California road trip itinerary (SAN FRANCISCO TO BIG SUR GUIDE)


by the way good morning everyone today

we are taking a quick overnight road

trip starting right here in San

Francisco driving all the way down the

Pacific Coast Highway - the magical

scenic stretch of Big Sur if you're

visiting San Francisco and you haven't

been to Big Sur this is very much a

worthwhile getaway trip from the city we

haven't made any reservation so this is

pretty last-minute but you can easily do

this road trip in a day overnight or if

you have more time make it a longer trip

there are so many beautiful places to

stop along the way but since we're only

going for an overnight trip we're going

to make the most out of this trip and

hopefully show you the places you can't

miss for a quick 24 hour road trip in







we are here at Henry Cowell State Park

walking among the beautiful giant

redwood trees this is our first stop on

a road trip between San Francisco to Big

Sur henry cowell redwood State Park is a

15-minute drive from downtown Santa Cruz

and is famous for its old-growth redwood

trees some of the redwood trees here are

thousands of years old

there is one famous redwood tree that

they've actually named the giant

anywhere between 1,500 to 2,000 years


there are numerous hiking trails riding

trails and over a hundred campsites if

you want to spend more time among these

beautiful peaceful Giants


after spending about an hour in the

redwoods we made our way down into

Monterey Monterey is a beautiful seaside

town and everything that makes Monterey

famous really is all about the

surrounding scenic views there are so

many activities in Monterey

you could spend an entire weekend here

since we were short on time and trying

to keep our 24-hour trip on a low budget

we skipped the main attraction the

Monterey Bay Aquarium instead we parked

the car and wandered around cannery row

for just a little while then took a

drive down the Pacific Grove coast found

lovers Point Beach and explored the tide

pools if you're traveling on a budget

and not camping like us Monterey has

numerous options for all kinds of

bargain hotels for less than $100 a

night we had no problem finding a budget

Lodge in Monterey

but anything south of Monterey can get

really pricey where Airbnb Zoar hotels

are on average around 300 dollars a



the next morning we found a local coffee

shop called

aloha coffee for a quick bite and

Hawaiian lattes then continued on down

Highway 1 to Big Sur by the way you guys

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so you can't really see it because it's

really far away but we saw a pot of

whales out there and there's got to be

at least seven or eight of them we just

arrived at McQuaid falls here in Big Sur

and we are here to look at this

beautiful waterfall that is one of the

few waterfalls in the US that flow out

into the ocean we're gonna see how close

we can get to the waterfall I don't

think we can even go down to the beach

we're walking down to the viewing area

the closest you can get to Mick wave

Falls is just this deck that they've

built no one can actually get on the

beach can't get under the waterfall can

just view it look but no touch



we are at deep Jen's it's a restaurant

and an inn there's like all of these

really cute little like very small Lodge

Chalet type rooms around here and the

sign for Dee Jen's came up really fast

off of the highway about ten minutes

north of McQuay Falls and it's so

beautiful the air is just so refreshing

here we're gonna see if we can just sit

down and get a meal

it doesn't look crowded though this

parking lot is completely empty which is

very surprising because every place we

have driven by on highway one in the Big

Sur region has been very overcrowded

cars are everywhere it's a Sunday

afternoon we wanted to go to the Big Sur

River Inn but the place looked packed

people were waiting outside so we're

gonna try this place first bummer

missed the meal time oh wow


so unfortunately we missed breakfast and

we're going to miss dinner because we

have to leave but they did recommend us

to go to a tap room which is just like

10 minutes up highway wyman quick turn

off let's go


you got anything good Wi-Fi there's no

cellphone service like barely anywhere

around Big Sur so we just stopped at the

big Serb Tap House it's pretty quiet so

I feel like I need to be kind of quiet

we asked what the recommendations are

pork tacos and hot ribbon them over way

over there heating vent our tires and

then I got the ribbon here

alright I'm digging in


we are kind of at the end of the day so

we're trying to make our last stop in

Big Sur which is going to be pfeiffer

beach it's kind of a tricky place to

find because there are no signs

signifying where it is oh is that it

Oh going downhill that's it yes toilet

easy sighs OH narrow no pedestrian okay

so the directions are off of highway 1

to pass the post-office and take the

first left paved road after the bridge

but there's a bunch of bridges and we've

already got this whole bridge thing very

confused we leave the turn it's down

going downhill there are lines to go

down here factory Beach is a very

popular place to go watch the sunset

there's this famous rock formation with

this like keyhole at sunset the light is

supposed to shine through the keyhole

very nicely let me say go we can't just

stay in line

well the parking lot just filled up he

said we kind of have to either turn

around and get back in line hopefully I

think that we've spots will open up okay

you know when you go to places in

California that people all over the

world also come and see you're bound to

not be able to go to the places that

you'd like


since we couldn't get into pfeiffer

beach we continued driving back up

highway 1 crossing the historic Bixby

bridge at sunset


what is that you want to eat one of my

bucket list adventures is to walk around

and an active volcano

thanks for driving step you have been a

great show for us this time

a really nice weekend really quick

getaway weekend