Trouts Fly Fishing: Five Flies for November







oh yeah

Blue Mountains matter what's up guys

Tanner with trout fly fishin we're back

for five flights to get you through the

rest of November apologize for kind of

the short delay some of us were on

vacation so we weren't able to get this

out as quickly as we would like for you

but with that said there's still plenty

of time to November

left left forget a fish November in

Colorado is a really cool month we still

have a ton of time for you so options

those clothes are coming down we're

still gonna have 60-degree days mixed in

there plenty of options on those so

don't forget places like the Arkansas

the Colorado Roaring Fork now this kind

of goes on on also we're gonna see those

tail waters get into those winter

conditions that's where you can start

stacking up midges small small measures

like tippet

bait is kind of that challenging winter

nickname is going to come into play so

with that said here here's my posit

against you through my first two flies

to get me to remember gonna be streamers

a lot of people around here tend to

forget that those those Grouch are going

to be just as aggressive that

postponement to wear that pre-spawn they

wasted all that energy exerted all that

injury they're gonna be looking at fat

calories on if you if you go out to

those three so that you're seeking fish

you know covering ground you're going to

find some surprises and it's a really

good time you know in those lower flows

to get down some of those deeper pools

on the car out of the Arkansas places

like brown skin and buyers Canyon stuff

like that so don't let the cold weather

get you off the free zones keep it in

those this fall and the rest of this

November the rest of the center even

into January if it's one number one is

gonna be the circus peanut comes in all

kinds of colors I really like this tan

color it's kind of my loud streamer I

usually like to do something super loud

or a little quieter that's why you'll

see the next slide it's gonna be the

kind of apartment this is gonna make

some noise it's gonna trigger those fish

in a lot of progressive ways you get

some great calls you see some great

takes through through November on this

slide so stick with the shrimp again

guys lots of past

number two the blue mountain trees

nights but really number two for me is

gonna be the peanut if you've been lit

up and you hear me talk about servers

you know this is by far my favorite

streamer I don't really care what color

is it you could give me it in yellow you

give me the white you mean black Jesus

Brown um they also make a sweet tan one

this flex lotto gets it done the skinny

profile is gonna be kind of that quieter

quieter variation of those loud shimmers

like the circus peanut something's gonna

profile really well on the water and

really really trigger something those

fish that are chasing the bigger

streamers if we're doing those winter

floats or walk waiting some of the big

rivers this will trigger a lot of those

fish to come in on the days where you

get falls on just about any industry

my last three flies to get me through

November going to be those small

business images like we've mentioned

earlier once your once your goods are

gonna be on the sale whether something

is low flow super light tippet really

small bugs with you at the fryin p.m.

the blue Decker's drinking places like

that be prepared with the small bugs on

the light ticket my first small bug

that's getting me through the month of

November and even into December 2 is

jujube Mitch fish it in red black

chartreuse I really like it in sizes 18

to 22 got a little flash in there and

cover kind of all your bases that way

and trust me it's a ghost you if you're

fishing anywhere on the South Platte I

have a ton of success on it just about

any two or so fish that you do

second small o'clock for the month of

November is gonna be the biter merger

really love that pattern a great venison

burger I mean what else can you really

say there's not a lot to say fish

greatest this time of year they're gonna

be prevalent the majors of baits are

going to be the two main sources have

lots of options I really love this

pattern my size 18 to 20 has a little

flash but it's pretty basic

sometimes those issue a like a college

especially when you're fishing those

more technical fisheries it with the

lunar flows


right but it was the number five number

three for the small bugs number five

overall for November is going to be so

standard it's gonna feedback the artists

to need to push that thing disseminated

small size so I'm talking 20 to 24

especially efficient Decker's which a

lot of you guys do along the Front Range

really anywhere along the south club

that needs to be on your rig through

November through the rest'll in here

I've made small sizes put the a-teams

away start thinking 22 24 Mabel don't

let me catch funny a fish Tippett that

is five flies to get you through


November the rest of November alright

guys that wraps it up for five flies to

get you through November the rest of my

mercy I say we appreciate you guys

always swimming by the shop as always

you can find us online trout splake

vidcom be sure to check us out on

YouTube Instagram Facebook Twitter man

charles put truss anywhere just just

hang out with us we look forward to see

you guys through the holiday season and

have fun on the water this way