ALBANIA 🇦🇱Food & First Impressions | Tirana Food Tour & Travel Vlog

welcome to Albania we've just spent a

few weeks of full-blown adventure here

and we've got six videos to share in

this series starting right now today is

all about Albanian food and some of our

first impressions but then we'll go into

sharing the abandoned buildings and the

cool factor of the capital Tirana

renting a car crazy local drivers

castles views for days and missions to

beautiful beaches so stay tuned for the

next few videos because they're going to

open your eyes to a seriously underrated

country so there's something that we

preach about every single time that we

come to a new country and that is to

take a food tour when you first get your

plate so you can find out where to go

for the rest of your trip basically

helps you find these undiscovered little

streets and these local markets and just

actually get like a walking tour at the

same time so today we're going with

Albanian food tours and we're just on

our way to meet Linda who's our guide

for the day

well we're just gonna end up eating

loads of food that we want to show us

but it's going to me

are you go inside not sure if you're

allowed up here anyone see arrows on the

ground so I just quality yeah yeah I

keep going yeah

this place is known as the cloud it's

our meeting point over early but so it

exploring I'm on top from what we can

tell this is a like an offering to

promote art and everything in Tirana

which from the reading that we've done

on this city in particular it seems like

it's going to be a little bit of a

common theme thank you


I can tell you one thing we're instantly

blown away this place is very very cool

there is that I won't even say that it's

hep there's all of these little

restaurants and cafes and bars you can

see over there like there's just so much

style here and like I said the art thing

is really gonna shine through there's

like art installations and art paintings

and all sorts everywhere there's a big

story behind that which we'll talk about

a little bit more but we'll just come

down this really awesome little walking

street that had these trees hanging over

the top


yeah it'll be nice

calm down moonstone it's

as a slow restaurant which basically

means that it's the ingredients that

they use locally sourced at 70% of the

ingredients here are organic and we have

got some traditional Albania Britain

spoon what's really but what I'm most

excited about is the Albanian pancakes

which looked like little fried doughnuts

and they come with wither and honey as

well and then we've got some mountain

team which is known for curing every

kind of sickness on a kind of apparently

human and then another one that Danes

gonna try that I don't know how to

pronounce the name I asked about the

technique of eating these and apparently

if you're a local just Duncan and a

whole bunch of honey but I don't think

that anyone wants to see me do that I'm

gonna work but I've got my bitter cheese

my honey that's delicious that is I

always start with things I like that to

be my favorite holiday this is literally

the first thing

and we've got more that's so much more

got another one this one is like

buckwheat with goats was a quote milk

it's fermented and it's

it helps healthy digestive tract it's

amazing if you have this for breakfast

it will help you you can have like a

light lunch and then still I keep the

traditional because we don't have

so we're gonna try Wow

which is like a yogurt drink it's not

salty like others like that our arm that

we had in Turkey and this is like a

traditional on the go grab something

when you don't really want water we're

smelling it like it's wine actually is

really refreshing that's a really nice

touch so the one that stays couldn't or

didn't want to explain is called book

vowel I don't know how well I'm doing

when I say that but we're the try about

violet well darling

okay I did a point I kind of like

looking at it it looks like it's got


I think there's some honey in here yeah

it's almost like a soft kind of french

toast it's not very crunchy which I

thought that it might be in there

because there's nuts and everything in

there yeah it's quite a breeze

yeah and it's quite simple but it tastes

kind of granola and just like very easy

like they could just be a lot of that


but we are off to a flying start that

was amazing every every part of that

meal was just so minute so much better

than I anticipated is gonna be the

donuts of course are always gonna be an

absolute winner anyway I'm always

impressed with breakfast anywhere I go

but there was a particularly nice I

think there's something so the first

thing that I'm picking up is Albanians

are like the loveliest people the the

welcome and the hospitality the

friendliness of everybody that we've

spoken to everyone in that restaurant

just wanted to like chat great English

as well such good English it's so nice

like sitting down with Linda and finding

out about like Albanian life about

families I feel like we're just on this

private casual chat with a friend

showing us around so we've got a lot

more to go I feel like we've probably

already ate too much that only yeah I

did not interrupt you I did not pace


well the temptation is strong it's so

