FLIGHTS. How to fly to Brazil, finding the best and cheap flights.

hey guys in this video I'm going to talk

about how to fly to Brazil as cheaply as

possible I did want to go over a couple

of things from the last video though in

the last video I showed you that it

takes 70 days for the visa to be

processed if you're in California

however that processing time is

completely dependent on the state you're

from in Texas for example is only twenty

days so keep that in mind

seventy days was the longest that I saw

just putting in different states but

yeah also I said that you have to give

them a email confirmation for like an

airline ticket or an ITIN range

something like that for the visa process

or visa application process I did some

research and I talked to some people and

they said that you can go ahead and buy

a round-trip ticket to Brazil make a

copy of it give that to the third party

for the visa application and then refund

the ticket within 24 hours you can

refund an airline ticket through the

airline and all through a third party

booking site but you came through the

airline if you go directly through them

so that way you can get the visa without

being locked into a specific time to fly

to Brazil if you want to change anything

however as soon as you get the visa you

have 90 days to travel to Brazil before

it's void the visa lasts for 10 years

but you do have to travel there within

90 days but that gives you some kind of

wiggle room I guess if you want to make

any changes to your travel plans yeah

and that's a good way if you you're not

locked into an expensive ticket as I'm

about to show you how to find the not

expensive ticket all right so using

Google flights I put in Dallas just as

an example as the departing city

remember to look 10 to 3 weeks before

you want to travel five to six weeks is

a sweet spot so I did five weeks out I

type in Brazil for the destination here

that shows up on the map here's Brazil

so Sao Paulo Rio de Janeiro and Salvador

I do largest cities in Brazil Rio is

probably the destination you're gonna go

to but just in case if you do end up

going to South Paulo and you want to get

to Rio keep in mind that you do not want

to take the bus between cities it's a

six-hour Drive

and the bus station is kind of sketchy

flights are really cheap though so let's

look at real for flights out of Dallas

as you can see here we have a seven

hundred and eighty nine dollar flight

with United it's fourteen hours long

which isn't bad at all

it leaves that a good time and it gets

in at a great time it has one stop in

Houston it looks like for three hours

now as you can see for nearly three

hundred dollars more you can save about

an hour if you fly through with American

so we select this select our return

flight obviously this is the choice

we're gonna pick since it's not two

thousand dollars and with Google flights

they will give you options on how to

book here they want you to book directly

through United which you should always

do regardless simple as that but let's

look at ITA matrix and see if we can

find a cheaper flight now remember to

put all airports a lot of cities have

more than one Airport and the price

difference can be substantial so we put

in all airports for dallas-fort Worth

area all airports for Brazil now if

you're not flexible you can search for

exact dates if you are flexible you can

see a calendar of lowest fares so I put

in a date five weeks out for 13 to 16

days or two weeks and as you can see we

get the same price as Google flights

seven hundred and eighty nine dollars

now with ITA matrix you cannot book

directly through them you have to take

the information you find and then plug

it into the airline itself like United

for example

pretty simple

so there you go I hope that helps

remember to try and find a balance

between length of flight and price of

flight obviously a shorter more direct

flight is going to be more expensive and

on longer flights gonna be cheaper but

if you end up wasting an entire day

flying that's a less of a day you have

for your fun and adventures and stuff so

yeah keep that in mind in the next video

I'll be talking about places to stay in

Brazil I'll be looking at Airbnb and

hostels and I'll talk about couchsurfing

as well so see you there