co but

they'll be little baby self and at this

time for Cathy hey can a silver another

Christian I am doing so this special I

am doing something special but I mean

like I'm just chilling at home like

that's that's that's special for me but

I know that you guys do not want to see

that I'm having the time of my life just

sitting at home because I know you guys

so you guys want to see that just a

little mask Felice and Mikasa romantic a

dose decade and certain noise moving

threatening and threatened NATO but on

blog but I said you know check around

the mouth but all I am doing things that

make me happy a stress in the Kazakh

messing up my Felice which is just stay

home for a bit better Carosi pal