Flying over Walt Disney World Orlando Florida - Microsoft Flight Simulator Test

hello everyone and welcome

to a little special video welcome to our

little flight here

over florida and over orlando which is

actually uh looking at

world disney world and universal studios

and we will also have a little glimpse


sea world as well the reason why i'm

doing this video is to

check on why microsoft flight simulator

is such a big deal

and i've got it a little bit early on um

but i haven't had the time to make any

other videos you know it's pretty

damn big game and i haven't had the time

to download but today i just wanted to

give you a little glimpse a little bit

ahead of time so

you know just sit back relax we are

going to have a little chill fly here

and uh first of all sorry for my flying

i haven't been practicing so much

uh at this point in time but uh yeah i

just wanted to give you the full

experience a little bit and talk about

uh first of all why we are going to fly

here and also

why i think this can be a little cool

thing um on this channel for the next

coming weeks you know as i really like


talk about some random topics here and

there i never really had this

kind of context for it you know and i

think it's kind of cool now with the

flight simulator we can actually

have a little bit of a chill fly over

certain areas that you can ask for i can

pick you know and just just having a

little go on where we want to go and

check out

uh what is there so today as i said

world disney world

in florida and also uh universal studios


sea world now the reason why i'm doing

this is i've been there at the age of

eight which is unfortunately 22 years


yes it's i'm that old and

it has been my first bigger holiday i've

ever had in my life

and actually it has been the first time

flying to the us

and flying over the big pond so to say

and so it's actually rather exciting

to show that because for me that was

and still is one of the greatest

holidays i ever had it has been a super

amazing time four weeks in the us um

featuring two weeks of

walt disney world with the studios with

some of the water parks and just in


some really really enjoyable time there

and then we went down to

orlando as well um with the world

and from over there we even went down to

the everglades and

miami that was super cool i was eight

years old that was

also basically the first time where i

had some memories of the holidays you

can see on the left-hand side there is

typhoon lagoon right now

um which you are flying past and yeah

i'm just going to

rotate a little bit here over the area

um first of all

thank you to my brother he was my

navigator in this series over here um

i've been doing a little bit of practice

before like an hour or so

um nothing special to be honest but this

whole aerial

you see right now is all walt disney

world which is incredible

you just saw um in this little area

which is typhoon lagoon and right now we

are flying over a few more of those uh

just uh business areas of the disneyland

park there's just a lot going on here

i think somewhere over here they even

have their race track they yes they even

have their own race track

i'm not even sure where exactly that is

but this is like the southern part here

of this aerial we're just going to turn

once more here and then we're going to


the highway towards actually epcot and

magic kingdom

which um is pretty nice and from over

there we will then have another another

rotation over magic kingdom

and i think this is the racetrack we are

looking at right now here on the left

hand side if i'm

completely wrong or something else at

least i don't know if it's an air

airport thing

or whatever um but you know there's just

a lot of stuff they have over here

and this game oh my lord microsoft

flights it looks so fantastic

i'm able to run this at full hd

nearly 60 frames per second not not

entirely it's like

40 to 50 constantly um but

it's yeah it's still the preview version

so the full game is going to be released


so um i actually i don't know where you

are but it's coming out on

tuesday so from uh you know um 12

a.m on in the morning actually uh it's


going to start and you can download this

but yeah with the golf course over here

while we are being told that we

shouldn't go any more

deeper but i wanted to show you as much

as i could in detail and following

the disney highway now towards the main

disney park

i think it's also pretty cool in this

game um that the

you have full control of everything we

could also change the lighting of the

weather and stuff but i will do this in

some future videos

just to see how this um a scene there

you can see this is typhoon lagoon over


just going very deep over in the far

distance you can see somewhat

to the right to my front of the airplane

now fully straight on

there is the epcot center a lovely bulb

this wonderful sphere we are just flying

towards to here you can see

big parking lots and here to the

left-hand side is the lake of nations

this is where we had our hotel

and this is what inspires my summer lake

right now um so it's all coming together

over here

it's so cool i'm just incredibly happy

that we did this here