nice to see that the city is broken up

with there's obviously the busyness of

the buses and the cities and this is

quite a busy quite a busy intersection

but that's a big park over there there's

more greenery and everything right here

and then we just spotted this most

random building it looks like someone's

taking a bite out of it something like a

fraction of it is missing we just saw

these girls down there that were like

taking photos for Instagram or something

and then we've got these pillars and

everything right in front of it it's

just very very random but but we're

digging it

our next stop is the new bazaar it is a

little farmers market so it's not really

little it's big it's a it's a market

surrounded by lots of different bars and

restaurants and cafes apparently the

prices here are a little bit higher so

more batarus less for locals but it

looks like there's so much fresh fruit

and nuts every everything

it also looks very I mean I know it's

called the new bazaar so you would

expect that but it does look very new

and very fresh look at the presentation

and everything it's all very elegant the

way that it's set up and almost very

good saying as a design that it's

exactly what you'd be looking at


so just off the square we're coming to a

really cute little shop and we're gonna

try something called bows our bow is

that it's come out and this glass jar

it's got a mixture of this corn flour

kind of I thought it looked like braids

but I'm not convinced that it is I've

been there's some ice cream and stuff in

there as well a sorbet rather than like

a than an ice cream surprisingly the

cornflour and water almost has a fist to

it like a mini foods I can't understand

how that flavor comes out when you sort

of mix the two together it reminded me

of this almost ginger beer kind of

fermented fresh cider kind of sweet

mixture it's probably a really terrible

way of describing it but that's pretty

the closest thing I can relate it to and

just the fact that it's so hot now it

was almost like a little bit refreshing

at the same time on to our next stop

already I've got to mention about the

buckle over as well we didn't really

talk too much about it while we were in

in there last spot we have tried back

loud before including in Turkey but that

was fresher than I think that we had in


nothing serious a Turkish who's watching

but it wasn't as wasn't as Serbia tasted

like fresher and crispier and just it's

made of walnut so it was no it's just

you could really taste this like

freshness this is a very random place

who kid with a sword behind me


people my history others injured yeah

even though the tablecloth is like a

sick horse like a ride like a kitten

so first time trying right here which

apparently we can hit for breakfast with

Coakley yes I like that before going to

work just I was gonna say shooting you

don't closest relationship I'd say I'll

think about my kid would me like a nice

smooth vodka you're the closest thing I

don't think I can relate it to so what I

say is no breakfast material but but

still quite nice and refreshing

translates terrific to fry but they

actually can really nicely together and

then yeah we we try to be serious


like any good food tool so to try

something we're gonna have this one the

poka poka hook a bit cook a bit boy

always down fence we're back in and

around that new Bazaar area because this

is where there's like that a little bit

more of that vibrance that coupe back

there in and around this area so it

seems like a good place to sit down and

our first Albanian beer

wow-whee and a little bit of a food coma

now in fact not a little bit we are at a

full-blown food coma that was an awesome

way to get a feel for what Tirana is

like and an amazing food tour as well

which of course I'll link below we

always do whenever we do a a tool like

this find hanging out with Linda and

honestly we've got to see so much of


I feel like we're very surprised and

impressed with what the city has to

offer the whole goal of coming to

Albania was sort of to use Tirana as a

little bit of a base because as you can

see laptops it's the perfect place to

like sit down catch up on life after we

spend that week on the sailing boat then

the goal was to go to the coast which

we're still gonna do because the the

water here is absolutely stunning it's

the same sea as what we had in Greece

and I feel like it's really gonna

surprise us and a lot of you guys

watching as well just how beautiful it

really is but I think we're actually

gonna really dig to run as well we've

got just over a week here or close to

two weeks before we should probably go

out and explore so I think there's a lot

more that we want to actually film and

go and find out about this place because

there's all sorts of things like these

bunkers and like these paintings and

there's a story behind all of this art

and everything and the elements that I

think Linda would normally include in

the tours but today was a little bit of

a shorter one for us because we were

filming or as we're gonna go off and

explore those things separately but I'm

blabbering now we're just really excited

that this is a cool place that we get to

spend some time and check out so we'll

probably film more than what we planned