Fly Fishing in Glacier National Park

hi how are you not too bad thank you I

appreciate it

you too alrighty so we just came through

the west entrance of Glacier we're all

the way to Fish Creek Campground where

we're gonna be staying for a few days

and this is the official beginning of

the first day in Glacier



so we just got into our camp site here

at Fishing Creek I set up camp we have

both tents up and we have something

quick to eat and our first trail that

we're going to hit is - avalanche lake

it's a short four and a half mile trail

we're gonna take the fly rod maybe do a

little bit of fishing but looking

forward to it we're gonna head out here


doing it right now

you gotta yep I got the Hooksett second



Emily saw some fish we were like let's

break off the rock and

that's the second one well I didn't land

that when I landed the first but

just a really little and that was a

little bit bigger

we're just gonna give it a simple cast

and head up the aisle and play yeah uh

because she literally can't touch upon

Canyon we got a barbless hook go on so

it's just tough too tough to bring them

in but I did press that one so you


anymore wait

yeah I get it down quicker

this wipeout it

all righty so Dan and I had actually

just a little bit of fishing right there

never expected to catch fish in a place

like that

so that I guess is encouraging for some

fishing throughout the rest of the trip

that's good all right so we just came up

to the lake here we're at a high alpine

lake in Glacier National Park we fished

some of the discharge down below and

actually caught some fish so we're a

little bit we heard that the fishin is

better up here so we're rigging up a dry

dropper right now and going to wade out

we are seeing a few fish rise here and

there so hopefully we can get into a few

fish but again you know it's gonna be

just a hurried quick thing just so we

can get back down and catch the shuttle

I don't know it's just beautiful up here

and just nice to be here even if we

don't catch any fish


okay so what we've been doing is all the

hikes that we've been going on here in

Glacier we've been taking fishing stuff

just in the off chance that we do hike

to like a lake or a stream that we see

fish that's what we did yesterday and it

actually turned out in our favor we did

catch some fish out of a small stream

some west slopes we didn't have the net

though so basically once I got it the

two why the edge trying to unhook him

was tough but today we have the net

we're taking our time a little bit more

and hopefully we're able to have some

opportunities to get some fish

alright so we just got to on the trail I

had opened up again and there is a

beautiful stream right behind me here

and so the group of us we're just taking

a little break everyone's taking some

pictures just enjoying the scenery while

Dan and I are doing a little bit of

fishing not sure if there's any fish in

here it's it's some pretty fast water

and one of the things with glacier is a

lot of the streams are very sterile and

oolagah trophic so there's not a whole

lot of life as far as macros are

concerned it really starts from the

bottom up and that feeds into the fish

populations here so there's not a large

number of fish but the ones that are in

here they are completely native they're

the west slopes

there's bull trout I'm not sure if

there's any in this stream but just some

real real Montana native fish



so Dan just had a walker there he

actually looks like you jug it to miss

the fish kind of

good hook set

really slick I guess the going is slow

you need a hand Dan so he had to take

his shoes off there just to reach out on

the other side of that shelf

I guess Sara saw one work out there he

was throw into it and not much of a back

cast so he tried to go out a little bit

further missed it on the catice you're

right then

uh you're a little you're kind of good

alright so we just saw one work out

there Oh would you miss it oh I might

have just seen a fish look at it

good light too



all that

is what we came for Wow

thank you in the water

Wow look at this this thing we were

through on that Purple Haze forever

because I figured you know they'd be so

opportunistic me laughter anything but I

had I put the right over 12 holes fish

they would not take it but there it is

a beautiful westslope cutthroat gorgeous



that was awesome couple more cats okay

so we're leaving our current area here I

would have been nice to have had a

little bit more time but there is just

so much to see so we can't spend too

much time in one spot but that cutthroat

definitely made the fishing worth at the

pain of carrying a rod in absolutely

worth it but we're gonna head up on onto

go into the Sun Road do some sightseeing

head to our campground tonight maybe do

some fishing this evening if not I think

that there is a day that we have planned

we're gonna do some fishing but we'll

see you guys then


all righty said today is our last full

day in the park and we're gonna make it

a little bit of an easier day this

morning that Dan and I are gonna do a

little bit of fly-fishing well everyone

else does some hiking around the to

medicine area and like I said I was

going to be relaxing we may drive down

from st. Mary's and happy go outside of

the park

the scenery was still great but now that

we're getting closer to Medicine it is

really just it's just been what we've

been seeing that the mountains the the

pines the Alpine setting and it's just

absolutely gorgeous all righty so the

primary focus of the last few days has

been hiking and this is now our last

full day in Glacier National Park and

we're gonna kind of take a little bit

easier and just relax so for us that

means we're gonna get to do some fishing

so this afternoon we're planning on

hitting out this stream and maybe one

other and hopefully get into a few

native westslope cutthroat


holy smokes

it's it's big

all right no just hook to doing this

rainbow why they like a leech pattern

just a black bully bugger we're gonna

drive fly nuts was hitting it and just

picked up this decent rainbow

very good fish he was jumping like crazy

juice just a really fun fight

all righty so as far as the phishing

goes here wasn't really what we expected

I cut that rainbow we saw another guy

cuz a really small rainbow but we're

after some cutthroat so we might switch

locations here plus we're not fishing in

any one place for any real long

particular amount of time just because

of just the family being along with us

so they want to relax the place to see

some different scenery so do we so we're

gonna switch locations here and

hopefully find some native west slope

cutthroat alright so we're out one more

time probably gonna be the last straw

for here and glacier but then just

caught one he was off by himself he

doesn't have a net he was a little bit

ahead of me so we didn't get it on

camera we're fishing a beautiful section

really deep holes and crystal clear

water that looks just blue beyond belief

so I mean Dan caught one so that was

really one of the primary objectives was

just to get Dan into some fish I had

already caught a few earlier in the trip

so hopefully we can get him to do a few

more fish and get them on video here


what is that a rainbow


honestly you think that was a rainbow

but we're not hundred percent certain

they look very similar when they're

small but this water is just phenomenal

we had a couple of really good drifts

through there they were really promising

I'll pick it up as many fish we would

like Doug saw some nicer fish up in this

really deep area by the waterfall

hopefully we can pick those fish up

babies to be



all right so just picked up another

little guy super fun they're really

really responsive to this little elf

care cat it's winter on right now so

hopefully we can keep picking a few up

yeah all right

nothing it's tiny

it definitely doesn't require a six-way

that's for sure

but that's what we're throwing out here

cuz the wind there you guys man you can

use him for bait

well let's get about do it for our

fishing trip our vacation out here in

Glacier National Park and there's really

so much that can be said about this

location this place but words really

can't put into justice so hopefully this

video helps to do that helps the

showcase some of the beauty of the park

here and some of the beautiful fish that

inhabit facia National Park so until

next time we'll see you on the water

thanks for watching