this massive parking lot you know in in

the future

if we need to have a look at um some

theme parks we can just you know

run the michaels microsoft uh flight

simulator and just fly to the theme

parks and have a little look how this

all is put together

it is just incredible and yeah now this

this area over

here with all the dense trees which all

seem to be modeled whatnot this has the

weakest performance i'm not really sure


but i think because it rendered all

things we're just taking another

big curve now to fly back a little bit

slower over the disney park so you can

actually see it

and then we will further on carry on to

the universal studios but for now

i'll shut up a little bit here and i'll

leave you alone with a little bit of

just the pure flying for the next couple

of minutes while you can see we are now


the wonderful epcot center again by the

way this on the right hand side is a

hotel where the monorail is actually


through the hotel which is pretty damn

cool and i really remember that and

uh really at the front of us there is

space mountain this is the big tent you

can see over here

you can also see the wonderful castle

here in the middle

this is where we are at and now just um

yeah keeping everything uh alive here

with the airplane because we were super

low and also low speed

but yeah as i said i'll leave you alone

a little bit now with the flight

on its own and then i'll tune in at the

end again
























landing here

landing here here

landing here











all right back we are i hope you enjoyed

the flight so far

we are now going a little bit more over

sea world over here as you can see

it was a very quick transition over here

but you can see the show tower to your


and you can also see the stage um where

they're all in and just

i don't know i hope you guys really

enjoyed uh

this flight and the graphics of this

game because it really

is pretty astonishing and finally


that got my rick to bleed and to fight


uh you know for to fight for the fps

which is super cool

um i finally could make my rtx 2080 ti

as wet and also my the rest of my

computer as well so that was um pretty

pretty impressive

but now as we um as we are approaching

back to disney world to take

our final screenshot so i've got a few

seconds of the actual screenshot mode in

here as well because it's pretty damn


i really want now to reinforce you guys

to jump down into the comment section

let me know if you enjoyed this flight

and if you want to see another

destination just let me know because i

would love to fly to some other


that you guys would love to see and we

can also take that uh

as a moment to talk about some certain

topics you know i think that will be

that would be something cool and yeah

just let me know i would be glad to do

this because that is just

some fun experience here and the

graphics and everything is just


um as far as i find out how to disable

the ui and still be able to fly we can

also make like a fly

uh without the ui enabled um that would

be also pretty gorgeous i think

some some rare footage i guess uh would

be pretty cool

i mean if we are in the cockpit view

obviously we don't have the overlay

that would be a thing but still i'm not

as good as a flyer right now so that is

also why i was avoiding the cockpit view

as much as i could

but now you can really see this is where

we are now flying over the aerial

of uh disney world again i need to just

take back some speed because we were

actually way too quick here

so we're just like checking where we are

and now you can see there is the epcot

sphere again we are back in the area

where we want it to be

and yeah this is then the lake of

nations and to the left hand side you

can actually see now the hotel in which

i've been in

that was the boardwalk hotel disney

world and we are even now

flying over my very first um experience

in the pool there there's this pool down


this is like there's a clown slide and i

love this one so if you google this

you will actually find this it's

absolutely amazing and i've got the best

memories of my life in terms of holidays


i wish at some point with my own family

i might be able to go there

if money is good and the world is a

better situation again but until then i

have to

take the flight sim i guess but yeah i

hope you guys did enjoy it so far we are

now going into the photo mode in a

second assaulted screenshot you've seen

as the thumbnail but now you can see

here we are stationary and then you can

kind of control a little drone

but yeah i really hope you guys enjoyed

today's little experiment here in flight

stem i really know now why this is such

a big deal

it is really kind of a feeling of

freedom and i really enjoyed it

i really hope you guys did as well and

if you like the video you know that you

will just like

and do whatever you need to do and if

you enjoy the content here just consider

subscribing that helps me out a lot

and i would be more than happy to be a

pilot for the next flight as well so

until then

have a wonderful time everyone make sure

you enjoy

your week make sure you enjoy your time

stay safe everyone as well

and yeah i'm out that's been it have a

great time and goodbye everyone