Fly to a Deserted Island in a Cessna 172 - Abandoned Walker's Cay Resort: A Bahamian Paradise


let's say you're your cruise cyclist in

a warrior you put off your fuel pump

your guts up burnt your fuel pump back

Oh like think about it I thought that

was a really interesting episode where

is your favorite

my favorite episode hey okay it's got a

lot of love I really wish it did it was

super early episode I did with one of

our university professors is a sail

plane instructor and I took one of my

old high school friends who always watch

it strike lighting as I sent it over to

the school I was really nice I came out

really well and it was just so early to

this get a lot of love if I know it was

really good and if you could get rid of

my ability to add a little thing right

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YouTube to add the feature back because

I love using it and I think you guys

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all my videos I actually think I'm

surprised we didn't do YouTube for that

because it's really you know you can't

do nearly the stuff you used to be able

to do with the videos the terms of like

customize the village I think it was

detrimental to our video alright looks

like you guys said a boy looks like a

border problem it does look like this

there were 20 miles out

yep yeah so I guess like a comfortable

river headed we're currently headed to

Walker's he promised and I only replete

today alert and it's actually pronounced

Walker he despite being selves walkers

okay I don't know speedo to history

behind them oh there's a bomb as they

say K hockey and other places place a

cake Oh weird walkers

peace I discovered you guys so Killian

for the channel and we were sitting at

my door for a couple years ago in

college and what there's ru five private

islands the website we went at discovered Walker's key in

Bahamas is for sale for

I might who is formed I think now is

like 40 billion it has a 2700 foot

runway and it used to be an incredibly

popular fishing resort so I'm talking

like the this was the prime fishing

location for this part of the code and

it's a total pipe dream of ice we've

kind of sat down with blueprints

designed everything from scratch where

engineers we figured out all the hard

logistics would like a power and

Internet sanitation to the island and

actually building on it which is a huge

challenge too

it was destroyed by a simple hurricane

for 2004 nothing spent their expense as

you can look up videos people landing

there and what we did today would we

weren't sure if we can go there because

it says close we call the repair me

called plate service Asia and Africa

goal and there and they said go for it

so we'll head over to Walker ski which

is been a dream of mine now for I guess

almost three years and I like to think

life is kind of funny and if you have to

be a year ago if I ever thought I was

gonna be flying this Bahamas after

graduating from college I would never

ever go do that or I usually do it

before that if I follows gonna be able

to hold my own airplane and have a

youtube channel or go out having fun or

every week but some aviation adventure I

would have showed you your son but this

is my little foot box here of a

distillation or video for you guys

because this is Jeremy might not know

what a big part you playing in my life

right now but this has been a dream of

mine for years just like owning an

airplane and I was able to do all these

things in my life just by working really

hard and having those dreams and I

personally believe it's much easy pop

songs but I believe that your if your

dreams don't scare you

they're not big enough - it's literally

terrified it's fun to share with you

guys so we're going at the Walker ski

which Sunday I hope might be my eyelids

is my resort paradise so I can share

with you guys and maybe this video pop

up again on the internet 20 years when I

was reality I don't know but if it's a

freak something today like a like a case

for something like I could have buried

there I could find the years from now

but I totally wasn't prepared so I was

busy last night too so all I'll take

with me is the pictures in a brief

but this is this is a big moment in my

life really and I really hope to killya

could be here for this but she has the

business come up in California but she's

out there I guess will be with us next

time to see our little island paradise

that's the hopefully five - so far no

it's fine

see yes it's coming according to here

where we're headed right at it like

maybe right we'll finally you there but

what were the winds doing cuz you pretty

much only want to land on it go it this

way okay we'll just goes around it will

fall first world a few times now figure

it out I think it's it's a one way it's

a one way runway I love that phrase that

was a Farber ray if you're watching hey

but over in Hawaii it calls this little

farm raised one way runway and I just

love set I never say hi to people who

else trying to say - I just say hi to

will or so flowy aviation who met up

with me last night and let me fly is the

school diamond da40

that was really fun there's Jeremy here

so I have an introduce yeah I was going

to do that on the island of longtime

fans we've talked about business my

future I'm out here to Florida picks up

do you know that but I'm planning on

moving out here full-time that's really

exciting I said to see some islands

coming up out there yeah yeah I don't

know which one it was 15 miles straight

Probert so it's got to be it yeah I

don't know if it's going to be that one

or that one

well there's nothing to the left of it

so whatever babies laugh but oh yeah you

can say higher the back DQ hey yeah do

you think that you'd be able to somehow

work in the the words autos of Palm

Beach into the video of my car there as

well how could she be role we go back

there you go

looks like it helped me it looks like

it's right in front of ya I think you

know what is I think that is it I think

what we're seeing that development right

there is the the harbor

yeah is the runway Celia now it

we said what was it yeah I can't tell

you what a dream come true this is you

really making a making a whole life it

was a cool part without food you know I

kind of realize in recent years that

part of my ashes that drives what I do

whether it be engineering or flying or

whatever is helping other people to

achieve their dream because I feel like

I got really lucky

starting out early with enough money for

my competitions yeah the best thing like

I told you I'd be able to do some of the

stuff well my other friends are drowning

in college debt and I think it's really

important for people to see that you can

really achieve your dreams no matter

what they are and how big they are you

just have to work for it be part about


there's a quote by Zig Ziglar it says if

you help enough people hear what they

want you'll get with you on that's what

I like to think that's true and I just

like to think that all that stuff does

really add up it does maybe because it's

yet but I'm gonna figure it well more

happiness and giving them receiving

there's a lot of quotes like that I have

hope if you do this tape down here yeah

three check that out you look at the

sense that just kind of go around it

yeah I'm going to play a little coming

around your side because it looks like

it you know it's not balanced or


we found the walk that monster everyone

it was in the Caribbean the whole time

I can fly right over you shoot down

through your window now I will trust you

that I probably am I wind up with it oh

yeah you're getting hold your heading oh

wow oh wow that's amazing

it's a it's a hustle that so skate is

for to hear of some source that's really

cool oh yeah you'd have to go out there

I have a bunch of friends Patera

certified divers a diving instructor so

they say very many times like your

fisherman says they can we fly somewhere

go diving yeah it sounds like a lot of

my sort of us takes to that you have to

say low on your way back so you don't

give up a biz screw yeah yeah I've got

all the equipment biggest yeah we should

do that gosh there's my Island alright

so we I'm going to do a circle around it

yes boy down the runway if there were

substantial that I thought they were I

thought they were just little school

fees they're actually quite significant

who's a point now there there is it

looks like they got rid of the crash

club it used to be on the end of the

runway there was a I think it Comanche

or something yeah it's a wit stop

no I can't deal

looks like is what weight coming from

the east like something is that's it yes

the rule and online walkers you got a

white shimmer on a downward for honor

Walker but nobody lives on this island

that's the guess now I look at how white

that said I see a little bit I think

there's all sorts of smoke and stuff out

here what a paradise

this spell bizarre

you didn't get any vacation of with I

look like it's coming kind of down the

runway but it just seems super strong

either rolled over you know final I look

these they're definitely bigger than I

thought they were you could actually do

something with those walkers you get a

wipe this whole final run

let's go clear the water edible all

right pop there

I'm getting a crowd to the

hey the railway goes uphill turbit it

does look different

yes I could do nose a very cool song

okay but polychaetes look at the part of

the water turns out there as you look

through it I never thought about that it

comes last

when you look at last on the side it

turns green yep same effect I am with

just people yeah

we're not alone if they leave this we

can say we better soul inhabited Sofia

right but is that a is it a picking sort

of hatching for Aztec testing