Buckeye Air Fair, Copperstate Fly In, Buckeye Municipal Airport, Buckeye Arizona, Feb 6 - 9, 2020.


I'm being Johnson I'm speaking here with

Eric Orsborn

who is has what role for the city of

Buckeye and the vice mayor in the city

of a guy that's failure my vice mayor so

you've probably got a little something

to do with this particular event I'm

guessing yes sir I do

how long is the Buckeye airfare been

going on well it took a bit of a hiatus

in 2010 and 11 and then started up in

2012 again as a way for us to showcase

our airport and a host an open house at

bay likes that and we certainly like

that getting people out to the airfare

well you've clearly been doing it long

enough and have promoted it well enough

that there is a I don't know how many

people here I wouldn't even hazard a

guess but I could easily easily believe

well north of 10,000 just today yes and

that's about what you were expecting

right that's that's uh I'm hoping for 15

to 20 today 20 today I don't know that

that's happened for sure but we'll get

counts on that and we've had last year

in fact without copper state being here

we were at somewhere in the range of

13,000 people is that right okay so

clearly you have learned how to promote

this event and drawn a lot of people out

here now Buckeye for those that don't

know is situated where relative to

Phoenix which everybody does or we're

about 30 miles west of Phoenix or were

the last suburb of the Phoenix

metropolitan area okay on i-10 now last

night at the reception I guess you had

I'll call it last night

your mayor got up and spoke as well yes

sir and he said that you've seen some

pretty good growth in this town not

relative to this show but just in the

area here correct give me a couple of

the basic numbers about that air asic

numbers we have been on a growth

trajectory from the year 2000 we were

somewhere between five and six thousand

in population in the year 2000 we are

now north of 80,000 in populations

and we're going to groove we're growing

this this last year we're about 2200 in

permits single-family home permits is

there and if we keep on the pace that we

are by the Year 2021 we'll be around

100,000 of population you must be one of

the faster growing cities in Arizona

which actually are where we were the

fifth fastest in the nation in the

nation is that yes sir Wow okay so

anyway you're taking some of that energy

of the city and obviously what you and

your your boss the mayor are doing right

and your whole staff I don't mean to

leave anybody out we can't name them all

but clearly you're doing something right

and for me that's evidenced by what

you've been able to do here yeah now you

have a little personal interest in this

activity yahoo do you not tell me a

little bit about that error so my wife

and i we are work on a pilot she is

studying to be a pilot and I been around

aviation live near Luke Air Force Base

I'm a huge supporter of the men and

women at Luke Air Force Base which is

not very far away right and in fact they

fly over here all the time and we have

an airshow a day or many air shows a day

as it were and so being around aviation

as much as we were I knew at one point I

wanted to become a private pilot and I

think it was two years ago now AOPA

hosted an event in Prescott okay we went

to the AOPA fly-in and Prescott and both

of us said on the way home we should

really learn how to fly and that didn't

quite do it going to confer State at

Mesa Popkin field where was two years

ago we left there saying who were going

and getting signed up so we went to flag

vid here at Goodyear Arizona border and

and we started with

within just a couple of weeks we started

our training to learn how to fly we went

through ground school together studied

online and and I got my certificate in

September of 2017 well congratulations

to you and having a husband and wife

going through it together that's pretty

cool that's pretty and I met your wife

last night too and she seemed genuinely

excited about it they're just doing it

because you're doing it yeah that's

right so very good yeah so we're

standing in front of an interesting

aircraft here this is the wild sky goat

and this is an Arizona product there is

another group that helps people put this

kid together their honor Arizona thing

so Arizona's got a lot going on in

aviation I gather it absolutely does in

fact I was looking up stats as I

understand in an Economic Development

economic a impact study that was done in

2011 stated that there would be 70

billion in economic activity related to

aerospace aviation from general aviation

to commercial aviation military that

entire industry in Arizona so very

strong aviation state one end from

military or airline at one end down to

things like the wild little goat here on

the other engine tell us a little bit

about what it took to prepare and then

we'll talk about what you've actually

got here for Pia there there's been

actually months of preparation staff

there was five of us myself and four

staff members had gone to actually Sun

and fun to kind of see what an expo and

airfare fly-in looked like so and and

the folks at Lakeland were phenomenal

and to giving us the behind-the-scenes

tour and we got the behind-the-scenes

tour with the folks that run Sun and fun

also excellent and so a big shout out to

them they do a nice job good on you were

going and taking a lesson from them so

we took some cues from them and how we

set up our camping and that the Paradise

City concept that they had we've made

our own little ultralight area back

there and and actually from that time

there's been many many meetings and a

lot lots of preparation that with our

Public Works Department of Community

Services to get to a point where

the you over the last two months you've

seen grating happening to prepare the

parking lots they've cleared off one of

the old World War two runways for

airplane parking is there it has just

been a phenomenal amount of work by

really all the Buckeye staff in the last

several months yeah I'm guessing you use

