skipping school to fly to barbados

we are you know




we have freedom hi welcome to my roots

because my bed James Byrd real mirror

over here have a cute little balcony oh

my god this is how we can do the videos

in all rooms Wi-Fi actually works aspect

my messages are sewing and I need to

unpack I've heard my hockey stuff in

there so we shall see you probably



Jim session on the beach in the morning

like a small little one



but I'll work out and you know back



and make oh what's it called make our

life change we have a match at three am

I looking time cuz I'm out here looking

like a snack oh oh I want to yoga

there's yoga simply oh yeah we're gonna

eat and then we'll probably see you at

the match because this has to last a

while goodbye so we have a hockey match

now I was a team



are you God

but we never told you but something will

be marked and over like trash but anyway

doesn't matter cause I just worked hard

last night we went to this place called

Boise things is that this fish base when

the vibe was really nice




we just came back from our final match

and not relying on second match I'm all

my entire top his jej I'm a goalkeeper

right so the kid like 60 my buddy

and now I'm just I'm just wet we lost

three nil what we played really really

well you know and the captain

she is the peppermint currently she's

the kind of telling me we all played

really well but we just not okay so now


hi guys so praise the Turk I'm running

our room maybe if you don't come out out

with Fame right now they say see ya know

in a really bad see ya what's up guys

welcome back to my youtube channel

remember to like subscribe give a

comment if you like the video what you

want so we're just chillin at the moment

and we're gonna go to the beach each

let's we'll get away no no get on the

2:47 it's the second day of semester

Oh third day actually we had a much like

I said earlier so basically we're going

to watch the team's net will Matt and I

stomp nails from hockey or playing in

that border yeah that's the stitch we're

going to watch the net will match it

also cat has money went anything yeah so

see you if we win we Ben

car before the game and Ankita




we're going to dinner I said then we

have a match tomorrow so it

and a poor tailor but Sunday to those he

shall we have another lucky match this

morning as well as a net will match in

the afternoon we'll go in 14 big stretch

in session ago






saskia we've got lots of people that

side a few injuries are still there

there before fifteens again but we've

got a big squad I'm happy with everybody

going on it but sometimes just when you

get on there do your bit okay good luck

guys enjoy it is our first time playing

a beige inside we don't know how they're

gonna be but I heard that they like beat

the first team that we played for one

and we be the vibe on

so they're about the same standard as us

so go out with lots of energy when the

communication is key cool to everyone

you know each other's name I don't know

why we don't cool down design so we

sharpen and then we make lines and we're

defending everyone is defending so when

I say back everyone comes back most of

all enjoy


Asian national under-21 team and we drew

so all here watching love island I was

catching up to do it alone it's just

position that's gay and I going to watch










okay so this is basically the end of

this first half of the vlogs

we're going out for dinner it's Sunday

night and I thought if I start tomorrow

fresh for Monday it'll make so much more

sense so I hope you enjoyed this first

half of Barbados and I'll see you very

soon my tops in the sink with water in

it yeah so I will see you next week with

another video bye



we don't party like this shiver baby