Hey guys, so guess where I am.

Take a wild guess, let's see if you- let's see if you get it right.

I am in Vienna, Austria.

And the reason why I'm being so quiet and mysterious in the way that I'm talking right now is because I'm staying in a random

lady's AirBnB. I booked a singular room. She's still here, guys.

She's here in the other room and I swear guys. She hates me. This lady hates me. I don't know what I did

I don't know what it was. I shook her hand and instantly she gave me that look.

You look that look that people give you and they're like "um" like they don't like you.

She was like.. * disgusted facial expression*

"He was a decent guest", that was her review she left for me.

So basically I booked a trip to Europe without any set plan once again

And this is something that I've been doing a lot too often

Now, know I do with good intentions, but when am I going to learn that it's good to plan things

So here I am in the middle of Europe with no idea where to go and no idea what to do

but one thing that I really enjoy about Europe is that flights from one city in Europe to other cities in Europe sometimes are

like dirt cheap

So I thought it'd be fun to book the

cheapest ticket and I'm talking the cheapest ticket that flies from Vienna tomorrow and go wherever it is. I have no expectations

I have no requirements

I'm down to go anywhere in Europe

And I'm really curious to see how cheap I can find a ticket because I know things can

get pretty cheap here.

So let's browse. Shall we? So I'm literally just gonna go to Skyscanner and type in Vienna for tomorrow and book

whatever is the cheapest. All right.

Let's do it

So as you can see Europe's got some great deals, I don't know what it is we don't got deals like this in the States

But there were dozens and dozens of flights for under $100 a piece

But the one that surprised me most and the cheapest flight available was to Poland for 17 bucks. This is not a joke

No way! What?


One seven. That's like the price of a meal. That's like a dinner. It's like an album.

It's like a movie ticket and popcorn. What is this flight gonna be? Like am I gonna have to fly this plane?

Is that like part of the deal? We're gonna like take turns flying the plane. I'm gonna, I'm gonna book it

nothing probably will happen right? So let's book it, guys. Let's go to Poland. I'll see you tomorrow.

Hey guys

Nobody's here. So I get to the airport and it's almost completely empty. Where is everybody where did everybody go?

It was honestly kind of eerie and strange but I made the most of my time

That's a funny tweet. One of my best skills is that I'm great at self entertainment

Hello? Is anybody here?

See for whatever reason I decided to come to the airport 3 hours early, which according to my calculations is too much time

Guess what guys I still have 2 hours until my flight. Why did I come this early to the airport?

I was just following what the airport suggests. I understand

they're just trying to avoid being liable for people missing their flights

But you know like 2 hours is sufficient 3 hours like c'mon yo. Why you giving me that info?


Really beautiful. So surprise. My flight was delayed 45 minutes. I mean the flight was $18, so I can't be too mad

I can't be upset, yet. Staying positive.


I waited hours at that airport.

I don't know my flight just kept delaying and delaying with no explanation given

hour after hour. Is an $18 flight a good deal if you never make it off the ground, probably not to be honest, and at this point I was really starting to lose

hope that I would make it off the ground that night.

We're boarding. So after hours and hours of waiting in the airport, it actually happened

We started boarding the plane and I was ready to experience a seventeen dollar plane ticket. We made it guys

We actually did it. I got a window. So what kind of flight experience can $17 get you? You get a seat

that's mediocre comfortable. Barely enough leg room. Air-conditioning

that doesn't even work. A reading light. A tray table. A menu offering food more expensive than the flight itself and a safety card.

So in the end, Was it all worth it? Absolutely.

Honestly guys, not bad.

I'm in Poland and I'm gonna go to bed. Good night everybody. I hope you did your homework. Just kidding

it's summertime depending on where you are in the world. Good night

Good morning, everybody. I am in Cracow, Poland and I'm gonna be perfectly honest. It is not the morning anymore

I slept in. Okay. Is that a is that a crime?

Little disclaimer. Um, I don't know what's going on with my hair. What, why? Hello?

I've come to the conclusion that my hair and Europe are not compatible so I can never live here

Sorry, but guys check out this place that I'm staying at. What? This is sick. Pretty. Pretty. Pretty. that's where I'm sleeping right there


Guys I'm so lonely

I think I like this place. The streets are colorful. People seem to be relatively nice.

I think overall it's a vibe. As you can probably see there's a lot of hustle and bustle going around.

Granted, I am in the most touristy part of the whole city, but hustle and bustle is good

I like a good hustle and bustle. Anyone else like hustle and bustle?

So like every place that I visit I spent the first few hours mindlessly exploring and being a little tourist boy

I saw a lion statue, which was cool. Then I climbed up this one

I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to be up here right now and overall just had a pretty good time

This is indeed a very cool city, but I did see other people doing it. So it's okay. It's all right, so little update

Um, I found a mound Wow, that is one sexy mound. I'm not quite sure why it's here

I'm not quite sure the history behind it

apparently you can climb up it so I guess I'm down the Krakus mound is

Accumulated thought to be the resting place of park au mythical founder the legendary king Krakus. It's also the oldest man-made structure in krakow

Holy mackerel. So by the looks of it this pathway wraps around the whole entire

The whole entire mound trying to get up there the destination. Guys, this is a hike. this is a hike and a half.

So if you like, you know almost everything one of my travel videos recently

I show a really cool view and as cool as they are it's getting a little bit redundant

So I'm gonna keep this short and sweet so

At the top of the mound the local was explaining to me that in the city

There's a secret lake

apparently not many tourists know about it and it's kind of hard to get to but he said it's beautiful and blue and that was

Enough to convince me. So I think I made it to the lake

Um, the only problem is around the entire lake there was a fence everything is fenced in like this isn't like a public thing

Why would a fence in such a cool place?

Am I gonna have to sneak in? But after walking the circumference of the entire lake I found a way to get in

That wasn't technically legal. Sorry to dissapoint. Is this it? Is this the opening?

Excuse me, do you guys speak English? Do you know if you can jump into this?

Yeah, you can.

You can. Do you think if I jump one of you guys could film me?

Is it scary?

This is scary.

I did it! So without much contemplation

I just plunged into the water and it felt very very good

So over there is another jump. It's twice as big as the one I just did

I really really really want to do it but I'm also really really really scared to do it

Only a few people were daring enough to jump off this cliff that day and I wanted to be one of them

Should I do it? I don't know. I'm so scared.

And since I was only in Poland once I really wanted to give it a try. It's gonna be really intense

But I'm gonna do it Poland this one was for you

Thank you, Poland. That one really hurt.