what's up everybody I'm mr. his second


and today we're gonna talk about a very

interesting topic how to get anywhere in

South America for under $100 and you

don't need miles you don't need to know

anyone you don't need to be a frequent

client or anything or pay any

subscriptions or anything to anyone

including myself wouldn't be a bad idea

but know also I mean this is the

strategy here is different you have to

know where to fly from in order to get

where you want to go for under hundred

dollars okay so we're gonna cover that

today for instance okay right now I

currently live in Ecuador in order for

me to fly from Quito to Lima you know

how much it costs it's expensive is like

$350 one-way like 500 550 roundtrip it's

expensive but instead of flying from

Quito Guayaquil Ecuador go down if

you're in Ecuador and you want to go say

to Lima you go down to the border you

cross the border and you fly from two

mates from two bays to Lima right if

it's his town right across the little

sketchy town right across the border

from my Ecuador Peru and you fly tomb

base to Lima for often 30 to 50 dollars

one way you can get to Lima from Lima

you can get say you want to go to Machu

Picchu from Lima you can get to Cusco

let me get this right yeah for around 30

35 dollars one way for me the best way

that I use that I like to look search

for flights that I've seen these prices

on as well as Google flights

slash flights because you can compare

whole months at a time

most expats most travelers are a little

flexible with their dates so you can

compare whole months at a time and pick

out the best the best dates that work

for you and so all these prices I'm

naming I found on Google flights so

anyway and yes I've done a lot of these

flights myself from say you're from your

Pichu let's say you want to get to

Bolivia from Cusco to La Paz it's

actually a pretty nice scenic four or

five hour bus ride to the border and

then another few hours to La Paz I've

done it myself

Copacabana Lake Titicaca it's a very

nice place if you want to go buy lamb

but if you want to go by here seventy

three dollars one way Cusco to La Paz

Bolivia where you could also from there

branch up and see the the amazing salar

de unique site of salt flats also from

Lima say you want to get to Chile or

from Lima there's a cheap budget airline

called sky Airlines and through sky you

can fly Lima to Santiago for around

sixty seventy dollars one way south to

get to Santiago Chile so that's still

under your hundred dollars okay now say

you want to get over to Argentina well

from Santiago to Buenos Aires there are

cheap flights for around 63 dollars

starting around 63 dollars from Santiago

two point nose IVs or say you wanna go

down the mountain to Mendoza Argentina

and fly across the country to Rosario

Argentina those those prices are running

around sixty four sixty five dollars

from Santiago say you want to get to

Brazil from Santiago to Sao Paulo is

starting around sixty sixty seven

seventy dollars one way Santiago to

South Paulo Brazil now the key to

traveling Brazil's I've done it myself

buses forget it forget they're expensive

as hell

forget about buses altogether traveling

in Brazil what you want to do when you

travel Brazil is flying but the keys you

have to know the cheap way to fly around

Brazil is from South Paulo if you can

get to sell Paulo like I just showed you

how to do front hundred dollars from

Santiago Chile if you can travel around

you can get anywhere in Brazil you can

get to false Tigua Zoo starting around

seventy six dollars one way from from

Sao Paulo you can get to sell

or in the north of Brazil for $65 or

below Horizonte for $32 from South Paulo

that's the key because in Brazil there's

this other cheap budget airline called

Bowl that that flies all over you could

get to the far north of Brazil like

Fortaleza for $88 and that's that's a

huge distance travel that's like Florida

to Seattle almost I mean it's a huge

distance and you can do it for just 88

bucks and once you're in for example or

balem in the north and say you want to

go further north you want to travel the

very very infrequently travel of

Guyana's French and British Guiana and

Serena for example you could go to para

Bible and Suriname from belem one-way

$81 bilham is in the north of Brazil too

Serena $81 and then from part of my book

there's another cheap airline that you

can find on Google flights fly that

flies to Trinidad we break our hundred

dollar barrier just by a little bit they

start around 160 hundred sixty-five

dollars here entering 2020 flying from

para my boat to Trinidad and Tobago and

from tuna and Tobago you can get up

pretty cheaply to to Fort Lauderdale

Miami area for around 130 hundred forty

dollars one way so that's an idea and as

far and one country I didn't cover was

Columbia there's a cheap airline that

flies between Ecuador and Colombia

called Wingo that flights are going for

around one hundred forty five hundred

$49 one-way from Quito Ebola that's good

but if you want to go even cheaper

across the Ecuador or take that

four-hour bus from Heathrow to the

border to this town called pasta which

is just inside in the Colombia border

you can fly one way from pasto to bullet

up or visa versa Iran

sixty-one to eighty one dollars one way

and getting from the cheapest way to get

from Fort Lauderdale USA or anywhere in

USA is to get to Fort Lauderdale in

flight down using Spirit Airlines this

is the cheapest stuff um to either Bogle

Tao or quiet kill in Ecuador it excuse

me coming down for 120 and going up for

200 oh why is it like that it's because

of these in country Texas out here in

Latin America that's what that's what

inflates the price going back up but

coming back down you can get here I'm

seeing from Fort Lauderdale to Bogota or

Guayaquil for around $120 one-way so

that's the cheapest way I've found to

get from north to south america so

that's it I'm mr. second password I'll

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