Flight to Marathon Airport in the Keys from Pompano - Beautiful Views!

Oh first trip to the keys burnt the ACR


trying to keep it on the ground it was

kind of hopin I know I go up to 2,200










here that better chose heaven - you're

right about a mile now I know you have

an insight he's looking for you reserved

romeo giulia traffic departing now is

the United 737 contra for turbulence


alpha zero petulant of ninety a wrongful

charge appear for South Carolina - Venus

turn left heading zero eight zero choice

of a fast moving for a mile final where

no ones are left there to pick up

everything I've wanted your lips look

really do looking for the traffic movie

moon 55 or retire if you're with us

reduce the final Pro Street now United

737 departing ahead of your arrival run

dry 1 0 left fiddle antonova Bravo Roger

report 10 11 is there anything right Joe

before he loved him Eurovision

over brazil romeo-juliet to contact

miami approach on one 28.6 throat by

following warcraft egg 1/2 8.6 number 5

Delta Sierra you do not want by

following is that correct

I don't care change my frequency 19 3

and what drama clearances want to eat by


by mid-november 3000 romeo giulia in 805

in for one pal

mr. Romney jelly mommy approach

maintains a limit of three zero zero one

three zero zero one on Avatar what

remained of the apart

meet aperture on one one at 0.45 1945 to

report the 11 bye-bye it's something

coming up at minus 2 laughter a purse

there's a wolf or five uniform with you

3,000 slam

- I'm here for the treasure

my approach November 7 7 sleep on Julia

- party from Oakland chef Laurent

departure radar contact maintain vehicle

had a 2543 traffic eleven o'clock three

miles to eastbound altitude indicates

1800 I was kind of crazy because we were

so low I kept it on I know okay

no you're right I'm glad you told me cuz

I would have left it alone number zero

no Julia traffic one o'clock a mile

north found out the truth indicates of

thousands to hear who else called I had

to talk to the tower it's out there


I remember one Baba ji traffic one

o'clock a mile and a half north bound

altitude indicates two thousand traffic

bugger thousand four thousand soloing is

84ly there's a topless girl down


no way limit your contact Miami approach

on one two five point two five take a

picture of the topless girl we're not

going back

you can contact opa-locka town one three

four point six seven

could you see star 43 can go on course -

okey that's a bit big Roger that

chickens over with you remember one

tribe uniform December 19 2007 10 2001

five uniform 43 contact Miami approach

on one-one-niner point 7 that so traffic

out there five seconds my bears eyeballs

on 10.7



five point five point five year-old

aspires for you whenever you can Juliet

make sure that the slavery Center

sufficient funds were one with use

ascending through Elgin for three point

but patients by zero online mean folks I

just by hitting the last three years you

know freezers are on the heading fiber

one occasion 5:01 start slow

about 150 300 seats okay traffic never

u23 2x my major parts of it are cons I'd

say 95 hours facing they want me to

Firefall submitted three zeros or ones

to this or the bottle give you what we



Vijender a vor right there


yeah in the corner that's it


the majority uniform traffic if I give

you 3,500 scenario 1000 I Delta same

language book I take what 24.73 times

your own visual it careful 1795 12 and

1/2 501 so w7 75 - enter other climates

any bubbles the way through laser forget

about that he's a pastor 505 Rogers with

me marathon Airport marathon Florida

automated weather observation one route

7 to 1 Zulu winds 1 3 0 at 0 7

visibility 1 0 sky condition clear

temperature 3 3 Celsius 2.2


one three three point five three five

zero video in Miami Center in three

times the old Romeo Juliet we like to

put you an artist now and I'm to Pharaoh

may tell you the first silver 1869 Miami

center excuse all summer three zero zero

three three one zero sky condition few

six thousand temperature three three


dew point two seven Celsius altimeter

three zero zero one they're probably

taken off again late there's the rain

right on top of us that's our office at

opposed airport yet jumpers out so at

this time please do not ever


helicopter 20 miles northeast to the

field Southwest pound is sending through

5000 marathon marathon traffic white

diamond start turning baits run white 7


see the towers right okay

leaving altitude


Magic Man fall forward


fellow crosswind here yeah

maritime traffic light down to star on

final runway seven marathon traffic

good afternoon diamonds how long you

gonna be with us we're gonna be staying

overnight follow me