Flying to Bar Harbor Maine in the Cirrus - 3 camera views

Portland approach know that there are

two four or five cr.lp if our request

November 2 4 5 0 EO port one approach

good 24900 3 0 2 8 supporting fourth

approach November 2 4 5 CL romeo type

cirrus sr20 we're over the Sanford

Airport 3500 feet VFR to Bar Harbor

request play following November 5 fear

Romney ok very good

squawk five three zero four five three

zero four two four my CL males Wiggins

3107 change to my frequency

one-one-niner point seven five

in response here only a radar contact

over the kind of on vor show you 3,500

proceed on course 5c we Romeo

check you have 5:16 descend and maintain

3000 what you can barely see the beach

that old orchard it is Old Orchard Beach

well when I first got 3641 through one

3050 dog 1 1 11,000 with Romeo since I

was 3641 formal approach altimeter 3 0

to 8 expect visual approach runway 1 1 -

Part C dog heading 0 Shannon 0 so SEC

visual 1 1 and part 2 part T dog heading

zero seven zero three six forty one

awakens anyone's also nose here for this

guy was 36 41% of 19 4,000 fourth up


week is Eddy one zero seven four visual

approach runway one each contact a low

one to zero point nine our date

got this going on in the field official

cast 3641 good visual approach runway

one one contact at one two zero point

nine hundred a provisional one one over

to periscope 3641 to deaf 1180 to

intercept the localizer for at the

airport and say okay we're gonna set the

localizer and we do have the building

site does 1180 don't let me make you

good visual approach runway one one for

the visual rough watch out for 1182

stands for six Romeo radar contact one

zero miles northwest via Gus the airport

upstate 6700 on course Lebanon mm an

eighty to contact tower one to zero

points just eliminated going to talk

today what airport is that that's Brad

look right there okay yeah

Piedmont 5-minute for this one maintain

4,000 yeah there's no 243 to sort of

maintain 3000 3043 4000 people 1494

but I've recommended that place bill 50

they recommended that restaurant Jade

pawn something I got another

recommendation for a restaurant I think

you can see one 20.4 be busy with that

this one has nap outside seating

overlooking a lake and got a scenic here

is 2 4 5 Sierra Romeo seems to my

frequency 1 to 0 point what - 0.44 5 0


there's creative physical effect only

one one a Jimmy Jeff I'm talkin and I a

mystical supposed to change frequencies

I thought you did that good but I think

I by the tone of a voice a voice I think

now you might've asked me will one more

time for you want forty nine eighty four

five heading 3 to 0 of s perfect

by phases there's a lot left up there we

flew there before I think we here's good

we have a lobster roll over q45 say

Romeo contact angle approach one three

three point six three three point six

two four five see Romeo

bangalore approach November 2 4 5 C

Romeo level 3500


at 78570 November 2 4 5 C Romeo level

three thousand two seven two four five

zero Romeo


you see 40 93 7 4 2 o'clock 3 miles

floor he's found us he didn't keep 7,500

I suggest seven seven for having a zero

eight zero vectors up for the video

first if it means please find out there

are zero up one an affiliate I

sell Bangor thief card to radar contact

a 1-0 miles southwest the pub Airport

4100 maintain VFR feet of course

look at 15 85 fighting a110 maintain VFR

we ran an affiliate so traffic 12

o'clock 7 miles that's the director and

this is here at three thousand five so

five ceremony outside the twelve o'clock

six miles up the direction there's a

serious 4,400 I look into that traffic

see response here level processes are

some some - oh can we get some strong


yeah that's so on America if he's not

hundred feet above us here

come on eagle-eye city right now it

apparently traffic in sight by 0i

ceremony but good job buddy

thought I was detective Cindy thought I

was detective Cindy Airport your LMS

block one for mouth exercises is over

two o'clock in five miles north sound up

students 1011 or four five eight airport

before cancellation of a five this

frequency will advise translation with

us asymmetry

ceremony or traffic for three o'clock

five miles barber I will looking for

that traffic five serious - seven - mm

now at the airport site verified

ceremony on whether this was half at one

o'clock six miles north now not food in

case 1,100 radar services donated squat

CFR Felipe the truth walk leave our

frequency change approved by Sierra oh

man thanks to help you saying it was a

challenger flying around that's a type

of aircraft I kind of figured that one

0:59 is really an echo traffic eleven

o'clock eight miles for 0.15 Celsius

altimeter I would like to hear her legs

on a full mile final now I don't know

where you're right will for my final

call for anymore Harbor Airport

automated weather observation one Cessna

where are you - we're judgmental enough

over the

the Iowa trade on the edges poacher

Louis for visibility one zero guy can

jerry-rig officers over to cheer them to

for Hancock County Bar Harbor air

traffic system one final four equation

five Zulu one one four zero at zero for

visibility one zero sky condition clear

temperature to four five mile pond full

of ice for we're going to be making a

left over traffic does serious inbound

land with seven miles south but we're

going to add 245 for runway four

which I restart when they re-established

on a three-mile radius final run my full

revolver busy la Penal planet

why don't I see anybody else was it I

don't I see anybody else that's all

those blips right yeah so you got a guy

should be on flying off the runway for

$20 my fool around and we're doing a 360

on a runway for a cruise it store 360 on

runway foot bar over to a quick 360

serious fights here Romeo is four miles

north on the 45 to the left downwind

runway 4 by Harbor traffic sign of F

around the second runway - to be using

Hotel on imports you to alpha bar

well Teresa how 2242 look offer

Bar Harbor traffic Sears 5c Romeo

midfield left downwind for runway for

Bar Harbor

I guess the traffic sundown

Bar Harbor traffic series 5 Sierra Romeo

is turning left base for runway 4 Bar


or Harbor traffic who is using for and

where are you guys right now we haven't

I have for policing 500 Bar Harbor

traffic 5 CL Romeo is pending final for

only for barber

while harbor traffic 5c Romeo's short

final runway for Bar Harbor

sorry I missed compact

Bar Harbor traffic experimental 6:8

Romeo Sierra is a taxi waiting

Bravo we'll be back acting on taxiway

hotel and to runway 1/7 departing on 1:7

heading to the south

Mar Harbor Roy Clark awesome big planes

yeah Bar Harbor traffic see response

here Romeo clear runway for up bravo

traffic citation to a fighter the rouses

on the go

Columbia air this is C response here

Romeo taxi to parking do you have our

line go down on this you should be down

there too me too

I'll copy that place your Romeo don't

fall all right yes

Oh yep