some city resources to get this already

because it's mighty ready and there's a

lot of people here appreciating it Fred

so let's go let's go to those people

what all have you got for them I mean I

see a lot of families I see parents with

kids in strollers I see old folks I see

everything in between

Craig they're all getting value in

various places what all have you got for

them to see here so so initially like we

had talked about this started as a just

an open house and inviting people out to

show them we do have an airport in

Buckeye and and it was a huge success I

think that was the one of the years when

sequestration at halted Luke days - oh

okay so people were excited to be near

aviation they came out here and showed

up in force that was 2012 a few years

later we added in the side tech festival

in and then a few years later couple

years later we added in the airshow

component where Jeff over B and and John

Mel B Brad wursten and now John bourbon

are doing incredible air acts we've

always had great participation from Luke

Air Force Base and I think we've had a

fly over every year this year with the

the to ship f-35 yeah right that was

pretty excited to see - you don't see

that very often

yeah so so all of those components each

year it seems like it has gotten bigger

and better

the SciTech adds a great element for

kids that are looking to see science

technology engineering and math and how

that relates to aviation and there's

employers around that are excited to

bring out their wares and show local

kids what what they can do when they

grow up well yeah I noticed that when I

went to your website last night you had

the site tech thing and I went well yeah

it all appears to be all here there's a

tremendous crowd today lots of smiles I

think people

are bringing the kids out expecting that

same thing that they got last year which

was a lot of fun for the family

last year bein one day just Saturday oh

is that right all right and this year

you're gonna do both Saturday and Sunday

this year it's Saturday and Sunday

that's correct

yeah so very exciting what's going on

here I commend you for having all these

facilities we've got I have to mention

one thing that we know is important that

all these kinds of events that we go to

a lot is volunteers you've got a lot of

volunteers led or do don't yeah we

absolutely do and have for a period of

time there are over 500 volunteers

working here this weekend

is that Richard well that's quite a

little army of people is an absolute

army feed when I saw

parking cars when I rolled in and it was

already I got here a little bit early

and there was a steady flow then and

then it got much thicker evidently

because there's a lot of people here

today that's correct

yeah okay let's come to another part of

the event now that we're actually

standing in here now this might be

called the copper state part of the

event although I know it's all one thing

but tell me how that's been for you how

did you how did you come to have that

relationship and what do you think it's

doing for you this year so so I've been

to the last two copper states at Falcon

field and had a wonderful time as a as a

student pilot learned a ton in the

forums it walking through the the expo

and then and then walking on the ramp

seeing the different types of planes and

talking with pilots and just learning

from from having conversations with

folks then last year when we had our

event here Greg Hobbs had brought out

his his plane to display out on our ring

and someone had said that he also was

with Converse Dean and maybe I should go

talk with cousin and and from that

conversation we said he had said it

wouldn't it be great you have the crowds

that the just general public crowd and

link those crowds with the general

aviation crowd which which does a couple

things one it makes the event that much

bigger and nicer and and two it gives

the general public a chance to see and

feel and touch pilots an airplane sure

and have those conversations and realize

that it's it's it's not out of reach to

become a pilot

well one of the real exceptional things

here Eric is that all these many people

here they're buying lots of stuff I see

a fellow over there walking with a whole

handful of food and I see people have

all the things that they clearly bought

here so it's a buying show to some

extent but it's an inexpensive show it's

right that's right what's the deal so

our airfare has been free since the

beginning absolutely free parking free

parking free admission free admission

and and free air show all of it has been

absolutely free can you afford that you

get some support we host incredible

sponsors local community that is that

has come forward businesses Tom Jones

for core construction Republic Services

Arizona public service all of them have

said we want to invest back in the

community they see a very and they see

value in this and I think that was one

of the that and getting the public out

was one of the big things that really

helps that relationship with clear

estate because they could concentrate on

the general aviation we concentrate on

putting on a party and and and

everybody's doing what they're good at

at that point well a mighty nice party

you have put on here I'm excited about

it I can see you also I see all these

people are lots of smiles lots of happy

people lots of eyeballs up in the sky

lights and airplanes get upside down or

checking them out close at hand that's

right very good stuff Eric tell us a

comfortable web sites that we can go to

to learn more about this for the future

so again

airfare comm copper state org okay

there's two two good shows are two good

websites you can go to to learn more

about Buckeye I'm sure there's going to

be more people out here next year

absolutely and we still got tomorrow's

so I'm excited about it I'm sure

everyone else is too you can learn lots

more about this show and other shows and

all these airplanes on by Dan Johnson

calm thanks for joining

Aaron Osborn and myself here at copper

state and Buckeye airfare very good

thank you