VLOG 07: visiting Alys beach for the day


good morning everyone and welcome back

to another vlog today is Thursday

you'll be watching this on a Friday but

we're about to go we just had breakfast

in the lobby and we're about to go to a

place called Al's beach as a bunch of

cute little places to take pictures I

guess you could say and we're hoping

we'll find like a coffee shop or

something as well so that's what we're

doing I can show you what I'm wearing

get my mom she's so stressed one video

ok so this is what I have on I'm wearing

this it's supposed to be a swimsuit

cover it but I'm like wearing it as a


it's from indigo child in Athens I have

on just the same jewelry that I always

do and I'm wearing these new sandals

that I previously showed in like a

collective haul that is already on my

channel if you want to go watch that


okay you guys these houses here are so

beautiful look you want to go down here

how beautiful these are everything's

like ye and




Oh God I died just cookie in my hair



we have like four thumbs I got a vegan

gluten-free chocolate chip cookie in it

so good I'm pretty sure it's just

coconut okay we just got back to the

room and I need help with an inscribed

captions I'm about to eat these

vegetable rolls that I got at the place

this peanut sauce and then we're gonna

go to the beach




oh god I must drop my camera okay so we

just came back in from the pool I'm

about to take a shower and I comfort I'm

gonna take a shower and just put on some

comfy clothes I have a little bit of

homework to do and then we're gonna go

walk around the pier maybe get some ice

cream or something and like just hang

out all right we are heading to myself

my cousin does okay we're heading to the

pier to get some ice cream my face got

so sunburned I needed to reapply

sunscreen on it my fault I'm just

writing this new t-shirt I got today

I'll speech you probably saw a clip of

us in the store wearing some lulu shorts

and then these white champion speakers

oh wait these aren't champion seniors

this reminds me of that Cup in Riverdale


if they drink out it's like oh this is

like Cheers




okay I got sober because it was like a

Jerry feature Bert

Anna got red velvet and coffee and Aaron

got try it

what is a sugar

Aaron just try and stop acting

I love sweets like it's about

all I got was whipped cream Aaron smile

this is like

have any waiting to happen China but

this is like a Starbucks travel to

design oh that's actually really good


we're heading back home to go to the

hotel to just go to bed so we're gonna

end the video off Aaron wait let's get

this little Coachella thank you guys all

so much for watching I'm sorry

this is scary Ellie okay we will see you

all in my next video